Hair as light as a feather with Pantene's NEW Aqua Pure Line!

Thursday, July 17, 2014


I never thought that shampoo had Silicone until I saw the bottle of the new Pantene Pro-V Aqua Pure collection. Their shampoo contains NO SILICONE which can cause your hair to be weighed down and oil right away.

Now, reading the press kit that was given to us, I learned so much! I will quote these here so you can better understand. They explain the science behind it better than I ever will! LOL
Pantene PRO-V Aqua Pure Line

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Here's the story!

We’ve all felt that weighed-down, lifeless feeling in our hair. Pantene has discovered exactly what’s contributing to the problem:


While all hair types can suffer from the weighed down feeling, fine hair is particularly susceptible to this problem, due to its structure.

After studying hair structures and conditioning mechanisms in detail, Pantene experts realized that many conditioners are too heavy for fine hair. The reason? When hair shafts are fine they are less able to support the nourishing ingredients deposited on the hair by many conditioners, leading hair to become limp. Traditionally, to combat this, hair care collections have offered a ‘lighter’ option, which compromises on nourishment. However, Pantene’s breakthrough technology found in the new Aqua Pure range, offers a solution which means no more trade off – delivering both nourishment and a lighter feel.

Everyone knows that it’s important for the strength, healthy appearance and quality of your hair to use conditioner every time you wash your hair.  But for many women, it’s the conditioning stage that they feel weighs their hair down. Sure, without a conditioner you might temporarily get the weightless feel you desire – but what about the healthy look, shine and vitality of your hair? Skipping conditioner is hardly an ideal solution.


There’s something about the feeling of weightless hair that goes hand-in-hand with hair that’s been freshly washed. The longer you leave it, the heavier your hair tends to feel. Pantene Pro-V studied this predicament in detail, and discovered a phenomenon called ‘The Limp Locks Syndrome’, which all hair types can suffer from. This is when hair gradually loses its fresh weightless feel after washing and becomes limp and flat throughout the day.
The startling discovery is that as a result of its diameter and lower structural strength, fine hair is even more prone to Limp Locks Syndrome than  normal or thick hair. So it is even more important that this hair type is washed with a care regime that leaves hair with virtually no residue, and doesn’t weigh it down. 
 The Aqua Pure shampoo has a very lightweight feel when you pour it on the palm of your hand. It's not creamy at all and it actually feels very watery but is not runny! It has a long list of ingredients list but none that includes something that will harm your skin or your hair.

Swishing just got scientific, with Pantene’s experts now revealing two pioneering new approaches for weightless hair – one for clean feel, and one for conditioning. Here’s how new Pantene Aqua Pure can help you achieve hair with the perfect swish every day.


Hair will never truly ‘swish’ unless it’s clean. That’s why new Aqua Pure is formulated with new highly water-soluble Clean-Rinse Technology, specially developed to rinse away faster than a traditional product.

The benefit? As well as making for a fast and efficient washing and conditioning experience, Clean-Rinse Technology minimises the amount of residue left on the hair, helping hair to feel clean and light - while still ensuring it has the nourishment it needs.

Experts at Pantene Pro-V have made a big discovery: that for many women, and particularly those with finer hair, it’s conditioner that can make or break their good hair day.

“At Pantene Pro-V, we believe that everyone’s hair can benefit from conditioning, even if they have fine, lifeless hair” explains Dr Frauke Neuser. “But when we discovered how much a traditional conditioner could make fine hair feel weighed down, we knew we had to work on a whole new formula that would provide the nourishment hair needs without also making it feel heavy and lifeless.”
Each product in the new Aqua Light from Pantene Pro-V range contains technologies that allow the range to offer the hair holy grail of great conditioning without weighing the hair down.
 I am assuming that the bigger bottle is the one that may be used daily. I can't live without conditioner. I had unruly hair and to be honest, despite the mayonnaise treatment that I do to my hair once a week, my hair remains big and bad!
This conditioner has a jelly like consistency and is not as intimidating as most cream conditioners.

Traditional hair conditioning complexes can contain ingredients which solidify when they dry on the hair, and it’s this solid residue that can contribute to some hair types feeling weighed down. Innovatively, the Pantene Aqua Pure shampoo and conditioner contain a special cationic surfactant which thanks to its unique combination symmetric and asymmetric structure.  Result: despite being nourished by conditioner, hair feels beautifully light, virtually weightless and residue-free.


The Pantene Aqua Pure conditioning complex has a high-tech gel structure known as a Lamellar Gel Network. Unlike many traditional conditioners, which are more creamy and give good conditioning but can weigh some hair types down, Pantene Aqua Pure has lots of very thin layers of ingredients which are loosely packed together in lower than usual concentrations. This means that the minute you start rinsing, the conditioning molecules can easily be broken apart and the excess residue rinsed away. Result: the active conditioning ingredients are easily deposited on the hair, and the rest is just as easily rinsed off, so hair remains properly nourished but not weighed down.


While some hair types need more conditioning, others crave a lighter alternative that gives them all the nourishment they need. That’s why Pantene Aqua Pure’s conditioner contains only half as much silicone as traditional Pantene conditioner. This gives your hair as much body as a non-conditioning shampoo, and more body than a conventional heavy conditioner. Result: great nourishment with none of the excess weight. 
This Intensive Conditioner has a thicker and smoother texture than the regular daily Aqua Pure conditioner. It's easy to apply on hair and it rinses out easily too! That's one of the reasons why I like it.

Overall, I liked this collection because it really didn't weight my hair down. It restored some bounce to my hair and really achieve a feather-weight feel to my entire head. But I need my hair to be weighed down because my hair is a little bit too rowdy.

I do recommend this collection to people with oily hair. But for women with extremely dry hair, I wouldn't recommend this collection.

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Retail Price: 
Pantene Aqua Pure Shampoo 200ml – Php139.00
Pantene Aqua Pure Shampoo 400ml – Php249.00
Pantene Aqua Pure Shampoo 750ml – Php459.00

Pantene Aqua Pure Conditioner 165ml – Php139.00
Pantene Aqua pure Conditioner 670ml – Php459.00
Pantene Aqua Pure Treatment 180ml – Php149.00Purchased For: Gift from Visions and Expressions and Pantene. (Thank you!)
Will I re-purchase? No, not for my hair type.
Will I recommend it? Yes, definitely!

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