Perfect rainy season fragrance: Miss Dior Chérie Blooming Bouquet EDT

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Yay! It's fragrance day at Makeup-Maven and it's about DIOR's Miss Chérie Blooming Bouquet EDT. When I did that workshop with DIOR two years ago, I have been obsessing about this fragrance. Finally, this baby is added to my ever growing collection. Oh! For those who have been asking for a photo and a blog on my collection, I will post it next week I promise.

You must be wondering about my post title. Well, I find that I have been reaching for this fragrance a lot lately and I noticed that I do wear this fragrance when it's rainy and gloomy outside. I find that this fragrance lifts up my mood and it really gives a girly feel to it making you smell like springtime. It's light and fresh for the humidity that the rain brings.

DIOR Miss Dior Chérie Blooming Bouquet EDT 100ml, PhP 6,900

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To be completely honest, it was the packaging that caught my eye. The box is sealed with their classic CD sticker, and the box is the hound's tooth embossed design, just like their classic black and white box back then. I don't know if you remember that one from your mom's dresser.
I also like the baby pink color matched with gold trimming. It's all very baby-girl kind of fragrance. Every time I use this perfume I feel so girly!

Miss Dior Chérie Blooming Bouquet inherited the same sweetness from other Miss Dior Chérie EDP, just with a little bit of transparency to it. Added with a hint of a bubbly citrusy cherry champagne to it to lighten up the classic fragrance. At first sniff, I somehow found this version rather cutesy and fun, but then it reminded me a bit of Dior Addict 2, some of you may disagree but I don't know why it does sound familiar to me. Chérie Blooming Bouquet is heavier on the cherry side with sweetness.
However, the freshness and the fun fades away quite fast (booooo!), after a couple of hours you are left with a watered-down, less deep woody version of the original Miss Dior Chérie, which is kinda weirdly sweetened to me just like your run of the mill cologne.

I still love this fragrance and I still would have chosen this EDT than the classic Chérie each time. I just hope they make this fragrance last a bit longer even though it is just a Toilette.
I really enjoy this fragrance. It's not overpowering, and not too subtle like most Eau De Toilettes. The floral notes are refreshing, and not overwhelming. The top notes remind me of Cherry Blossoms, I don't know why, even though the top note that is listed for this fragrance is Mandarin Orange . Overall very nice. I wear it during the day.

Here are Miss Dior's Chérie Blooming Bouquet EDT (from Fragrantica). It's weird too that Fragrantica listed this fragrance with only three notes.

TOP NOTES: Mandarin Orange



Simple notes but it explodes into fresh florals, with a hint of citrus and tail ends with a musky rose. It's very feminine!
I would have gotten this fragrance at a much higher price at the DIOR counters, so PhP 6,900 is quite reasonable, believe me. If you are looking for a very fresh, young fragrance, Chérie Blooming Bouquet EDT is the fragrance for you.
I am loving the details on this fragrance. It has that classic houndstooth pattern at the bottom of the bottle, embossed on the glass.
The spray bears the Christian Dior logo which is the classic CD.
It sprays quite easily without applying too much pressure. I usually spray just once when I am using a Parfum, but with Toilettes I usually do 2 or 3 to make the fragrance last a little bit longer.

And oh. Don't you just find that little bow on the cap adorable?

When I run out, I don't think I will repurchase this fragrance but will definitely try another fragrance from Dior's fragrance line. I do recommend this to men who do not like over powering fragrances for their special lady.

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  1. I love the bottle and this sounds quite nice! I definitely need to smell it.


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