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Tuesday, July 22, 2014


CC Cream is probably the most underrated product in the market today. It's not making that much noise as what the BB Cream did when it first came out, but honestly? For me, CC Cream is the most color adapting cream there is out there. Better than the BB Cream.

The last CC Cream I tried was Clinique's Moisture Surge CC Cream, and I loved that one. CC Creams blend so well into the skin that it gives no trace of makeup anywhere. You may find it to be a sheer and thin at the beginning but as it sets, it color corrects the skin making uneven tones look flawless.

MAC Prep+Prime Colour Correcting SPF 30 PA+++, PhP 2,000

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MAC Prep + Prime CC Colour Correcting SPF 30 is actually available in four shades which I'm sure is available at the counters today. The CC Cream has been long available but it's only today I had the pleasure of using it. These CC Creams from MAC isn't your traditional, run of the mill CC Cream, but instead, they provide choices. Most CC Creams only have one type which suits most skin tones and skin concerns. But with MAC, you get choices depending on the effect or benefit that you are looking for.

The variants available are: Neutralize, Illuminate, Recharge, and Adjust.

Neutralize with is a sheer yellow tint that is meant to combat redness, which is weird since I have always known green to neutralise redness. I have yet to try this since I have naturally red cheeks which can make my foundation look ashy. You can also use this base under your eyes to combat dark circles. Although I won't recommend this because if orange is used to combat purplish discolorations. 

Illuminate is a sheer lavender shade which brightens duller skin tones. When you're looking a bit sallow, this is the CC Cream to use. Don't worry about looking like Barney when you use purple bases. It won't make your skin look purple, instead it counters the skin which looks too yellow or pale.

Recharge with is a strong orange-y apricot. Now this is the shade I will use to counter dark circles. You can use this as a base under your concealer for your unereye area to counter the purplish tones. This base is supposed to add warmth to your pale complexion. Sort of like a warming filter in photography. I have never tried anything like this before so I may try this one next!

And lastly, there's adjust, which is what I was given. It is a peachy beige shade that is designed to be light as a feather to even out uneven skin tones. It also brightens the skin and provide a no makeup-makeup look that is very flattering! You can use it alone or as a base if you like.
I think that the MAC Prep+Prime CC Colour Correcting SPF 30 are actually great facial primers. It's also great to be used alone for days you don't feel like wearing heavy makeup.

Some of these shades are fantastic correctors and act to brighten up my duller skin while protecting it and prepping it for makeup.
 Swatching the ADJUST cream on my hand, it looks like a typical tinted moisturizer. But I found that it actually made my skin look brighter and it really got absorbed easily on my skin.
 After a few more minutes, it doesn't look as sheer as it did the first time I applied it!
 Here is a photo of me using the CC Cream all over my face. You can see that my skin is brighter and my cheeks are still slightly reddish but it has definitely tames down.
Now I applied my Lancôme Absolue Sublime Rejuvinating Essence Foundation which is a very natural looking foundation as well. You can see the creases in my under eye area probably because the added product made it thicker, but my skin does look even and more vibrant.
Next, I set both sides of my face with my Pixy Ultimate Makeup Cake using a powder brush. You can see that the left side of my face looks more natural while the right side looks a little too thick. The under eye crease I have there too is a little bit deeper because there are just too much products piled on. It still looks very natural and flawless nonetheless.

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Selling Price: PhP 1,000
Purchased For: Gift from MAC. (Thank you!)
Will I re-purchase? YES.
Will I recommend it? YES.

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  1. I was so quick to jump on the BB bandwagon when it first came out, but it's taking me some time to warm up to CCs. For one, my first experience wasn't as positive. I used a CC that had that color-changing feature depending on skin temp. It was a pain in the butt! It looked okay when I blended it, but the color-change caused my face to look too pink. Korean brands have that effect on me. Haaay. But I'm checking out ones that aren't color-changing, and they look promising. Don't know if I'd go over to the green- or lavender-colored ones, though. Maybe once I've gotten the hang of CCs...


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