Sharing my thoughts on Clinique's GWP lipstick, Long Last Lipstick in Watermelon

Monday, July 21, 2014


I have been craving a certain lipstick shade for the longest time, something that I can use for the day and at the same time, something to use for evening that isn't boring. I found these qualities in Clinique's Long Last Lipstick in Watermelon!

Not only does Clinique have the widest selection of lip colors and product line, but they also have lipsticks that last! Not to mention, it doesn't come off easily, and when you drink, it does come off but a little at a time.
Clinique Long Last Lipstick in Watermelon, PhP 1,000

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I received this lipstick from Clinique, and it comes in a (GWP) gift with purchase promo. I was so surprised to see a full-sized lipstick in there, that's why I thought this deserved to be blogged. This may not be their usual lipstick packaging, but who cares? I love Clinique lipsticks. No smells. No flavors. No taste!
What I like also about this lipstick is that I really like the way it feels on my lips. It glides on so smoothly and never fails to make my lips look younger. I am fair, and have golden-ash brown blonde hair, and this shade seem to go well with my coloring. What more if I were just brunette!
I had to layer it several times to get the color that I wanted, but it doesn't dry my lips out even though you have layers of the product on. The lipstick goes on really creamy and lip balm-ish, which is great because it doesn't dry out your lips (ok, I can't express this enough. LOL) unlike some cream lipsticks I have tried before, once you layer it on your lips flake. It doesn't really last quite as long as it claims, but it does last for a few hours.
In conclusion, I really enjoy using this Watermelon shade. It's safe to say that I have become addicted to this shade. The color does last long better than most creamy lippies out there, and it doesn't dry out at all, which is always a nice trait to have. It doesn't feel like it will slip off your lips and end up on your teeth! It gives the same creamy, glossed look, but does not feel waxy. It did not make my face look washed out even with my ultra light hair which I love. As a matter of fact, it brought my skin tone and hair color to life!

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Selling Price: PhP 1,000
Purchased For: Gift from Clinique. (Thank you!)
Will I re-purchase? YES! But most probably in a different shade.
Will I recommend it? YES.

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  1. Watermelon looks like a super gorgeous shades and it looks super fantastic on you Ms. Sabs! =)

    1. Thank you!! Glad you think so sweetie pie ♥

  2. The shade is super beautiful! And i love the eye look you paired it with :)

    PS. Ibang klase talaga si clinique mag GWP! Super sarap talaga maghoard dun haha

    1. True!! I love Clinique! Thank you for dropping by Kumi! ♥

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you! I'm glad you like the way I write about the products! Big hugs! thanks for dropping by ♥


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