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Sunday, July 06, 2014


I don't know why Kanebo has a stereotypical reputation that the brand is nothing more than another department store brand when it fact I have been using Kanebo as far as I have been doing makeup professionally which is 10 years. I love their loose powders and their skin care so when people look at me like I have three heads when I tell them that I use Kanebo, I tell them Kanebo is in fact a Japanese brand and is Japanese made. They prices are not drugstore-brand-cheap either, so what does that tell you?

So when Kanebo invited me to their KATE Tokyo launch, there was only one answer: YES! I have always believed in this brand, and I will continue to support them the best way I can. Congratulations Kanebo Philippines for a great launch!

KATE Tokyo Spotlighting Shadow, Price TBA

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I wasn't able to take photos at the launch but I am able to tell you all about this new innovative eyeshadow from KATE. Let's talk packaging: Need I say more? I have always loved Japanese packaging so there's nothing else left to say.

Although I do hope they provide a sticker with an English label though. This is somewhat a little bit of a "con" for me. I want to be able to read what I am putting on my face and not rely everything what the BA says at the counter.
Their new Spotlighting Eyeshadow has a very sturdy, chic hard plastic case. It has a very modern look which displays the shades of the palette on the from of the case in a prism-like manner.
See what I mean with the label not having an English label? Yes, although it makes you happy about Japanese brands, here in Manila, distributors should provide these to better understand the products.
The shade that they gifted me with are shades that are very wearable. I love gold and bronze eyeshadows because they are very wearable for either the day or night. It comes with a small sponge applicator too! But I don't like using it though, I prefer using a brush instead for a more precise and flawless application.
Starting from the light gold shimmer shadow moving clockwise, here are the swatches. I loved the 3rd and the 4th shade the most. You can use them each on their own for a wash of color on the lids or 2 or 3 or all of them!

But using all of them is kind of why these eyeshadows sell like hotcakes. It's easy to use and not to much blending required. You will be able to apply these shadows like a pro with minimal effort.
Using the lightest shadow which is the white-ish silver shadow, I applied it from my creases down to my lash lines. Then I applied the gold eyeshadow from my lash lines up to the middle of my eye lid. Then with the darkest eyeshadow, I defined my lash lines and lower ones to define them.

Next step comes my favorite part. Blending them all together with the "Glossy Light" which is a light-reflecting pearl powder. Using the light gold shimmer/glitter shadow, apply is on top of all the eyeshadows applying it from the brow bones down to the lash lines blending the eyeshadows all together.
The result is very flawless and is not that overwhelming. Most eyeshadows now a days are applied like tattoos which scare me. But these shadow promotes a more natural, wearable look.
With a black kohl eyeliner, I tight-lined my upper lash lines to make my lashes appear thicker and fuller. I applied two coats of mascara to finish my look. Check how polished my look is without applying too much product on my eyes. Next time you're at Landmark or SM, drop by the KANEBO counter and check all the shades they have for the Spotlighting Shadow from the KATE Tokyo line.

*Click image below to view larger.

Retail Price: Spotlighting Shadow - Price TBA
Purchased For: Gift from KANEBO
Will I re-purchase? Maybe try the other shades.
Will I recommend it? Yes.

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  1. They look creamy but I'm scared of all the shimmer. Shimmer will make things protrude diba? And my eyelids are already fluffy enough, eee!

    1. Yes! Shimmer does that that's why sayang coz the formula is so nice and smooth pa but they have shimmer lang :( But it's still worth the try ♥


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