The latest HIS and HERS fragrance from Banana Republic is better than ever!

Friday, July 04, 2014


One of the best things about fragrances is that its ability to translate your different moods. I do not have a particular fragrance, I use each one according to my mood. My husband and I found ourselves using these new fragrances from Banana Republic a lot and they just smell so good together. a His and Hers fragrance that complement each other.

Banana Republic ushers in the season with new fragrances – Wildbloom Rouge for women and Wildblue Noir for men. Perfumers Marypierre Julien and Jean-Claude Deville created scents that are classic with a modern twist.

Banana Republic HERS: Wildbloom Rouge EDP and HIS: Wildblue Noir EDT

Luxurious and fashionable, the fragrances evoke hints of balmy evenings at the beach as the summer fades and cooler air is just around the corner. The scents are sophisticated and complex, with subtle notes of surprising aromas popping up throughout the application phases. The fine fragrances embody a youthful spirit, making them perfect for both young adults and the young at heart.

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A floral, woody fragrance, Wildbloom Rouge is inspired by an enticing blend of sensual flowers and blooms. Its notes are harmoniously blended together – adding a unique perspective to the fragrance. It is created for the stylish and confident woman who finds and creates beauty in all that she touches.
Lush fruit sensations of sparkling bergamot and fresh clementine form the foundation of Wildbloom Rouge. Rich magnolia and jasmine outline the heart of the fragrance, while scents of raw textures of sandalwood are heightened with amber, creating a charming finishing touch.

You know me and packaging, right? I do love this bottle. It has a huge velvet rose that is just so femme, I love it! I feel uber girly each time I use it! This is an evening fragrance because it's a bit too dramatic and sensual for the daytime. So the past few night outs I have been using this fragrance.

Moving on with the fragrance for men, Wild Blue Noir is An aromatic woody fragrance, that embodies seduction conveyed through radiant, woodsy sophistication, while shades of aquatic brilliance and herbs are offset by prominent spices for a distinct contrast. Finally, the nobility of musk is seduced by suede, creating an unexpected trail of elegance and mystery. It is perfect for today’s bold, confident and charismatic man whose sense of adventure and polish captivate his audience.

With that being said, you will be able to smell a hint of leather in the fragrance which makes it so unique! It's very masculine and sexy. I just love that hint of leather.
I love that you can take off that thing that is wrapped around the bottle and use it as a bracelet for men! Cute right?

Wildbloom Rouge is available in 50ml (PhP 2,500) and 100ml (PhP 3,200) EDP bottles and Wildblue Noir is available in 50ml (PhP 2,300) and 100ml (PhP 2,900) EDT bottles.

I think it's safe to say that these fragrances smell so sexy together. It creates a perfect harmony which makes it a perfect gift for HIM or for HER, or for the both of you on your anniversary, wedding day, or just an I Love You gift!

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