theBalm's Instain® blushes are insanely staining and long lasting!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Instain is the latest blush collection from the Balm. I wouldn't say that this is their newest since it was launched several months ago, today being the only time I was able to blog about this! It claims as staining blushes and extremely long wearing even though it is applied on top of powder. The Instain line comes in 6 shades of powder blushes: Argyle, which is a petal pink. Houndstooth, which is a mauve-shade. Lace, a bright pink blush. And Pinstripe, which is the one I received from the Balm which is a deep plum shade. A peach blush that is Swiss Dot. and a strawberry inspired blush that is called Toile.

TheBalm Instain Long Wearing Staining Powder Blush, PhP 775.00

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I will speak in behalf of the other shades because I was able to swatch all of them at the event. All of these blushes are seriously, extremely pigmented. So much so that they can be a little tricky to apply, specially if you have fair skin like me. It took me several attempts to find the right and easiest way to apply it. I will later on tell you below how I applied this blush so keep reading...
None of the blushes are shimmery, including this PINSTRIPE shade. Although they all seem to have a satin, sheen finish that gives a nice glow to the cheeks, making the blush look like transparent and stain-like.

TheBalm deserves another pat on the back for their packaging yet again, they never cease to spend some on packaging so that is always a plus. The blushes come in recyclable cardboard compacts with beautiful... retro(?) artwork on the front and a mirror inside. The blush shades are named after a fabric patterns so the print on the inside of each compact is decorated with the name of the blush. In this case, the name of the blush is Pinstripe, so the print of pan where the blush sits is pinstriped.
When talking about the staying power of this blush, these beautiful products are called "Instain" (can either a play of words for insane or just as is: stain) for a reason. Firstly, it's "insane" that it really does have that "stain" effect on the skin. Which also means that it lasts all day! I have never experienced this kind of blush before where the blush looks stained on top of powder foundation. It's almost magical. Ha!
All of the shades look promising too. Although I only got to personally experience Pinstripe, the others look like they are amazing too and would suit different tones of Filipina skin. But if you search online for the swatches of the Instain blushes, you'll probably realize that the shades are somewhat a bit of similarity with each other that you don't need to buy them all... Well, unless you want to if you're greedy and a makeup addict that way.
You get 6.5 grams of product for PhP 775.00 which is not at all bad! A pan with this much blush can last you a long while specially if you only need a single swipe to apply.
The Instain blush line truly are amazing blushes. The intensity of the pigments is great! They feel really soft and silky and a little goes a loooooong way. Not only is it economical but the effect of stained cheeks lasts all day without fading. You will no longer need a retouch in between powder-room breaks, so you won't have to lug around the extra weight in your purse.
I found that using a stippling brush from CHARM or the vegan blush brush from their Vegan Brush line (which is made from 100% vegan hair that doesn't pick up a whole lot of product) to apply the blush. Just single-swipe the brush on the pan and tap the brush once to remove excess product from the hairs, and then light apply the blush in small circular motions on the apples of your cheeks to avoid looking streaky. This trick ensures a natural look.
I definitely recommend these blushes, particularly for those women (or men!) who have extremely oily skin and have trouble in making cheek color last all day. It's great to use too if you have dry skin because it moisturizes the skin as well, and with its sheen color, it will make dry flaky skin look radiant! Instain offers a nice range of shades too so I would imagine that there are options for most Filipina skin tones.

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Selling Price: PhP 775.00
Purchased For: Gift from theBalm. (Thank you!)
Will I re-purchase? YES. But will try another shade.
Will I recommend it? YES.

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  1. I love love love the balm. I have some blushes, the balmjovi pallette, the nude attitude pallette and they do not disappoint!!!



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