Burt's Bees Skin-hugging Facial Cleansing Towelettes for the lazy

Friday, August 15, 2014

In the last couple months, where I have been feeling more lazy than usual when I get home at night, I have been on the look out for towelettes to use to remove my makeup at night before cleansing. I purchased two other brands of facial wipes/towelettes which I will not name, and this one I got from Burt's Bees: Facial Cleansing Towelettes. 

I couldn't stand the sticky, weird milky residues left by the other baby wipes but this one from Burt's Bees stood out among the 2 others.
Burt's Bees Facial Cleansing Towelettes 30s, PhP 450.00
When I received my press kit from the Burt's Bees event and saw that they had a sample pack of their new towelettes, I had to try them, seeing as Burt's Bees makes wonderful skin products that I ADORE (I highly recommend their Tomato Toner, by the way). More on these cleansing towelettes after the break!

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The price is definitely higher than most baby wipes, but these are made specially for cleansing your face off makeup. I was impressed by the softness and the size of the the towelettes of Burt's Bees. They are the size of a standard wash cloth, which is a lot better than baby wipes. 

Burt's Towelettes, are much thinner and have little, if any, real texture to it than the average Wet Ones or Bran X of baby wipes. Although I prefer this better than ones that scratch your face because that's not good too if you will use this every night. And because of this soft texture to the toilettes that don't exfoliate, remove dirt/makeup quite as efficiently as those which are textured.
On the other hand, this quality only makes Burt's Bees wipes more soothing & gentle on really sensitive skin, so I suppose this is a good thing as well. Depends on the effect you are aiming for I guess.

I am also impressed with Burt's Bees with working in so many organic & natural ingredients into their products. This is a HUGE plus for these towelettes, in fact they are "99% natural" so you know your skin is free from harmful chemicals. PLUS! They are a friend to the animals so that's a big bonus for Burt's Bees. I just love this brand and what they stand for.
With that being said, I do have one minor disappointment to express about these towelettes. I didn't like the scent. Although I asked my hubby to smell it and had him describe it, he thought it smelled lemony and minty. But for me, it kind of smells like Pine Scented bathroom cleaner. It's a little too strong for me. 

Usually I adore the Burt's Bees classic scents (which are usually on the citrus, honey and fruity side), however, although these smell weird to me, others love it so it really depends on you. I still do hope they consider manufacturing towelettes that has a fragrance that is a little less harsh. It didn't smell at all like white tea to me, to me it smelled mildly like cleaning solution. In spite of these towelettes being "99% natural", it's a fragrance I don't like near my face. NONETHELESS, I will still continue to use them since they are very gentle and very good on my skin.
Another comment about these wipes is that they are not powerful when it comes to waterproof makeup removing. Sure, it does take off my foundation, blush, and eyebrow makeup just fine, and oh! my eye shadow, too. But when it comes to waterproof mascara and stay-put lippies, these towelettes don't really have the power behind them so you will still have to use a separate remover for that.
I would definitley recommend these facial cleansing towelettes by Burt's Bees to the person who wears little or no makeup at all. I even think these wipes make fantastic easy skin care for men! This is a very good product to have on hand, and other than the smell I'm happy with it, but if you are anything like me who wears full makeup everyday, you will have to still use makeup remover for waterproof makeup.

After using these towelettes, I follow it with the Daisy White Line which I love!

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Selling Price: PhP 450 for a pack of 30s.
Purchased For: Gift from Burt's Bees (Thank you!)
Will I re-purchase? YES.
Will I recommend it? YES.

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