Gucci opens the door to a new creation that was planned for a younger audience: Flora by Gucci EDT Luxe Purse Sprays

Thursday, August 07, 2014


"Gucci presented a lush line of luxury purse spray bottles designed especially to suit even the smallest ladies’ purse. The bottles for Gucci by Gucci EDP, Gucci by Gucci EDT, Flora by Gucci EDT and Gucci Guilty EDT, are especially designed in a spirit of Christmas and New year holidays. Each of the bottles is an embodiment of luxury that a woman can take whenever she goes. 
Flora by Gucci EDT is presented in flowery-fruity composition, refreshed by fine notes of tangerine and peony flowers, while the rose and osmanthus lead directly to fragrance’s floral heart notes. The base notes are composed of fine creamy trace of sandalwood and flirty pink pepper. Flora by Gucci EDT Purse Spray is priced at PhP 4,850."
FLORA by Gucci EDT Purse Spray, PhP 4,850

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Most often than not, all the notes of a certain perfume blend together to produce an irresistible, perfectly composed and performed symphony. But on some cases, perfumes can become nondescript, as though the notes are monotonous although out the day without a change in notes losing its identity and character -sort of like cologne which smells very monotonous.
Gucci FLORA Eau de Toilette unfortunately falls into the latter category. It is quite difficult to distinguish the notes: peony, rose, citrus, patchouli, osmanthus, sandalwood? They all seem to be put in a blender and blended together to create a fragrance. A little bit too washed out for me.
FLORA reminds me a bit like Balenciaga Florabotanica and Estée Lauder's Pleasures Flower that was released this year, a kind of fruit cocktail and just a hint of flower (which I really cannot distinguish what flowers) combinations. Do not get me wrong, I do however adore this fragrance because it smells very fresh and light.
When you spray and it then settles on the skin, Flora EDT smells like a very fresh floral fruity scent that only lasts a couple of hours or maybe even less. Clean and pleasant but nothing that could cause any heads to turn in your direction. A trait that makes the perfume, unfortunately. Perhaps one of the upsides of this delicate fragrance is that it is very inoffensive and less shocking than most fragrances, and perhaps why so many people are loving this fragrance.

Flora is a perfect everyday-fragrance to use. It doesn't smell cheap, and smells quite sophisticated if you ask me. When I wear it, it does smell a little bit girly for me but it is a little bit catchy, just not enough to turn heads. Flora has a sort of young edgy characteristic, I must say.

It's not a memorable fragrance and I feel that Gucci could have done better. I do understand why some people (including me) say that it lacks that something extra. But when you take a walk outside on a sunny day, it's nice to pick up this dreamy, floral, light scent and that's all you will need on a crisp afternoon.

Citruses, Peonies, Mandarin Orange

Osmanthus, Rose

Sandalwood, Patchouli, Pink Pepper
You twist the top cover of the atomiser and out pops the nozzle spay.
In conclusion, Flora by Gucci EDT is a classic feminine fragrance. Yes, it may be marked and referred to as simple and uncomplicated, but that's where its strength takes place. The key to its popularity is, sometimes you just don't want anything complex, unique, and over the top. I think it's a safe, versatile and just-pretty perfume. It has no limits -no age limits, no particular time of day to wear, no season limits.
FLORA by Gucci EDT Purse Spray is available in all leading department stores.

Do you like Purse Sprays? Which one is your favorite?

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  1. holy grail perfume! I love the packaging, super elegant and pricey tignan. What does it scent Ms. Sabs? is perfect for everyday?


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