MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Medium Review

Thursday, August 07, 2014


I have always been a fan of MAC powders because of the fabulous coverage it gives even when you use it on its own.

Honestly, when I received this powder, I had no idea how to use this because this is the first time I came across it being one of those people who stuck with their MAC Studio Fix foundation for a long time. I was a little pissed with my current makeup base that day I received this powder and I just couldn't wait to try and use it with the current liquid foundation I had at home and see if it will at least bring my foundation to life.

True enough, this skinfinish natural did such an excellent job on giving my somewhat pasty liquid foundation the most natural look on my skin that I call this powder the miracle powder. This is quite expensive for a compact though but by using it with a powder brush, you get to use it for a long time.

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Medium, PhP 1,800

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Believe it or not, with my fair skin, I am an NC 35, so I guess with my skin tone and shade, the medium shade suits me most, making my makeup look so natural. This medium shade goes very well with my skin tone, there are times I find it a little bit pinkish for my skin tone which shouldn't be the case but I found that after a few hours, it blends in naturally making my foundation look flawless and seamless. This Mineralize Skinfinish Natural powder is  available in 8 shades: Light, Light Medium, Medium, Medium Plus, Medium Deep, Medium Dark, Dark, and Deep Dark. Don't be confused with the shades because they truly are quite confusing, so I suggest consulting with a MAC makeup artist to help you find your real shade.

Always, always, always try before you buy. I think I will try the Light Medium shade when I hit pan on this one, or possibly even the Light shade.
This powder is baked that's why it takes forever to finish. This particular powder is supposed to, or promises to give a very natural look. I have actually used quite a lot of this powder already and I can tell you that it does live up to its promise. I am just not so sure about the shade though. 

I love how this powder can last you more than a year even if you use it everyday. I know, it's that economical, it's crazy!
There are times where I do not wear anything under this powder and just brush it on top of my bare face and it still gives coverage that makes you look naturally flawless. For weeks I just kept using it because it was the powder that was most accessible to me in my bathroom. And for some reason, I really found myself reaching for it a lot these days. It has super fine illuminating particles in it that doesn't make you look shimmery, but it gives your skin a really dewy finish after wearing it for a few hours.

During the super hot summer months, it even made my oily T-Zone oily matte for an extra hour or two compared to using another foundation.
I use the Mineralized Skinfinish Natural powder with my Bobbi Brown Powder Brush, and it gives me the best natural-looking finish when applying powders.
I find myself getting a lot of compliments when I wear this powder, with or without liquid foundation under it. I guess it's safe to assume that it’s the powder that’s giving me a very luminous, natural, and even looking skin tone.

It sets into the skin like magically. It has a barely there finish that everyone is very obsessed with nowadays. When I use this powder, you can't tell if I have makeup on or if I have anything on my skin. Well, at least for me though. Maybe it's also because the shade matches my skin tone closely. Not a perfect match yet, but it's pretty close.
Now now, there are a few hitches on this hot product though. Firstly, this compact doesn't have a mirror or a sponge for touch ups. I guess if there is something I wouldn't like about it most it's the fact that it's not convenient to use for retouching. Since this powder is baked, if you break it, you will have a hard time managing the powder.

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  1. one of my bday wishlist indeed. i love the fact that beauty bloggers throw a good review about this Mac mineralize skin finish.


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