My Review on Happy Skin's Eye Love View Eyebrow Duo

Sunday, August 10, 2014


I never used to care for my brows because I had bushy ones. But ever since I got them professionally groomed for the first time about 4 years ago, I am now obsessed with brows. One of the best things about having perfectly groomed brows is that it really makes or breaks your whole look. It really does frame your face and it gives your makeup look that polished, finished look.

I have found myself reaching for Happy Skin's new Eye Love View Pencil and Marker Eyebrow Duo, well, I alternate it with my K-Palette's Lasting 2Way Eyebrow. Although I prefer K-Palette's Sponge tip-type still when doing my brows, Happy Skin's pencil type can still give you that control if you are a little bit shaky with your application.

Happy Skin Eye Love View Pencil and Marker Eyebrow Duo in Chic Brown, PhP 799.00

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Happy Skin then again awes us with their packaging making doing your face fun! I actually look forward to doing my makeup each time Happy Skin will be a part of my routine that day. Seriously, who wouldn't get excited right?

Infused with Argan Oil to make sure that your brows will stimulate hair growth and keep the area moisturized as well!
This eyebrow product by Happy Skin only comes in one versatile shade that is formulated to suit most hair colors. It is truly amazing! I guess they pegged this shade to look good for whatever color your hair is.

On one end, you will find the pencil type applicator, while the other end is the liner type applicator.
The liner type applicator, which is called the marker type has a soft point tip liner type that draws hair-like lines that mimic the hair of your brows. This truly is long lasting too!
The pencil type is a lot harder in texture, sort of like a pencil type that you sharpen with a blade (if you know what you mean). It is easy to control because it is firm. It also draws a very natural looking brows.
I have been using this eyebrow product (the pencil type) for a few events already and I am loving it! You can see how soft and subtle it looks and very natural. It fills in the sparse areas very well making the brows look naturally full.

I took selfies with my phone to show you how natural my brows look!
At the NCLA event
On my way to the Pixy launch event
At the Vitress Catwalk event
At the Repetto Fragrance Event

It takes a while to get used to doing your eyebrows with a pen type applicator specially when you are used to a brush and a powder eyebrow product. If you would like to switch though, I would recommend either starting with Happy Skin's Eye Love View eyebrow product or K-Palette. These pens provide the most natural looking brow and it is almost impossible to overdo your brows!

Retail Price: PhP 799.00
Purchased For: Gift from Happy Skin (Thank you!)
Will I re-purchase? Yes.
Will I recommend it? Yes.

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  1. I was the same way about my brows. They are naturally very bushy so I just ignored them for a long time. But having well groomed brows just gives you more confidence! I'm glad this product is so great.

  2. I'm obsessed with eyebrows too! Thanks for the info Sabs. I'll better try this one so I could see the difference with the products i tried.

  3. Hi Sabs,

    I totally agree when you said that our brows can make or break our looks. My brows grow quickly and there are times that I go lazy grooming them but yeah, I don't want a bad look, hehehe, so I really take time to beautify. Wish I can put this product on my store. Thank you for the review though!

    ~Kathy of Keekay Philippines


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