Battling Dry Flaky Lips with Benefit's Hydrating Tinted Lip Balms!

Tuesday, September 02, 2014


Benefit Hydrating Tinted Lip Balm is the latest lip line from the chic cult brand Benetint, and I’m pleased to share with you some swatches today. When this set of balmies were gifted to me by Benefit, I couldn't wait to try them out because I am addicted to lip balms recently. Well, to tell you the truth, I find myself opting for lip balms now a days ever since I got pregnant. It's probably because I am a little bit dehydrated from all the peeing, so I need the extra moisture!

This new product currently comes in four tinted shades, which fabulously match their lip/cheek tints (yes!). They are packed with mango butter and sodium hyaluronate according to their website, and these ingredients give your lips nice moisture that don't dry up the lips after a few hours.

Benefit Hydrating Tinted Lip Balm, PhP 1,300 each

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As these balms are labeled as TINTED, they mean tinted. Don’t expect it to magically give a splash of bright color thinking that it might depend on the skin but when they say tinted, it really is just that. You can wear them over the lip/cheek tint though for more of a color impact, or as I'd like to do it, under my lipstick. Some people may disagree with that thinking that these balms may be a little bit too waxy, but it works well for me.
These balmies have a slight floral fragrance (that don't bother me at all), but thank goodness they don't have a taste. The mirror-like tubes are so lovely, and so chic!! Although it marks a lot of finger prints, but still very lightweight.
It has a slightly "taller" tube compared to regular lipsticks. It's actually the same size of a perfume atomiser. It's the best way I can describe it! Hehehe...
I had no idea that pregnancy can make give you dry cracked lips. Probably it's because of all the peeing that makes me so dehydrated causing my skin to dry up. According to the baby book, hormones can also dry up the skin, so I am loading up on lotions, moisturizers, and lip products that will re-hydrate my skin that is pregnancy safe! Not only are these tinted balms great for the summer, when us women from Manila don't want to deal with thick bold lippies!
Here are the swatches on my arm, and you can see that there is just barely a hint of color and some shine. In fact, I had to layer it about 5 or 8 times just for the color of the tint to show on my skin.
 Even though tinted balms are just slightly tinted, I have to say that I love them! Knowing that they weren't going to be too pigmented helped me love them. No false promises on high pigments so that helped me appreciate them. I’ve been wearing Chacha Balm for a few hours (which is the last one I swatched on my lips) and it’s really comfy on the lips (plus, it made my skin glowing). It’s extremely moisturizing like a regular lip balm, but it gives a slightly glossy finish that doesn't feel sticky.

After seeing these balms on my lips, the only balms that showed tint on my lips as an actual color are Lollibalm and Chacha Balm. The other two are incredibly subtle and mostly look clear on me. So, a question. Will you be trying any of these lovely balms or do you prefer lipsticks with a whole lotta pigments?

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