Bronze is the new black!

Monday, October 06, 2014


I have always been a colored liner kind of gal, instead of the traditional black. I have always created my soft smoke-y looks with colored liners, and emphasized lashes with a brown eye liner. I think they create a soft defined look without your whole look looking too goth.

Brown liner, the best for brides and for women who are actually afraid to use black eyeliner. This is the one makeup trick that I love because it never fails to make anyone look professionally made up but not really. Wait, what?

So when this new bronze eyeliner arrived in my doorstep, I immediately wanted to share how you can wear it everyday in place of your usual black eyeliner. Or maybe use it WITH your existing one!
Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Eye Pencil in Bronze, PhP 1,450

I have been using bronze eyeliners for a while now, but nothing with this kind of formula before. I have tried different eyeliners that carry bronze liners: Nichido, Stila, Ulta, Sephora and even Rimmel. And I can say that it has actually become a staple in my professional kit.

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This is the first long-wearing eye pencil that I get to try from Bobbi Brown so I am quite excited about this. I have heard so much wonderful things about this pencil so here goes.

Bronze, it a shade of eyeliner that you don't usually see everyday, and yet it is so versatile. I love tight-lining with a brown eyeliner or bronze pencils because it makes the Filipina eyes look more brown than they actually are.

The only bad comment I would have with this pencil is that sharpening this pencil is such a pain. The exterior material is very hard (not the usual wood I would guess) that it sharpens unevenly, which means that you constantly find yourself sharpening and peeling back remnants to keep them scratching your eye area. You will find yourself with more broken tips than actually using the pencil so there is a lot of wastage. So for this pencil, I suggest finding the best and the sharpest pencil sharpener out there.
The formula goes on so smoothly and glides on flawlessly, you'd think it would smudge like anything when you blend with a cotton bud because of the smooth gliding formula, but once it's on, it stays ON and does not budge! If you want a smudged look, you better smudge FAST because this will set and STAY! But it still doesn't blend easily as much so I don't bother doing it. If you would like the blended look, use a KHOL type pencil instead.

I found that this eyeliner formula doesn't make my eyes dry an water, even when applied so close to the eyes or on the waterlines. I have bad allergies that affect my eyes- itchy, watery, etc, and so I have to be wary about products that I put near my eyes!
This pencil has a beautiful light bronze color, especially if worn on the top lid. On the under eye, it looks a bit dull and can look a bit undone so I didn't bother applying any on the lower lash lines. I usually apply this bronze liner alone, but if you want to apply a thin line of black liquid liner so you can really have that little something extra going on, this will really make the eyes pop.

It also lasts much longer on top for me, about 8-9 hours as compared to the lower lash and waterlines.
I have been using this eyeliner for a while now and I can really say that I am liking it better than brown liners now. I love tight-lining with the bronze pencil because it gives a soft look and yet makes the lashes appear thicker than they actually are.

It goes with any shade of eyeshadow as well and it creates a soft monochromatic look! Another trick I love doing with the bronze eyeliner is smudging it with a bronze eyeshadow on top of the bronze line to make it look a little bit smokey.

How about you? Would you give bronze liners a try?

Length of usage before review: 5 separate occasions.

  • Convenient to bring for quick touch-ups.
  • Smooth and gel-like formula that glides on the surface of the skin smoothly.
  • Long-lasting! About 8-9 hours of wear without touch-ups and when applied on the lid.
  • Available in a wide array of shades to choose from.
  • Easy to control.
  • Does not transfer on the lower lash lines even when you tear up.
  • Buildable color.
  • Highly pigmented!

  • Does not stay sharpened for long, and if you apply too much pressure, the tip can come off easily.
  • Does not really smudge easily for blended look.

  • Hard to sharpen. I usually end up wasting a whole lot of product.
  • Pricey for a pencil eyeliner.

Retail Price: PhP 1,450/tube
Purchased For: Gift from Bobbi Brown (THANK YOU!).
Will I re-purchase? Yes. I want to try deep plum next.
Will I recommend it? Yes.

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