Eden's Paradise Natural Cleansing Oil and Tomato Serum Review

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

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The first time I found out I was pregnant, the first question I had for my OB was how safe were beauty products. She only gave me a handful of ingredients to avoid, and said that skin care is basically OK. And thanks to my friend and fellow blogger Shen of Shen's Addiction for assuring me that skin care is ok for preggy! But for some who are wary about putting anything on their skin while pregnant but have to because their skin needs it, you can always turn to organic.

Recently, I have committed myself to using two of these organic products and see how they fair. Pregnant skin is a lot different from your usual skin type. Some people retain their skin type, but most often, people shift from one skin type to another. Like me, I shifted from normal to extremely dry! For some, from dry to extremely oily.

Yes, you get a fresh batch of hormones everyday that will test your patience and of your husbands as well. Hahaha! So using these organic products from Eden's Paradise for two whole weeks, I am able to tell you what I think!

Eden's Paradise 100% Natural Cleansing Oil, PhP 349.00
Eden's Paradise Tomato Serum 15ml, PhP 189.00

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I would like to start with the cleansing oil. It's housed in an easy-pump bottle, but it doesn't say how much is actually in it so that was actually a no-no for me. I am guessing about 100ml maybe. Packaging is so-so, it is in a sturdy plastic so it won't easily crush when it falls. I actually like the pump because it doesn't break easily like some brands I know. Although the printing needs a little more QC. It looks a little bit homemade to me.

I know it's organic, but it shouldn't look like it was packed from someone's backyard.
I love that it comes with instructions. The illustration is really cute, and I would say that this brand has a lot of potential. I also like that it comes with expiration dates although I am feeling a little bit skeptic about all-natural ingredients like these. Reading up on organic products, all the more that organic products have to undergo stability testing with regards to how the product itself reacts to the packaging without any form of preservatives, specially if one is using plastic containers.

There are different kinds of preservatives and it doesn't have to be paraben-based. Bacteria thrive on water, so unless the product completely stays away from water and moisture which can be unavoidable, I would really like to know what preservatives they use to keep the bacteria/germs from forming.
The ingredients are pretty straight forward so this makes it safe for pregnant women. I am not keen on using sunflower oil that much because of the very thick consistency, but I like the hint go Peppermint Oil that it contains. Although this is not purely sunflower oil so it makes a whole lot of difference. Read on and you'll see...
I am very OC when it comes to safety so I think Eden's Paradise could do better than sealing their products with the run of the mill washi tape. This is also a safety no-no for me. I think a good tamper proof seal would put more minds at ease than a DIY seal like washi tape.
It has nice consistency, but the way I remove my make up takes more than 4 pumps. It doesn't spread as easily as Shu Uemura's cleansing oil which is a little bit more runny, but neither is it as thick as Human Nature's Sunflower Cleansing Oil which is IMPOSSIBLE to rinse out with just water.

I like that this cleansing oil can easily melt makeup by massaging it on your fully made up face (even waterproof eyeliner and mascara!), and just rinse away with water. So if you are one of those women who are lazy in taking off their makeup, this could be the product for you. This may also be a good alternative for  Shu Uemura because it can be rinsed off with just water. Not all cleansing oils can do that!
Sometimes I use a cotton pad when I am wearing minimal makeup only. I don't want to keep using about 6-8 pumps even though I am just wearing an eyebrow, a blush and a lippie. So if you are wearing minimal makeup, use a cotton pad. It helps too and saves a lot of product. Pump a few drops into a cotton pad and remove the makeup.

I recommend following it up always with a good moisturizer because cleansing oils are not meant to moisturize the skin alone, but won't leave you dry and cracking as well. Follow it up with a good serum and moisturizer after use.

I am addicted to serums. I think that serums really is the key to healthy skin so more people (yes, even men!) should invest in a good serum.

Serums have smaller molecules than moisturizers so it penetrates the skin faster and deeper than any moisturizer can. Now let's talk about Eden's Paradise's Tomato Serum. It is housed in a tinted bottle with a dropper which is good so as to not taint the product with too much light.
Again, with regards to the expiration date, does this mean that it has a shelf life of 2 years even after it has been opened? What are the ingredients to stabilize the product?

These are the only questions I have when it comes to organic products. I know that all-natural products have a shorter shelf-life because they don't have preservatives. So this is my only question when it comes to organic beauty products. I have spoken to several cosmetic manufacturers and they all say the same: specially all-natural, organic products must undergo stability testing and must have some sort of ingredient that will keep the product bacteria-free so that it would give it a longer shelf life.
What I like about organic products it their short ingredients list. It's very easy to understand and not too much scientific mumbo jumbo that will leave your jaw hanging. Beauty bloggers know how to read ingredient labels so people who are afraid of those products that contain 50 or more ingredients should stick to organic.
Again, I feel that Eden's Paradise can do a lot better than washi tape. If these products are manufactured in a reputable manufacturer and not in a "mom and pop" kind of shop, it should at least come with a regulation safety seal. Specially when you advertise your products being FDA/BFAD approved. According to FDA/BFAD standards, products should come with a tamper proof, safety seal. At least according to a friend of mine who owns a big cosmetics company here in Manila.
I like the clear dropper that it comes with. You can see the consistency of the product and how much you have left. Some droppers are frosted or tinted so it's harder to see.
The serum has a gel-like consistency that can easily be spread on the surface of the skin. Although it gets absorbed pretty fast so you better have quick hands! I use one whole pump for my entire face and half a pump for my neck.
Initially, it gives a very sticky after-feel (even on your fingers) upon applying but it goes away after a few minutes so don't worry. At first your skin will look dewy but the product is quickly absorbed and you can apply your usual moisturizer and eye cream.
The serum alone is not enough to moisturize the skin but I found that it kept my skin from breaking out because of the natural astringent that tomatoes have. I like that it works well with my Burt's Bees skin care so that makes me happy. Products that play well together always make me happy!
In conclusion, I think this brand has a lot of potential. The only comment that I have for them is that they should invest more on packaging. Beauty products, specially skin care, shouldn't have packaging that looks like it was just mixed in someone's kitchen that is not in a germ-free, sterilized factory. Just because you are an organic brand which use 100% natural products doesn't mean you should neglect your packaging.

To make the brand a little more credible and look safe to use, packaging should also be their top priority because no matter how much of a breakthrough your product is but the packaging is less than impressive, people will remain skeptic in buying.

I am not saying that the packaging should cost more than the product itself, but at least contain a more complete ingredients list (if there is more), and a safety seal that BFAD requires.

Length of usage before review: 2 weeks

  • Both products work well with normal, oily or combination skin.
  • Both are safe to be used for the face and for the eye area as well.
  • Gentle on the skin.
  • Non-greasy.
  • Lightweight.
  • Serum can be used before makeup. Just let it get absorbed completely.
  • Cleansing oil easily melts away makeup!
  • Guaranteed free from fragrance, dyes, and coloring agents.
  • Serum keeps breakouts at bay because of its natural astringent properties.
  • The serum makes my skin is more "balanced".
  • The serum reduced the redness of my face.
  • The serum doesn't take a lot of time to get absorbed by the skin.
  • No annoying fragrance.
  • My skin looks firmer because of the serum.
  • The cleansing oil easily removes dirt and oil, specially makeup! Effectively removes waterproof eyeliner, lipstick, and mascara.
  • No breakouts!
  • Safe for pregnant women.

  • Packaging is really important to me. So aside from this, these are great products.

Retail Price: Eden's Paradise 100% Natural Cleansing Oil, PhP 349 | Eden's Paradise Tomato Serum 15ml, PhP 189
Purchased For: Gift from IG @edensparadise_launion (Thank you!)
Will I re-purchase? Cleansing Oil, yes. Serum, maybe.
Will I recommend it? Yes.


To order and to know more about their latest products, promos, updates and product information, follow Eden's Paradise's Instagram Account:


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  1. YOUR SKIN is FLAWLESS!!! You can tell you're taking good care of it. Great job! :)

    I would've never known that the Human Heart Nature Cleansing oil was hard to remove with water, had it not been for this post. Thanks!

  2. I really wanted to order the tomato serum but i dont know where


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