Unboxing the September 2014 BDJ Box!

Wednesday, October 01, 2014


Guess who's finally back! Well, duh! Me! LOL

It's been so long and I have missed you all! I missed out in posting the whole month of September because I have been on strict bed rest because of some tricky biz with my pregnancy, but not to worry! Baby is and me are ok! I just had to keep still for a while (which was hard work!), but I did it and now I can move around a little bit to do some blogging. Still can't go out of the house though or do anything strenuous like washing the dishes. Ha! I got out of that one!

I have been staying in my parents' house for a few weeks, and now that I am back home, first order of business is unboxing my September BDJ Box! I practically ripped it open because unboxing always excites me. Specially when I have been away for about a month. (Hugs iMac computer -I missed you!!)

BDJ Box September 2014

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This month's box is all about Beauty Innovations... Old (but never forgotten) and new products that we have grown quite accustomed to in our daily beauty regimen!

Household names like DOVE, POND'S, CREAMSILK and more! Read on!

Breaking the BDJ seal is the best! At this point, I'm always surprised that I manage not to tear the packaging!

I love having to look at each of the products! Except for the Jergen's lotion, I have been using everything in this box for years! Plus, FULL-SIZE products this month ladies!!

In this month's BDJ Box, you will receive:

  • Godiva Cleansing Kit (Godiva LicoWhite Whitening Facial, 50ml -PhP 85.00 / Godiva LicoWhite Whitening Toner, 60ml -PhP 60.00)
  • 2 Pond's Dewy Rose Gel 10g -PhP 150.00
  • 2 Cream Silk Daily Treatment Conditioner -PhP 134.00/each
  • 2 DOVE Intense Repair Daily Hair Vitamin, 6ml x 6 capsules -PhP 75.00/pack
  • Jergen's Moisture Pack (Jergen's Ultra Healing Lotion, 100ml -PhP 88.00 / Jergen's Daily Moisture, 200ml -PhP 153.00)
  • Beach Hut Clear Spray, 180ml -PhP 390.00
  • Fanny Serrano Single Eyeshadow, 4g -PhP 150.00
  • Fanny Serrano Gel Liner, 5ml -PhP 299.00
  • PAC Make Over Voucher -PhP 1,500
TOTAL: PhP 3,443

This month's box is worth PhP 3,400! Can you imagine? Spending only about PhP 585.00 per month and get much more than you pay for!

Oh, this is the PAC Make Over Voucher, I found it at the bottom of the box so I wasn't able to include it in the group photo.

Pre-order your BDJ Box in advance because they sell fast!! Thank you for dropping by guys! It's so good to be back!

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