An Intimate Afternoon Tea with Amy Lennane of Eye of Horus

Saturday, November 22, 2014


Today I would like to share with you the Eye of Horus event that I attended last November 5, 2014. At the launch, I thought that it was just going to be a meet-and-greet with the Co-Founder of Eye of Horus Cosmetics Amy Lennane, but as it turned out, we were surprised by the launch of their Metal Icons Temporary Tattoos too! I have been seeing these all over Instagram (another brand), and it has peaked my curiosity. Now I get to try them first hand, and with one of my favorite sultry makeup brand Eye of Horus!

Aside from the intimate launch discussing the new temporary tattoos, Amy gave us also a sneak peek at the new products coming soon at Eye of Horus! Such exciting times! I wish I can fast forward to next year! More after the break!

With co-founder of Eye of Horus Cosmetics, Amy Lennane! Such an honor to have met this lovely lady!

Check out these gorgeous Metal Icons Temporary Tattoos! I can never choose just one to apply, that's why all of us at the event put on as much as we can! I will show you later! Hahaha!
I chose a big one first which is classically very Egyptian and Cleopatra-ish, very goddess. I am totally in love! I would have loved to wear one that goes around the arm as an arm band but I'm afraid it won't reach end to end. Hahaha!
So after you have chosen your design, you remove the thin plastic film on top of the design and apply it face down on the area where you would like it to appear.
Wet it thoroughly and allow 5 seconds for the tattoo to transfer to your skin.
Then carefully peel off the backing of the tattoo and viola! There goes your goddess tattoo! Thank you Kira for assisting me at the bathroom to put on my metallic icon tattoo and for taking photos too! Hahaha!
I love hold bold and solid the gold looks. These tattoos are vibrant and it would suit fair skinned or morenas, I'm sure! Priced at only PhP 495 per sheet that contains dozens of different designs, they're definitely so worth it!
These tattoos are gorgeous! Imagine wearing these at the beach! Now you can blingify at the beach without worrying about tarnishing your accessories or losing them while you swim.
Our intimate get together was held at Lusso in Greenbelt 5. We had scones and tea and a long discussion about Eye of Horus' new makeup!
First on the list that is coming to us is their eyeshadow palettes! They will be coming out with several sets so I can't wait to get my hands on these! You can use this palette for the brows as well.
New shades are added to their ever growing Goddess Pencils collection, which I am a little bit obsessed with actually. I most specially love the Nubian Brown and the Black for when I do shoots and brides. I love wearing the colored ones on myself specially the blues and the greens.
Amy shows us swatches of the current shades and some new ones! I am lovin' that silver-gray one in the middle, I wonder how it will look on the eyes? I can't wait to try them on clients (or on me!)
I'm so bummed I wasn't able to take a photo of the metallic liquid liners that are coming soon on Eye of Horus. The prototypes she brought weren't in their real packaging yet so I completely forgot to take a photo of the new colors that are coming! I did try the gold on on though! So this will have to do as a sneak peak for you guys for the meantime! LOL
I love how the really gold liner stands out with black liner and behind the Eye of Horus Mascara that I am using! I finally got the hang of how to use it (and held the curl of my lashes!) so I have been using it a lot lately.
Another good news about us Eye of Horus fans is that they are finally coming out with eyebrow products! YAY! It is a gel-based eyebrow pencil that glides on real well on the skin. It will come in three shades!
Here's Ara with the Metal Icon tattoo of the Eye of Horus on her forehead, and she also used all eye of Horus products on her eyes. She used metallic green and the gold liquid liners around her eyes and the black Eye of Horus Goddess Pencil to line her waterlines.

We all loved the Metal Icons too! We really applied them everywhere! Ara even applied the small ones on her ears as earrings!
Amy then tells us about where Eye of Horus is headed in the coming years. She tells us future plans on what products Eye of Horus is looking in getting into, but I won't reveal them just yet.
Fun with swatching and trying on the new products!
We had a fabulous time sharing tea and some wonderful scones and sandwiches. I love how intimate the event was, we were able to discuss casually about the products and were able to get to know them personally too by swatching! I guess you can call it as a swatching party? LOL

Thanks to the waiter who went outside and tried to get a photo of all of us but unfortunately there was a reflection. But thank you nonetheless!
(L, Front to Back) Paoie Minerales, Lia Ramos, Trina, Amy Lennane, Martha Sta., Barbara of
(R, Front to Back) Kira Ramirez of Elegantly Wasted, Dior Co of, Me, Ara Fernando, and (?)
Amy Lennane, Me, and Dior Co of
If you have been reading my blog, then you would have known about this fabulous offer from Eye of Horus and Glamourbox! The Shop for a Cause: Eye of Horus and make dreams come true for Yolanda Victims.
For only PhP 2,000 you get this fabulous pack of beautiful Eye of Horus products: EOH Mascara, Goddess Pencil and sharpener, Liquid Define, and a gold goddess necklace (value of everything in the pouch is PhP 3,265 minus the necklace because I couldn't find the price on that one)! 
Just a little background on this ancient Egyptian symbol:
"According to occult wisdom, when we contemplate death we look deeply within ourselves. By “reflecting” in this manner we find a hidden treasure within us in the form of eternal “life,” which ancient civilizations like the Egyptians celebrated using a cross symbol: Below: Ankh cross, associated with eternal life and life after death."
If you missed out on this fabulous offer, you can still avail of this online at the Glamourbox (<-click a="" here="">) website! Hurry and grab this fabulous gift bag before supplies run out!

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to my Glamourbox and Eye of Horus family for having me at the intimate tea party! It is always nice to see everyone, and it was such an honor to have met Amy! 'Til the next one girls!


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  1. The price for the set isn't bad at all. And I LOVE your brows!!! :)

    1. I agree! Not bad at all! I know right? I do love my brows! Hehehe... Thank you for dropping by! ♥

  2. oh dear.. this set is such a steal for a price of 2k! i love their mascara (third on my list 1. Avon Magnify -- discontinued *sad* 2. Benefit They're real Mascara 3. EOH Mascara)

    i want that metallic tattoo! been looking for them on net where to buy ms sabs (south area)?

  3. Gold leaf, is that you? The tattoos look luxurious! And now that I've seen some of the products in action, I'm even more excited to receive the gift set. Hehehe. Thanks again, Sabs. :D


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