Belle de Jour Power Planner 2015 Giveaway!

Friday, November 21, 2014


Hello Bellas!

Planning is the best way to organize your daily, weekly, and monthly affairs and what better way to do that with a planner that is specially designed for women? I have been using Belle de Jour planner since they first came out with their first edition and it has really helped me keep my work week organized.

As a makeup artist and blogger, it's crucial to keep everything written down so you won't forget a project, a wedding, or an event that I need to attend. As a blogger, I also keep my drafts in order by writing down a weekly lineup in one of the notes pages provided by the journal.

And great news bellas! Belle de Jour is giving away this awesome planner to one lucky Makeup Maven reader! This beautiful classy planner could be yours! More information after the break.

Belle de Jour Power Planner 2015

Belle de Jour just launched the 2015 editions of their planners - Belle de Jour Power Planner (for the Filipina fashionista achievers), NAVI: Your Life Navigator (for those who see life as one big adventure), and Everything is Possible (for those who want to leave a legacy). They also have more products available in all major bookstores and at including their Forget-Me-Not notepads (for ideas, lists, meeting notes, cash and to-do-tracking) and also their BDJ Sticky Notes.
As 2014 comes to a close, BDJ and me are really excited to hear about everyone’s plans for the coming year! We're so curious to know what people look forward to in 2015 -- and how they're getting ready for it. We have just a few weeks left this year, and BDJ is all about helping everyone make bigger and more beautiful things happen in 2015.

Winning this awesome planner is easy! Do the following steps first:
  • If you haven't added me to your Google Circle, add me.
  • Follow me in Instagram and Twitter, and like my FB fan page for extra points!
  • Like the Belle de Jour Power Planner Facebook Fan Page.

Then next is pretty simple! All you have to do is answer any of the following questions (or all if you wish) by leaving a comment below this post along with a valid email address:
  •  How are you getting ready for 2015?
  •  What are you excited about in 2015
  •  What's that one big goal you'll work on in 2015?
  •  Or if you're feeling creative and fancy, shoot a video/photo and answer the question, (you can join their on-going campaign #BDJHappyDance), what achievements have you unlocked that made you do your happy dance this 2014?
On December 15, 2015, I will announce the winner of this beautiful planner!
Aside from the planner, you get to take home this Lifestyle Card that really comes with the planner for you to enjoy discounts and promos all year! There is a list of establishments and stores where you can use this card.

Plus there is a booklet that includes tons of coupons for you to enjoy!

Like Belle de Jour's Facebook Page to know more about their latest products, promos, updates and product information:

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  1. I hope that 2015 will be a great year. I am an esthetician and I like to work in a spa.
    I also hope to plan my wedding in 2015.
    I keep my fingers crossed, I hope to win the agenda because it is very pretty :)
    I follow you on facebook like Lisa Little Fairy (
    on twitter and instragram like Lisa Navarra
    my email is

  2. What are you excited about in 2015?
    I am excited about 2015 because I am planning on taking my mom to Hong Kong around October. It will be her first time to go out of the country. I am very much excited and saving a lot too so she can also go shopping.

    1. Thank you for your entry! Please provide your email address :) Good luck!

      fb: Feng Manlapaz
      twitter: bumblinbiterbug
      IG: bumblingbitterbugs
      G+: Maria Fe Manlapaz

  3. What's that one big goal you'll work on in 2015
    The one big goal im working on 2015 is to work abroad and prepare myself from homesick,it will be the first time im gonna leave them,hope i could survive and be successful on a new chapter of my life because i really want to give everything my kids need and fulfill their dreams to finish college!
    follow you in
    fb:ann gole cruz
    Google Circle:
    thank you!

  4. My one big goal is to become more independent as a woman especially as a mom. Since being married, I have always been thankful for my husband’s support in raising our kids and running our home. It is about to change as my husband will be away for work. Though I am excited about the big changes in my life, it would be my first time to be away from my husband. I sometimes dread the idea of raising our kids alone but I am slowly preparing myself mentally, emotionally and physically. My inspiration includes all the single moms who successfully raised their kids single-handedly. I want to become more empowered and it starts in 2015. I CAN DO IT!

    Twitter: @mae_bret_mac
    Instagram: @warp214

  5. I'm excited for 2015 because on Feb 2nd I am due to have my second little girl :) Very exciting!

  6. Hi there!

    My name is Kai and this is my entry!

    I'm actually graduating from college this coming March 2015 and I just can't wait to start living a fuller life! I've been doing my best with physically training myself to get the body I have been dreaming of and I have also adopted a healthier eating lifestyle to make sure I'm ready for anything and everything that 2015 throws at me!

    I'm most excited about the fact that 2015 will be a year of exploration for me! It's also going to be my preparatory year for higher studies in Journalism in Australia by 2016 or 2017. I can't wait to get to know myself better through the challenges and experiences I will have to face this coming year! My relationship with God is strong and that makes me quite a fearless young lady!

    My big goal in 2015 is to finally be happy with the life I live with the body I have and with the life I was given. I think I've come to a point where I'm almost at my every goal! I have an online job that keeps me financially stable and very independent. It has taught me how to deal with all sorts of people and to be a professional even before I graduate from college! I have also learned to live with a regular workout and this, of course, entails discipline, which I never really had as a younger teen. I’m honestly just excited for most if not all of my goals to be fulfilled since I've been working my ass off all year!

    E-mail address:

    Thanks and have a fabulous day! :)

  7. My big goal for 2015 is to create better routines and stick to them. I work from home so it’s easy to get distracted by other things (sleeping, TV, etc) and I often end up having to stay up late to meet my deadlines. Being home all day means I don’t get much physical activity, so I really need to make the effort to exercise regularly to stay healthy. I’ve started swimming every other day, and I hope to gradually do it on a daily basis! Improving my schedule will allow me to do all that I need and want to do. :)

    Denise Bengzon

    Added you to my Google+ circles as Denise Bengzon
    Followed both you and BDJ on Facebook as Denise Bengzon
    Followed both you and BDJ on Twitter as crimson_dye
    Followed both you and BDJ on Instagram as kobecow

  8. Luningning Arabiran

    Followed you in Instagram as @luningning27
    Twitter as @yingying27
    FB fan page as Luningning Arabiran

    Like the Belle de Jour Power Planner Facebook Fan Page--DONE

    What are you excited about in 2015?

    I want 2015 to be the year where I get my life organized, from finances to files. I am excited about this because I will finally be able to start living simply. Decluttering and then trying to lessen the stress.

  9. Name: Jastene Angelene E. Galacio
    IG: @lovelybones729
    Twitter: @Jassy_star18
    FB: Jassy Galacio

    What are you excited about in 2015?

    The thing that excites me about 2015 is that I will become a regular employee at the first company I worked for since I am a fresh grad. Hopefully by next year all my hard work will pay off and me and my family will be able to taste the fruit of my labor. Next year would be a blast for celebration. Happy New Year.

  10. Hi Miss Sabz, it is my first time visiting your blog through a link from one of my friend. I am really happy I came upon your blog. You offer interesting reviews and stories. Will follow and continue to read your posts. The giveaway is a +++ ofcourse.

    Here is my entry:
    How are you getting ready for 2015?
    Looking at my 2014 planner. I see and check the goal that I am able to accomplish and reviewing those that I need to continue and pursue this 2015. I think having a list is a great way to be ready and prepare myself for the coming year.

    What are you excited about in 2015
    We are having a new addition to our family. This will be our second baby and hoping for a girl

    What's that one big goal you'll work on in 2015?
    My goal this 2015 is to be a better cook. I am learning a lot this year, but I want to go to a cooking class. I think my family especially my kids will benefit a lot. It's a great way to introduce a healthy living as well.

    IG: @grub03
    Twitter: @missygrub
    Google+: Missy Gruub

  11. How are you getting ready for 2015?
    -By having a positive attitude and trying to remove all the negativities I had this year. There are not so good things happened to my life this year due to wrong decisions. Now, Iit's time for me to move on and look forward what 2015 will bring me with a smile and excitement because I've finally learned my lesson. (So I hope I won't commit the same wrong mistakes again) :D I realized that if you have an optimistic attitude, you would still be happy whatever problems that will come your way because you're positive. :)
    As Charles A. Beard said, "When it is dark enough, you can see the stars"

    What are you excited about in 2015?
    -I'm excited for the result of my manuscripts. I really worked hard to finish it and hopefully my Editor would approve it. :) I'm also excited to travel the wonderful parts of the Philippines that I've never been to like Cebu, Bohol, Palawan, Batanes, etc with my family. It's best to treat first your family out of town before going out with your friends because for me, it's always family first. :) My parents truly deserve a lovely vacation. Also, I'm excited to cheer and support my cousin who's gonna join in the upcoming Ms. Earth Philippines pageant. Hopefully, she'll bring home the crown this time. :D

    What's that one big goal you'll work on in 2015?
    -To be a better writer. There are LOT of things that I need to learn. I don't mind having criticisms about the stories I've written because I always take it as an constructive criticism. :) Also, to be more organized! :D Lastly, to be a better Christian. I've got to admit that there are times that I'm losing trust with God but now, I really wanted to work on it by trusting Him more because he knows what's best for me. :)

    Instagram: @heydanics
    Google +: Danica Ramos

    Thank you so much Ms. Sabs for this always fab and girly BDJ Planner. I so ♥ it! Hope to win! ♥ Have a lovely day! God Bless!

  12. 2015 will be the best year! I plan to make the most out of this year because "we are only young once". I'll be (1.)visiting more places-travel more often, (2.)show more love to my friends and family, (3.) focus on my grad studies and build a better career. These are my plans and goals for the year 2015! Of course, like the past years, I'll be using BDJ again for the 6 year in a row! I am very excited 2015!

    My biggest goal: to finish and pass my STRAMA for MBA. It's the most difficult part of the grad study for this degree so I need to stretch a lot of muscles and brain cells. 100% positive to give all my best shot! :)

    IG: @carolabedania
    Twitter: @carolabedania
    Google+: Carol Abedania

  13. 2015 is my year, i claim it! 2013 and 2014 has been a rough year for us, a lot of ups and downs. The lost of a loved one was the lowest we have been, it has been more than a year but we still get those days where we just don't know where to start, where our new life should begin. I want to make it all right in 2015. The mere thought of being with my husband and kids after being miles apart from each other just gives me thrills. Excites me and makes me nervous at the same time. I am excited to be in his arms again but nervous at the same time because for me, being back together will mean living in a totally new world for me, getting use to new sights and sounds, meeting new friends and building long lasting relationships with them. I am excited for this new chapter in our lives, i am excited to travel across the world to live a new life with my family but before all that can happen i have so much things i need to take care of before that big leap. A total general cleaning of my life, getting rid of excess baggage and all the emotional stress that comes along with it. I want to make sure that before i leave my life in the Philippines for a better future in the U.S. of A. that every thing will go smoothly as planned and all our goals for 2015 and the following years will come to life. My one big goal in 2015 is to get a house of our own. Raise a family in that house and make it my own. I dream of that simple house with a white picket fence and i will do all it takes to make that come true in the next year. Of course, for that house to be a home, i want my family to be together, healthy and happy. That;s my biggest goal for 2015, and in 2015, it will all be mine!

    This will be my first Christmas away from my husband after spending 9 years of Christmas mornings together. Yes it will definitely be a sadder Christnas for all of us but there are still plenty of reasons to smile. The overwhelming blessings that keeps coming our way and the beautiful life we get to experience each and every single day. This Christmas, time and distance won't matter, come what may i will make it a point to have Christmas eve dinner with my family, nothing's going to stop that. That's what the internet was made for, bringing friends and families together despite the distance. I will serve and have a nice dinner with my family, even if my husband is thousands of miles away, i will set him up a plate, set up a skype on my laptop and place him right there on the table. So even if we can't physically spend Christmas with him, he will still be with us, thanks to technology.

    Followed on ig and twitter: @joyluck_614
    G+ and FB: Joy Merced

  14. This 2015, I'm looking forward to gain more experience and knowledge as a nurse while I keep my passion and fire intact despite the issues/career problems nurses face in our country. I look forward to getting a legit job as a nurse and if I just continue volunteering, I look forward to juggling other jobs to make ends meet :) I also look forward to launching my dream blog! I am excited with whats in store for me in 2015 - may it be opportunities, adventures, and discoveries! :)

    fb and g+ : Jem Abainza
    instagram : @jemisglorious
    email :

  15. I am so stoked for the new adventures, possibilities, challenges, and friends that 2015 will bring me. 2015 is exciting because it brings new opportunities and chances. My big goal for this 2015 is to start earning my own money to make my parent's dreams come true. I aim to surpass my own limitations and be better than I am today.

    Instagram: @earleneangg
    Twitter: @true66
    FB and G+: Earlene Ang

  16. My biggest goal this coming 2015 is to finish my course work for my masters in media studies degree and hopefully, pass the comprehensive exam for my thesis! Hopes all up! Especially for this giveaway! Hihihi! Puhleasee choooooseeeee me sis :))

    instagram: @erickasallador
    twitter: @erickasallador

  17. Abigail Joyce Chan

    What's that one big goal you'll work on in 2015?

    I will work on my promotion in 2015. Busy season is coming soon and I have to rev up my game! I was disappointed with myself when I didn't give my best last busy season... :( I really need to get organized, plan ahead and follow that game plan I have set for myself to earn that promotion! Hopefully with the help of the planner, I could easily get things done! I really do think I need this planner to set my mind into things - the future. I also would like to take entrance exams for law school in 2015, so help me God. haha Please I would really appreciate you for choosing me to win this planner! Thanks Ms. Sabs! God bless you and your family! :)

    IG: @ajtchan
    twitter: @AjtChan

  18. I don't mean to nag but I was just wondering if a winner has been drawn for this giveaway already? I haven't seen an announcement yet. Thank you! :)

    1. Hi Denise! Not yet, the girls from Belle de Jour will be the one to choose the winner :) Stay tuned ♥ Thank you!


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