Benefit Beauty and Brows Party and Interview with Jared Bailey

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

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You must have noticed that I have been featuring Benefit a lot lately, well, those posts have all been leading up to this Benefit event feature that I have been dying to share with you guys!

Last November 4, I attended the Benefit Beauty and Brows Party that was held at Le Jardin, plus an exclusive one on one interview with Benefit's Global Brow Expert, Jared Bailey! Pretty exciting stuff!

So much lovely things went on at the event and I am here to show you what went down at the event! So fun! I will let the photos do the talking for me though...
Le Jardin was the venue of the event. I am not entirely fond of the restaurant, but the brands who hold their events at this restaurant make it fun always so I always end up having a great time.
At 4:00PM, Jared Bailey will take the stage to talk to us guests all about brows! Unfortunately, I left immediately after the one-on-one interview with him because I had to go home already. But there was nothing he didn't discuss with us at the interview anyway so I was told that I didn't really miss out. I sure hope so!
Gorgeous set-up at Le Jardin for the event! So girly and just so princess-y! I love the lighting too!
Here is Benefit's menu of services that is available in all Benefit stores!
The star of the event, the Benefit Bling Brow!
Hehehe... You can see TMM Baby Bump already showing at 4 miraculous months!
Each of us were given a parting gift. Can you guess what's inside? Hint: All eyebrow products! Plus this cosmetic case is just adorbs!
I am loving Rory's Big-Time Bling design at the event! I just love these rose-gold colored Swarovzki crystals!
One of Benefit's GLAMbassadors, Rory Carlos-Manzano
While waiting for Jared for the one on one interview with 2 other bloggers, I made it a point that I was first in line to have my brows done.

The first thing they ask you to do is to sign a waver, just to make sure that you do not do some bleaching, or any other skin facial treatments before they begin.
Here are the tools they use to shape and design your brow. A brow design that would best complement your facial shape and other features.
The first thing they did to my face is remove my eyebrow makeup with makeup remover.
The next step is Brow Mapping. They mark your brows with tiny lines to see the shape that would best suit your face, and then they wax outside of the markings they wrote on your skin.
They then fill in the brows so you can see the shape more clearly.
This is the shape that they came up with. I wasn't that thrilled with the Maleficent-esque pointed brow at the peak, so I asked them to tone it down a little bit. I love my full brows! I don't want thin brows so I was kind-of praying they won't wax too much of my brows.
After the mapping, it takes just a few minutes to prepare the wax and the other tools to be used for waxing the stray hairs off. To be quite honest, I hardly have my brows waxed, often opting for threading. So I was a little bit anxious.
I just love the wax that they use! It's so girly. Even better than pink wax! Hehehe...
Benefit Pearl Wax
It may look as if I am in pain but I guarantee you it wasn't painful at all. Well, as all waxing goes, there is a little bit of sting going on specially when they rip that strip off your face. But it will all go away after a few seconds.

Oh by the way, thank you to my friend and blogger, Shari of for taking my photos while I was being serviced!
At the hour-long interview with Jared Bailey, I learned so much. Just when I thought I knew enough already about brows me being in the industry for 10 years, I was proven wrong.

I love that Jared was very easy to talk to and very animated. He told a lot of funny stories too! He was very open to a lot of questions. I didn't think I would produce so much questions since I have been doing brows for a while now, but again -I was wrong.
Jared is so dedicated to his job and passionate about what he does. He is such a delight to talk to. I didn't think that a lecture can be so fun! Oh, and I just have to say that he loves Foie Gras. Who doesn't? Hahaha!
The main focus of the event was the launch of the Bling Brow.
Here are the top tips I learned from jared when shaping your brows:
  1. There are so many products out there that can give you natural looking brows and that can flatter your face. No need for tattooed eyebrows!
  2. The founders of Benefit cosmetics were the ones who invented brow mapping in the 60's!
  3. Brow mapping is basically marking your face by drawing lines on the points where your brows should start and stop, and where the high and low arcs should take place. Then remove hairs that are outside those lines.
  4. Don't have your brows lying down. Gravity will take a toll on the end result of the shape of your brows. So have your brows shaped sitting up when you spend most of your day: Upright.
  5. Benefit starts removing unwanted hairs outside the mapped brows from the bottom of the brows, not on top! (This is pretty cool huh?)
  6. Don't be obsessed about trying to make your eyebrows identical, instead, focus on the brow shape that would flatter your entire face and eye shape.
  7. The Gimme Brow product is Jared's go-to brow product.
  8. Don't shape your brows according to what's trending now. Instead, make the use of eyebrow products to shape your brows according to what's "IN".
Nikki of, Jared Bailey, Me, and Shari of
Big Time Bling
Over-the-Top Bling
Touch of Bling

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  1. Thanks so much, Sabs! <3 So glad you enjoyed your session with Jared as much as he did!

    1. I did have a marvellous time! I'm just sad I wasn't able to stay the entire time though! Til the next event my Benefit Family!! Big hugs! ♥ XOXO

  2. i like the bling brow ms sabs and bet ko po yung under brows nakalagay =) (are they re-usable?)

    1. They are reusable! You just have to take care of them :)


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