Eyebrow Week, Day 1: SNOE What's Up Brow!

Monday, December 01, 2014


One of the best things about eyebrow makeup, is that it really does complete your entire look. Eyebrows are important because they really frame the face, I know that that sounds really overused but they really do. It can make round faces look more narrow, while it can make women with long faces look more oblong. So this week, I will be doing 5 days of posts all about eyebrow products to help you get started!

There are so many alternatives for eyebrow products now aside from the over-used eyebrow pencil. The trouble with eyebrow pencils is that if you do not know how to use them sparingly (applying as if you are mimicking hairs) and you apply it as if you are really drawing a brow, then that's how you will look like: a drawn on eyebrow.
Homegrown brand Snoe released their eyebrow products several months back and it was only today that I got to open, explore and really enjoy them! Want to know more about this product? More after the break!

It is no surprise that Snoe has good packaging. Their products are boxed and sealed which gives you the guarantee of freshness. Manufacturing dates are stamped on the box so you will know more or less when the product will expire.

Snoe What's Up Brow Water Resistant in Ochre 8ml, PhP 899
"This lightweight gel formula has the water-resistant color of a tint, fills in sparse areas like an enhancer and tames brows like a gel. It helps to create the perfect brow line that do not fade, run or smudge, even if you sweat or wear it in harsh weather conditions. Get ready for beautiful, face-framing brow color that lasts all day long. At the end of the day, it is easily removed with any gentle makeup remover."
This eyebrow gel corrector reminds me so much of Makeup For Ever's Aqua Brow which I have been using professionally for as long as I have been a makeup artist. Imagine my delight when Snoe comes out with their version of the product but just a wee bit cheaper.

The price difference isn't that far off so deciding is really a matter of quality. and consistency depending on what you are looking for. Although it's still about 200 to 300 bucks cheaper. Makeup For Ever Aqua Brow comes in 7 shades while Snoe What's Up Brow comes in two shades: Ochre and Khaki which is suitable for most Filipina hair color and skin tones.
It has the same packaging as MUFE too! It has that same pointed tube container that contains 8ml of product. I tell you, a tube like this will last you about a year or more because you literally just need a pin drop per brow!

MUFE doesn't come with two brushes though, so this is a plus for Snoe! One of the best things about this kind of packaging is that you don't have to worry about breaking the powder in your makeup kit, specially when you drop it!
It also has the same consistency and pigmentation as MUFE so this really is a MAJOR steal from Snoe. It really does last the whole day and can withstand oil, sweat, and whatnots! This is what I love using for my brides (specially the one in Khaki) because it lasts the whole day until they are ready to remove it at night.
If you blend a little product with an angled brow brush, the result is very natural. Be careful not to squeeze too much product on your hand or on a steal palette when you use this product because you will end up wasting it. Just a pin drop is enough to do one eye brow.
"Create beautiful and natural brows with What’s up Brow! This lightweight formula can be used on a wet or dry application to ensure the perfect brow color.
What’s up Brow! is clinically proven to increase brow and lash length, volume and strength, as well as prolong the lifespan of the eyelash."
SNOE What’s Up Brow Brow Lash Powder Lengthens and Thickens 3g, PhP 699
Snoe's advise on how to apply: Apply the powder onto the brow using an angled brush using short, light strokes. Apply the color first where brows are sparse, and then brush shade over the entire brow. Use spool brush to pull the color through. Can be used wet or dry. Can also be used as an eyeliner powder.

If you are am eyebrow beginner, I recommend starting with this instead of the gel. These are easier to control with a firm angled brush and it applies really soft so don't worry about making major mistakes.

Price is a little bit high but it contains ingredients that you would normally see in high end imported brands. So this is a good investment. It's economical too since you will only need a little product to do your brows. I still haven't gone halfway with mine and I have been using it for about 8 months!
This eyebrow powder can be used either wet or dry. If I want to create a more bold eyebrow I dampen my angled eyebrow brush and dip it on the pan. If I want to create a more natural looking brow, I use it dry. I wish Snoe would put labels of the shades behind the container so it's easier to choose without having to open it.

Below are the swatches used dry. If you look at the Charcoal shade on the pot, you will think that it looks too gray for anyone to wear, but when swatched, you can see that it's actually like Ash Brown which is perfect for my hair!
On my brows below, I used Charcoal to create a soft and natural looking brow. I love how it fills in the brows with out making them look drawn on, which is what women should achieve in doing.  Oh! Did I mention that this can be used as an eyeliner too? Just use an eyeliner brush, wet it and dip it in the pan and apply as close to your lash lines as possible.

You just have to be extra careful where you store this on your dresser because one fall can easily break the product, not the container, but the powder itself. The powder has a soft, cushiony consistency that's why it easily breaks.

Even without groomed brows, the gel corrector gives the brows good definition. Sorry about my messy brows that time, I haven't had the time to go to the salon to have them threaded yet! LOL

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  1. the gel corrector reminds me of jazzy (i want to get one since i read raves about it though this one is way expensive than i thought

  2. Great review thanks you we can finally get Snoe here in Cebu :)


  3. I've been hearing a lot of good things about Snoe Eyebrow Gel and I really want to try it but 800bucks is still a little steep for me (student problem lol)

  4. I did a once-over of the photos in this post before reading the text. That's why the brow gel looked familiar. MUFE nga pala! When I went to try their HD foundation, the artist pretty much gave me a makeover and did lips, cheeks, and brows as well. Still not sure if I'd do good with a liquid/gel formula, but it's good to know that this is available and that the quality is also reminiscent of MUFE. Hooray for local cosmetics! :)

  5. Miss Sabs, is it better to use the Gel Brow corrector alone or we can also apply some of the Powder over the gel? Would love to hear your insights. This Snoe product is my second choice from the Eyebrow Week post and this compared to my first choice fits my budget. haha


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