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Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Nothing excited me more than new makeup! I am loving the new Bombshell makeup line from CoverGirl. I am not quite sure though if the Bombshell collection is a permanent line from the brand or if it's a holiday collection kind of thing. But nonetheless, I am loving the packaging! You know me and pink packaging! Hahaha!

Thank you CoverGirl for sending me this Bombshell kit! The cosmetic pouch is just so... ME! Who doesn't want to look like a Bombshell right? Always dress to kill with full on makeup, I always say. Who cares if you are over dressed? Beats being under-dressed and makeup-free right? I don't know if that's just me... Raise your hand if you can totally relate!
CoverGirl Bombshell Makeup Line

Allow me to talk about CoverGirl's newest mascara, Bombshell Volume by lashblast. This latest innovative from CoverGirl has recently been the topic of most conversations from consumers who say that it's a mascara that is very hard to remove that whenever they do remove the mascara, lashes come off. 
CoverGirl Bombshell Volume by LashBlast Mascara in Black, PhP 625.00
A few women have even posted photos of their patchy lashes resulting from simply trying to remove the Bombshell mascara from their lashes.

The thing is, when I first tried this mascara, I didn't even try to attempt to remove it with just water. I always use oil-based makeup removers because these types of makeup removers are the best for completely removing makeup from your skin. Although some water based makeup removers work well too, I just found that they remove makeup (specially waterproof) very slowly so you can end up using more than you should.

One of my favorite makeup removers right now is Clinique Take the Day Off Makeup Remover. If you are looking for water-based one, try Happy Skin Make a Clean Sweep Revitalizing Micellar Makeup Cleanser, or H2O Dual-Action Makeup Remover. These water-based makeup removers work well, you just have to be more patient though.

So with me using oil-based makeup remover, I find that I still have my lashes intact so I have no problem with this mascara with that issue. If you would like a mascara that would be easy to remove with just water, try Maybelline The Rocket Volum Express Mascara. It's water resistant and won't budge, but it's very easy to remove with water.
 The mascara tube is a huge one. Some would say it's a bit difficult to handle, and would probably end up with hand and finger cramps by the time the second coating is done. I think that's just funny. Hahaha!

I am not overly fond of two-step mascaras because they tend to weigh my lashes down. Allow me to explain further as we move along.
Brush #1 reminds me of CoverGirl's LashBlast Volume Waterproof Mascara, in size of the brush and the style of the brush -jumbo-sized brushes that are a bit difficult to apply on hard-to-reach areas. I think it may have the same formula too!

When I applied this mascara as my first coating, it separated my lashes and gave my lashes length and held up my curl. I applied two coats of step one on my lashes.
Step two has a more bushy, run-of-the-mill mascara wand. It's also quite chubby and still makes it hard to apply in other areas but the brush makes it easier to apply mascara than the first brush. It's made from fiber, rather than rubbery-plastic material.

I applied two-coats of this step and found that it weighed my lashes down. It removed the curl making my lashes look straight and point downward which is never good. It did give my lashes length and volume, but sadly it did nothing for my curl. You will see on the photo below that my lashes are stick straight and a bit clumpy.

So before anything else, I applied CoverGirl TruBlend Liquid Makeup on my face and set it with Happy Skin Don't Get Mad Get Even Hydrating Powder Foundation in Soft Beige, but I will save that TruBlend review for another day.
Going back to the issue of how to remove mascaras. Always treat your lashes with utmost care as you would a little baby. This is what I would like to do: Soak a cotton pad with oil-based makeup remover and lightly press the pad over your lashes and your lids (if you are trying to remove eye shadow and waterproof liners as well) for about 30 second, and then with little pressure, swipe the pad downward.

Repeat until your lashes are squeaky-clean, then wash your face with foaming cleanser. Of course, if you start rubbing, pulling, and scraping your lashes with your fingernails to remove waterproof mascara, then you would start losing lashes—whether you use CoverGirl Bombshell or not.
I am still giving this mascara a three-star because my lashes are really different from other people. My lashes don't easily agree with mascaras so with Bombshell weighing my lashes down won't necessarily be a CON for this mascara.

You will just have to try it before you buy. In conclusion, I would definitely recommend CoverGirl's LashBlast Volume Waterproof Mascara more than I would the Bombshell mascara.



I always game for cream eye shadows. I think they are so convenient to put and is the best way to put eye makeup real fast! They're easily blend-able with your fingers (or brushes! If you prefer), and you can mix them up or intensify them with eyeshadow powders. The possibilities are endless!

Cream eyeshadows may come in tube form like Canmake Cream Shadows, or in stick/pen form like Fashion 21 Stick Eyeshadow and Liner, or the most common type which is in pot form like Maybelline 24H Color Tattoo Cream Eyeshadows.
CoverGirl Bombshell ShineShadow by LashBlast Shimmer Eye Finish, PhP 425.00/each
I received this gorgeous platinum shade from CoverGirl a few days ago and I was really very excited to try it! The name of the shade is Platinum Club, the shineshadow line from CoverGirl come in 5 more shades making them 6 shades in all: Copper Fling, Ooh La Lilac, Gold Goddess, Ice Queen, and Color Me Money.
This cream eyeshadow offers a sheer and yet highly pigmented wash of color that is very buildable with the same cream shadow or powder to really intensify the color. It comes in a small 5.4ml tube that I bet will last you a while because all you need is a tiny amount (about 1/4 of a pencil eraser) to cover your lids.
 I am lucky to have received this shade. Online I was able to find available shades like Gold and Silver, but I am not sure if they offer it here in Manila. Allow me to make sure and update you guys.
When you squeeze the tube to dispense the product, initially it squirts out a transparent oily substance (you can see on the photo). So I suggest that you shake the tube first vigorously to get to try the cream to mix well. You won't hear the slushing sound of mixing but I found that holding the tube by the tail and shaking it like you would a potato chips bag, the oil and the cream mixture will mix.
You can see that the eyeshadow is easily spread and the finish is quite sheer. But as soon as it dries and sets, you can add on another layer of shine shadow or use powder eyeshadow and make it act like a base.
I love how it looks a bit hologram-ish. On my lids it almost looks like pewter and not at all too seventies disco fever. I applied a single wash on my lids and blended the edges with a clean finger (specially along the edge of the brow bones). You can also use a clean eyeshadow blending brush to erase any harsh lines making your look very well blended.
Using the CoverGirl Perfect Blend Eye Pencil in Black, I tight lined my eyes and also applied liner on my waterlines to create lots of drama. I also applied black pencil on my lower lash lines and blended it with a Q-Tip to create a smokey effect. I used TheBalm Schwing Black Liquid Eyeliner to line and define my eyes.
The CG Bombshell Shine Shadow scored a lot higher than the mascara in my opinion. It's a product that always works for me and it really sticks to the skin like white on rice. I am very excited to try other shades too! I bet they will apply lovely too!

This ShineShadow would have scored a perfect 5-star if not for the oily substance that gets dispensed each time you squeeze some product out of the tube. You will just have to remember to shake it thoroughly first before opening.


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  1. I tried that cream shadow once and it's very reminiscent of their 3-in-1 product before ---also cream that you can put on your eyes, cheeks and lips. It looked like what an OCC tar looks like today. :)

    I really really liked the cream eyeshadow. And that color is super gorgeous!

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    1. Oh cool! I didn't know Covergirl had that kind of product before! Wish I could have tried it back then :) Thank you so much for dropping by! ♥


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