MAC Powder Blush in Worldly Wealth -Blush, Bronzer or Both?

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


I have always loved MAC products because of their ability to create looks that look professionally done. MAC is very well known in the makeup artistry world and owning their products make your life easier. Specially when you are doing fashion editorials. Looks are easier to achieve because of their wide range of shades, textures, and different formulas. Whatever you fancy!

Like for example, with that being said, this particular shade of blush is not the typical shade you will see in other brands. Usually they stick to half-baked pretty shades like peach-pinks and pinks (but that's not a bad thing!).

More about this fabulous blush after the break.
MAC Powder Blush in Worldly Wealth, PhP 1,300

The MAC Worldly Wealth Blush is described in their website as a “shimmering peachy-bronze” blush with a frosty finish. It is a warm, orange-brown with golden bronze shimmer-sheen, which kind of basically means that it is like a bronzer for me. When sheered out (meaning you apply it as thinly as you possibly can), the orange tones become less prevalent and turns to be a little bit like a very subtle peach shade.

Looking at the pot, it looks like a very dark bronze shade, but when not layered, it applies a light subtle peach shade and becomes more orange-bronze when layered on.
This is more like a traditional bronzer when you want to best describe it. It has a similar brown-orange, and gold tones to it that typically make up a bronzing product (well, not all of course). But don't mistake this as a contouring powder though. Contouring powders can't have shimmer in them.

This blush can be applied on your cheekbones, temples, on the hairlines to give a sun-kissed glow to add warmth to your skin. The finish on this shade is rather shimmery, so it can highlight certain areas when the light hits it. But that's not really a problem with this blush. The texture is silky and very blendable. I just did a post on how to add warmth to your skin during the holidays using Pixy products (you can find the post HERE), you can replace the Collection Cosmetics Shimmer Shades in Way to Glow with this blush!
The pigmentation is excellent as always. All skin tones should not have  problem with using this blush. When applied on lightly with a blush brush, it doesn’t go on so heavily. But if you do put on a bit of pressure, it can be layered on and have a very pigmented look. But what is amazing, is that it is highly pigmented that you don’t have to pack it on a whole lot to get it to show up on darker complexions (morenas).
When I wore this to test it for longevity, it lasted for seven hours with a little fading by the end of 7 hours without retouching. That's not bad actually! That's what I love about MAC blushes too. Even when you oil up or sweat, the color stays put.
In my opinion, I think it will work best on warmer undertones with deeper skin colors than with fairer skin like me because there is a lot of orange in it. Unless of course you are just blending it with your other blushes to give you a warmer glow (using it like a bronzer), then it should work out perfectly well. It may not be your typical blush shade, but it can easily be worked with!



  • Highly pigmented!
  • Extremely blendable.
  • Buildable color. Can range from subtle peach shade to a bronzing effect.
  • Gives a very soft, silky, velvet finish that sets on top of powder real well.
  • Doesn't cause makeup to cake when mixed with oil or sweat!
  • You can add to apples of the cheeks to give you a sun kissed glow!
  • Affordable for a big pan of blush like this. My MAC blushes usually last me more than a year.
  • Looks very natural if applied with a light hand using a brush.
  • Buildable, each swipe of your brush picks up the right amount of product.
  • Non-chalky.
  • Can go a whole day without retouching.


  • It is not a typical wearable shade when used alone. But nice to have handy in your makeup kit if you are a pro makeup artist.
  • Best to be used on warmer skin tones. May not be suitable for fair-skinned women with cool skin tones.


  • N/A

Selling Price: PhP 1,300
Purchased For: Gift from MAC
Will I re-purchase this product in particular? No. Most probably a more wearable shade for everyday, and one that suits my skin color.
Will I recommend it? Yes.


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