My experience with Olay Total Effects Pore Minimizing Line

Sunday, November 02, 2014

Last month, I received a gift from Olay, and now I finally got a chance to use them all! Again, I can't express it enough. I am in desperate need of moisture. Although my skin has dramatically changed from 7 weeks ago -from extremely dry flaking skin to just a shy point away from it's normal state pre-pregnancy.

It's really just a mater of looking for the right products, so don't lose hope if you are suffering from dry skin as well.


I am a body wash kind of person, usually prefers soap that comes in bottles than soap bars. I think it's because they don't melt easily like soaps, and I am pretty OC when it comes to those things. Plus, I love using mesh sponges. I think they make bath time fun!

Olay Total Effects Intense Moisture Face and Body Wash (and every single product in their 7-in-one line) claims to fight the 7 signs of aging: uneven skin tones, age spots, enlarged pores, dryness, fine lines and wrinkles, dullness, and uneven texture.

Loaded with Vitamins A, B3 and E, this body wash makes it really great for the skin.
Olay Total Effects Intense Moisture Face and Body Wash 200ml, PhP 115.00
Composing mainly of water, I love that this body wash really does moisturize the skin during bath time and long after you have dried yourself. Plus, you don't have to reach for a different face soap too because this can be used both for the face and body! Talk about convenient.

I love the soft fragrance it comes in. 200ml of skin care-smelling goodness that smells neither fruity nor floral. It smells like your run of the mill skin care, and not the cheap kind too. Just about a one-peso size dollop onto your palm or your loofa is enough to wash your entire body from face to toes.

Costing only PhP 115.00 for a 200 ml bottle makes it well worth your money! Your skin will look glowing after each use.

Sadly, the pores on my nose has gotten larger as I grew older. Age ain't nothin' but a number baby, but when your skin start to show it, it's time to take some action! LOL

I never used to have a problem with my pores or blackheads. I usually just use pore strips and my blackheads magically disappear. But at the age of 34, no amount of pore strips in one sitting is enough to remove those nasty blackheads in one sitting. I have to be more diligent with exfoliating, steaming (using a hot towel over your nose and squeezing out the blackheads), and sealing the pores tight with the right products.

Thank good ness for Olay's Pore Minimizing Toner. I love toners. I think they are the saving grace of any skin care because they wash away remaining dirt, oil, makeup residue and other nasty stuff that are in your pores even after you cleanse your skin with a cleanser.
Olay Total Effects Pore Minimizing Toner 150ml, PhP 849.00
Say, what you ask is different with this toner? Well, aside from making your pores appear smaller and re-cleansing your skin what your facial wash has failed to do, this toner also gently removes dead skin cells that stubbornly sit on the surface of your skin revealing a very refined skin texture and minimized pores making your skin look years younger. Seriously, this toner does all that in a week's time, and has long-lasting effects.
This non-sting formula makes it even more pleasant to use. It has a refreshing effect on the skin, and skin feels supple after use -not at all tight and tingly as you would feel with other toners.
Effectively removes excess oil, dirt, makeup, and soap residue after cleansing. Instead of the skin feeling very tight after use, skin actually feels hydrated and refreshed. You can see on my nose that pores are less visible after only shy of 7 days.

There's always room for more CC Creams to be made available in the market today. Although this CC Cream hardly provides any coverage at all, for me, it's more of a tinted moisturizer rather than a CC Cream.
Olay Total Effects Pore Minimizing CC Cream 50g, PhP 995.00
It comes in two shades that cover a whole lot of skin tones and shades. Light and Medium.
This CC Cream by Olay did "hide" the redness on my cheeks a little bit, but it didn't cover it completely. You can still see my skin, and my dark spots. I don't think this even categorizes as light coverage because it was like tinted moisturizer only. But when you put it on, it doesn't have that much coverage but it gives a very porcelein-skin finish, blurs your pores making you look pore less and skin-perfect.

I did love the consistency though. Spreads evenly like moisturizer, and provides maximum hydration on the skin with broad spectrum sun protection as well. I also love the "classic Olay smell" that it has. A mixture of saucy skin care and sunblock. I don't know how else to describe it. Ha!

The pores on my face did seem tighter and less visible just shy of 7 days later. I use this as a base for my foundation either liquid or powder foundation and it acts like a good base. Foundation doesn't "slip off" even when under hot humid days. It's non-sticky too!

In conclusion, I approve of this pore minimizing skin care line from Olay Total Effects. They provide maximum moisture and fights the seven signs of aging! Will I repurchase? Most definitely! Specially the face and body wash!

OLAY is available at all leading department stores and supermarkets nationwide.

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  1. i think i am more interested with the toner =) hm is the fullsized?

    1. Let me get back to you on this, I will have to find out from them :) Thanks for dropping by!

    2. yay thank you ms sabs! i miss being here in your blog i've been busy with bubblews lately


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