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Tuesday, November 04, 2014


This lippie post of the Happy Skin Shut Up and Kiss Me Lippie in Just Married is long overdue! I have so much drafts ready in my blogger that this got buried under a pile of them. I just have to post this before I post about the Holiday Collection this year!

So, this lippie belongs to the permanent collection of Happy Skin Lippies. It's one of my faves. For those days when I am feeling a bit on the "I'm just so girly today" mood. It's such a sweet shade that is catered to both women with fair skin or morenas.

Happy Skin Shut Up and Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippie in Just Married, PhP 499/each

I have always loved Happy Skin's packaging. It's always so detailed and very informative. Oh, did I mention that Happy Skin is one of those lipstick brands that is very safe for pregos like me? That's because they don't contain lead which when absorbed into the blood stream easily crosses the placenta and may enter the the fetal brain where it interferes with fetal development. EEK! Creepy stuff I know. So kudos to Happy Skin for making their lippies lead-free!
The tube has a standard crayon type size which is available in most brands today. I don't know why these types of lippies are popular today (most probably convenience), but whatever the reason, I love them.
I love how subtle and fresh it looks even on the tube. When looking at their lippies without swatching them first on your hand, you always more or less get what you see on the tube. Their lippies are true to what you see so choosing a shade from the lot is easy.

Although do not base your judgement entirely by looking at the lippies, trying them on is still the best way to find your shade!
The shade rather looks very fresh. It may look matte on the swatch with it actually has a beautiful nice sheen to it almost like a subtle lip gloss. It does stick on your lips like matte lipstick does, and has the pigment like crazy! Talk about highly pigmented, you do not need a whole lot to get the maximum color.
Even with a dark, smokey eye, my look can still be passable for the day because of the very girly lip shade. It kind of reminds me of Happy Skin's previous Valentine collaboration with Kris Aquino, Valentine Kiss, but not with so much purple undertone.

Length of usage before review: Lost count on how many times!

  • Moisturizing! Won't dry lips.
  • Will soften flaky lips.
  • Long lasting!
  • Highly-pigmented but non-drying.
  • Glides on the skin like lip balm.
  • I love the packaging.
  • Smooth formula, glides on the lips like balm.
  • Easily available, easily accessible.
  • Creamy matte finish, but does not look dry.
  • Moisturizes the lips with every use.
  • Compact, you can carry it everywhere!
  • Suits any skin tone and color.

  • Not transfer-proof. Blot if you want it to be transfer-proof.
  • Fragrance free, some people like fragrance.

  • N/A

*Shades may change based on your lips' level of acidity.

Retail Price: PhP 499.00/each
Purchased For: Gift from Happy Skin (Thank You!)
Will I re-purchase? Yes.
Will I recommend it? Yes.


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  1. Wow..looks cute!

    Check out my new post Here!!!

  2. Looks like a nice product and I loved the colour

  3. they can be a dupe for MAC lippie! and i think it was reasonably priced for 499php

  4. I prefer their limited edition releases when it comes to the lippies, so I wish they'd make the summer and holiday collections permanents. To see their lipstick selection growing makes me so happy. Sana umabot sa level that they'll have as wide a selection as Bobbi Brown. I was taken by surprise by the impressive pigmentation, so what I first thought was expensive for a local brand--I'm used to local brands belonging to the drugstore category--became totally worth it for PHP 499.


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