Picture Perfect Eyes in a Flash with The Body Shop's Instablur Eye and Gel Liner Duo!

Sunday, November 02, 2014


I think I'm in love. I love eyeshadows, but I always find myself without it after a few hours of wear. It's annoying actually. Looking for the perfect eye primer that works is tough, specially when they all claim "Number One" or "The Best".

Now what makes TBS's All-in-One Instablur Eye special? Well, it's a tinted concealer, a primer, and a colour intensifier! They're all pretty self explanatory, but half of the fun is writing all about it! Right? Hehehe... Well, I got this "Picture Perfect Eyes in a Flash" set from The Body Shop a couple of months back and I have been dying to use them! And now that I have, I am so excited about these!

The Body Shop Picture Perfect Eyes in a Flash Duo

I haven't had the time to ask if these can be bought as a package, so I will have to update you on that one! But if they are sold separately, I have provided the prices of each one below.


First let me tell you about the Instablur Eye. Don't you just hate it, when you have finally perfected that eye makeup look, and then disappears before lunch time? I do. My eye makeup usually lasts when I put on cream eyeshadows or applying my eyeshadows wet, but most women are not used to these methods. So ladies, I think this may just be the answer to your eye makeup problem!
The Body Shop Instablur Eye, PhP 895.00
I have tried several eye primers before, like LA Girl's Pro Primer or Maybelline's Color Tattoo Eyeshadows (although this one are really cream shadows but I use it as a primer sometimes specially when the shadow I am using matches the cream shadow). The problem with LA Girl's Pro Primer is that, although they work just fine, I find it a little bit too "intense" or too creamy to wear under powder shadows. After a long while, it tends to look a little bit cake and creases start to appear.

While Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadows are rates a 5+ Star in my blog, they can't be used as primers because it's mostly shimmer. Unless you find one that is matte and has a skin color shade. It comes in an eyelash glue type of tube so it dispenses just the right amount each time.
It's slightly tinted, but has the consistency of a typical primer. It's smooth and gel-like. It's not creamy like any other concealers out there. It's a little bit pasty if you ask me, but this does not serve as a problem, it's still very easy to spread all over the eye area. You can use this as a primer for your under eye concealer as well.
It practically sets pretty clear, blurring the area where you applied it. It conceals slight discolorations on the area but does not conceal them completely. I will show you later how it faired, but first let me show you

One of the latest makeup launches from The Body Shop is this rather groovy little eye and brow product. Take a look at the Body Shop Smoky 2-in-1 Gel Liner & Brow Definer. This convenient little product combines a gel liner for your eyes and can be used as an eyebrow product. So if you are packing light for a trip, you can pack this little baby to save you some space. At first I thought that gels could be too dark for brows but when I used an angled eyebrow brush with this, it actually applied quite good!

The tip comes off and reveals a rounded flat brush that can be used for lining. I used an angled eyebrow brush for the brows instead. I will show you later. You pop the upper part of the cap to reveal the brush and you can stick the other end of it to make a longer applicator handle.
The Body Shop Smoky 2 in 1 Gel Liner Eyes and Brows, PhP 695.00
This packaging reminds me of Revlon's Color Stay Creme Gel Liner that was launch sometime in 2012. I haven't tried that one yet but the packaging is uncanny. I am not sure about the formula though. If I get the chance to try that one out I will let you know.
The whole cap screws off and reveals the product. So you can see how convenient this little packaging really is! I love the shade too. It's perfect for any skin color or hair color.
The Body Shop Smoky 2-in-1 Gel Eyeliner is a little pot that is typical of gel eyeliner formulas which contains crushed ‘deep and hyper pigments which have been blended with fair-trade oil to really kick it up a notch in the intensity scale.

I used the flat side of the brush to create a thick line, while the side of the brush to create a much finer line. And the last line I experimented on smudging it to see the effect. It actually smudges real well, a little bit more smudge-able than kohl liner. You don't have to work that fast to smudge it because it doesn't dry too quickly faster than you can say VOILA!
This is me with the Instablur Eye, used all around my eye area, including the under-eyes. The deep line under my eyes have slightly been filled in, and will be soon be almost-non-existent when I apply foundation on top of it. I don't use concealers because I hardly have any dark circles under there, so it's usually covered by my liquid foundation.

Before doing my eye makeup, I first did my brows though. I used a little product by dipping my angled eyebrow brush on the pot and blended it to shape and fill in my brows. I would have liked to have blended it more on the inner ends of my brows but in person it looked pretty disguised. But still, just a single tiny dip, is enough to cover one brow. How's that for economical?
I lined my eyes fairly lightly (on top of my lash lines with a slightly thick line) and used a cotton swab to smudge the product all the way up until the middle of my eyelids to create a soft smokey eye look. And then I used the brush that it came with, and used it to really get in between my upper lash liner. After which I layered a black eyeliner on top of it to create a really good smoky look for day. The brush that it comes with is easy to control, inspire of it's small size. 
Here's my finished look, a very subtle smokey look for the day! I love how the Instablur Eye made my eye makeup stay put all day and how my lids stayed matte and oil-free until the evening. No creasing or caking! It also made the makeup under my eyes last a long time without it looking too cake-y from retouching too often. Surprisingly, despite the heat, my upper liner didn't smudge under my eyes as it normally would. It really holds the makeup together!

Oh! And for those of you who are curious, I used Eye of Horus Goddess Mascara on my lashes. I didn't use any eyebrow mascara on my brows though so you can see the effect when used on its own.

I had an enjoyable experience overall on these two eye products from The Body Shop. It's so nice to know that a lot of good makeup is really starting to sprout everywhere so there is a brand for every Tom, Dick and Harry (or err... something like that).

Length of usage before review:Occasions

  • (Instablur Eye and Liner) Lightweight.
  • (Instablur Eye and Liner) Oil-free and has a semi-matte finish.
  • (Instablur Eye) Has a slight tint to sort-of disguise any pigmentation around the eye area.
  • (Instablur Eye and Liner) Long-lasting.
  • (Instablur Eye) No creasing or caking after being worn for a long time.
  • (Instablur Eye and Liner) Non-heavy on the lids.
  • (Instablur Eye) Makes eyeshadow last all day!
  • (Liner) Multi-purpose! Can be used as liner, smoky eye, or eyebrow product!
  • (Instablur Eye and Liner) Fragrance-free.
  • (Instablur Eye and Liner) Easy to use.
  • (Instablur Eye and Liner) Safe for all women of skin types.
  • (Instablur Eye and Liner) Safe for pregnant!
  • (Instablur Eye and Liner) A little goes a long way.
  • Both are easily available.
  • Affordable.
  • Perfect when used together.
  • (Liner) Matches any hair color.
  • (Instablur Eye) Works well with whichever liquid foundation or concealer that you apply over it.
  • (Liner) Creates smoky looks in seconds! Just apply and smudge.

  • N/A


Retail Price: Instablur Eye, PhP 895 | Smoky 2 in 1 Gel Liner, PhP 695
Purchased For: Gift from The Body Shop. (Thank you!)
Will I re-purchase? Absolutely.
Will I recommend it? Yes.

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  1. I am using something similar from Maybelline (which is a gift) and I am liking it.
    Face Shop is too expensive for me,
    but great review dear.
    I liked how intricate the review is.

    Ms. Kei

  2. Thank you for dropping by! Maybelline is also a good brand and have a lot of great makeup ♥

  3. i wish it wasnt too pricey for a liner =( i love TBS and i think i would get them on their sale


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