Shu Uemura's Melt-in-your-skin The Lightbulb Fluid Foundation

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Looking for the right foundation can be tough. And in spite of all the foundations that I have reviewed here in my blog, there will still be different opinions for different brands. I however have a very tolerable skin type that I can basically use any type of brand, and it's just a matter of finding the right formula for me.

Shu Uemura's The Lighbulb Fluid Foundation is one of those liquid makeups that aren't getting enough credit. It's awesome, and it actually reminds me of Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation with SPF 15 in terms of flexibility and long-wear with skin-like effect but with a higher coverage (a bit more creamy). I am calling this melt-in-your skin foundation because it really sits real well on your skin giving you a very natural looking finish, as if it melted right into your skin (not off!).

More about this foundation after the break.

Shu Uemura The Lightbulb Fluid Foundation 27ml, PhP 2,350
The Lightbulb foundation is advised to be applied with the Shu Uemura Lightbulb sponge. Instead of applying with a sponge, I used my SOFFIA Opulence Perfect Skin Foundation Brush which applies like your fingers (that's why I love it!).
Since this is a gift from my Shu Uemura family, I received a foundation that is a bit too dark for me. It is said to cover most Filipina skin tones and shades, but I found that it's a bit too dark for me. Although, the match for the skin tone is spot on. It made my skin glow! It's formulated for pinkish-yellow tones which is basically my tone.
I have mixed normal skin with a slightly drier skin than my T-Zone which gets oily during the day. This foundation gives medium/full coverage, you can start very light actually by using a tiny amount of foundation and you can actually build from there if you want a heavier coverage. It did cover all the redness on my cheeks making my skin look more even with the rest of my face providing an even canvas, and it's very easy to blend!
The Lightbulb foundation comes in the classic Shu Uemura foundation bottles. This 27ml bottle will last you about 3 or more months depending on how you use it. Since I am rotating all of my foundations and only using a pump at a time when I use this foundation, I am guessing this bottle will last me more than 6 months. If it does last me more than 6 months, I will let you know!
I just love Japanese makeup, don't you?
This product is housed in a glass bottle with a pump dispenser type that goes down smoothly with each pump so you are given a lot of great control on how much foundation you would need. That's why I was able to control only half-a-pump when I was pumping out product on to my stainless palette.
If you like uber matte skin, this foundation is not for you since it gives a nice glowing and healthy look. And to answer your question, no, it does not contain any visible shiny particles, glitters or iridescent ingredients that you usually find in highlighters. It feels very comfortable on skin (like you are not wearing any makeup at all).
I usually turn darker when I apply foundation, which is what we makeup enthusiasts would like to call "being acidic". On me however, this foundation did not oxidize at all, which was a nice surprise. Yes, it's obviously way too dark for my skin shade but it didn't turn darker on my skin after wearing it for a long time.

I tested Lightbulb Foundation in 4 different ways:
  1. When applied on the top of moisturizer without setting powder or fix spray, it didn't stay too long on my face since we are living in a humid country so using this just to even out your skin tone while you went ran a bit of errands won't work. The foundation will stay but it will eventually get too oily and sticky. Not very impressive, I wound't recommend it.
  2. When applied on top of Pixi by Petra Flawless and Poreless Face Primer  and then setting the pressed powder foundation on top, it lasted the whole day. It can look quite thick since the powder I used had medium to full coverage as well (had to blot the oil off twice without having to retouch the powder). It can look quite heavy it got a look of dewy skin towards the end of the day.
  3. When applied on top of a light moisturizer and then set with a light layer of Snoe Poudre Phenomenon HD powder (or any HD powder for that matter), the foundation lasted me 6 hours or more of wear, and by the time I got home late in the afternoon my skin looked fresh and light. It didn't give me the urge to wash of my face. I still had to blot about 3 times during the day.
  4. Lastly, and this is what I usually do: when applied without any moisturizer, but with a light layer of Pixi Primer, and then set with loose powder that is light and fluffy like Palgantong Theatrical Powder, it stayed in place from morning till late evening, about 10 hours or more. I had to blot oil off once and sometimes twice during the day, and my skin looked flawless, glowing, and still looked very flexible. No caking happening even with or without retouching with a pressed powder foundation. Probably it's the best way to apply it for the skin like mine for everyday use.
Applying it is easy. I dotted little foundation on the five key areas of my face. And then with my SOFFIA Opulence Perfect Skin Foundation Brush I blended the foundation starting on the nose going outwards towards the hairline, away from the face. This gives the most natural looking application.
Here is the foundation after being equally applied and blended on the skin. You can see that most of my pimple scars, freckles, and other dark spots have been covered even with the thinnest of foundations. I started with very little foundation, using only about half-a-pump of foundation and it already covered my skin real well.
Next is the flexibility test. I always do this when I am trying out new foundation because it can tell me which parts of my face have creased a lot so I will need to blend that area out more so that my face wouldn't cake or crease when set with powder. It's the easiest way to tell if the foundation is flexible or not.
As you can see, the foundation moved with my face and has minimal or no creasing at all. Well, excluding the deep creases I have under my eyes though -the foundation didn't crease anywhere else. Not even on the bridge of the nose where foundations usually cake.

And even though the foundation is about a shade and a half too dark for me, it made my skin glow and gave a very healthy looking effect. I didn't look too dark or sallow. I'd continue to use this foundation if it only matched my neck!
Here is the foundation after being set with Palgantong Theatrical Powder, it's actually my current favorite loose powder. I guess you can say that it is my HG loose powder. It being triple milled, it gives a very natural finish without making you cake! You can apply with a velour puff or with a brush. It still gives the same effect.

I love how bright my skin looks in spite of the dark shade. It really gives that light bulb effect on the skin giving you that glow-from-within look.
I will definitely purchase this the next time I am at the mall but I will get one with my shade. I'm sure it will look perfect on me. I love foundations that doesn't feel uncomfortable on my skin and with a very flexible capability. If you have been using the same foundation forever because you are afraid of change, you will notice the difference when you try other foundations that are new in the market. Brands are making more products that feel so light on the skin making you look very natural and flawless! Makeup that doesn't hurt is always good.

Length of usage before review: 2 weeks

  • Great for dry skin because it is extremely moisturizing all throughout the day.
  • Gives a natural dewy look, and gives your skin a youthful glow-from-within look.
  • No breakouts! Non-comedogenic.
  • Great for people who have yellow tones in their skin. So great for Asian!
  • Coverage can be controlled ranging from light/medium to heavy coverage.
  • Covers blemishes, scars, and pigmentations well.
  • Does not sit stubbornly on fine lines and wrinkles. The foundation moves really well with your skin.
  • Long-lasting!
  • No annoying fragrance.
  • Great packaging. A pump that actually works!
  • Can be applied with the use of sponge, brushes, or even your fingers.
  • A lot of shades available.
  • Affordable at only PhP 2,350 per bottle.
  • Non-cakey even when set with pressed powder foundation.
  • Comes with a lightbulb sponge when purchased from the store.

  • If you are looking for a foundation to keep you matte all day, this is not the foundation for you.
  • You will still need to blot with blotting papers during the day, if you have an oily T-Zone.
  • It's not my shade but I can see that it oddly looks a bit too orange. Although it didn't make my skin that orange. It actually blended quite nicely on me.

  • No sun protection. Use a light moisturizer that contains SPF if you can't live without sun protection.


Retail Price: Shu Uemura The Lightbulb Fluid Foundation 27ml, PhP 2,350
Purchased For: Gift from Shu Uemura (Thank you!)
Will I re-purchase? Absolutely. Most definitely!
Will I recommend it? Yes.


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  1. Haven't tried but I want to though!!

    1. You should! It's absolutely gorgeous! One of the best foundations I've tried from Shu Uemura. Usually they are so creamy and thick, but this one applies like second skin! Thank you so much for dropping by! ♥


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