The Launch of the Shu Uemura Shupette Collection + Collaboration with Shu Uemura and Karl Lagerfeld

Thursday, November 13, 2014


I am so excited to share with you photos from the Shu Uemura Shupette event! To be completely honest, when I sent my RSVP to Shu Uemura that I will be attending their event to meet Shu Uemura's International Creative Director Kakuyasu Uchiide, I didn't realize that a new collection was going to be launched! Talk about Pregnancy-Brains! LOL So imagine my surprise when I saw the new collection displayed at the event.

This was not going to be the first time I was going to meet Mr. Uchiide, the first time I got to meet him was at Shu Uemura's 30th Anniversary event which was also such a fun night! Meeting Uchiide San was such an honor. It's not everyday that you get to meet a renowned international makeup artist who has done so many celebrities and personalities in his entire career as a makeup artist. He was trained by Mr. Shu Uemura himself too! How's that for impressive?

Shu Uemura is back with a collaboration! This collection is in collaboration with Karl Lagerfeld and his adorable furbaby Choupette Lagerfeld which is Mr. Lagerfeld's muse for this collection. Oh! Here's a bit of trivia for you: did you know that Choupette has two nanny's? A daytime nanny and a night time nanny? And she also rides private jets when she travels!

The name of the collection is of course, Shupette, a play of words from Choupette and Shu Uemura. So adorable! I would like to thank Shu Uemura for inviting me to such a wonderful event. I truly am honored!

More fun photos after the break!

This season is all about cat eyes in colorful playful shades! Not just the typical black eyeliner cat's eye makeup but with a play of colored liners and bright fun shades! I will show you some photos of the palette later.
The event was held at Le Jardin at W Building at Bonifacio Global City. As I have mentioned before, I am not quite fond of the restaurant but events make it fun though! You won't hear me complainin'!
Fun Shupette displays are all around the venue which makes you wanna just bring all of them home! Packaging is just too cute! I myself am not crazy about cats but this collection makes me want to buy a cat of my own! I guess there really is something so feminine and fierce about cats. So this collaboration is perfect for such a girl brand like Shu Uemura.
This is the stage set-up where Uchiide san will be conducting his workshop on how to use the collection. Of course I was early to get a good seat! Last event I was seated all the way in the back and I couldn't see him at work.
We were taught how to origami the Shupette. It was just too cute not to do! We were given the stationary to fold and it was quite simple. Plus that cute Choupette face is really trying to convince me to get a cat! Hahaha!
Our beautiful host, Mae Dichupa kept the event lively and comfortable as she introduces Kakuyasu Uchiide to Media/Press guests and VIP Clients.
Our host for the evening, Mae Dichupa
L'Oreal Philippines General Manager, Clarissa Villaflor
Kakuyasu Uchiide gives a background on the collection and working with Mr. Karl Lagerfeld and Choupette. I am really just loving this collection. I want to own the entire collection! Specially that cleansing oil!
Uchiide san starts the demo with Jessica Wilson as his muse for the collection. I am loving her skin. I wonder how we can achieve that dewy perfect skin.
with Model Jessica Wilson
My table mates Kim Reyes-Palanca and Tatin Yang! I have been working with these girls for more than 10 years! Kim used to be with Mega and MEG, while Tatin is a makeup artist and writer extraordinaire.
Kim Reyes-Palanca and Tatin Yang
My friend and makeup artist John Pagaduan makes an appearance during the demo! Hi sis! I miss you!
The finished look is just fresh and just lively! A wash of bluish-silver shadow on the lids while the liner makes a perfect flick to create a beautiful cat eye. I am loving that cream blush too! I waaaaant!
The finished makeup look may not look as elaborate as the one in the ad but makes a perfect day time look nonetheless. Anyone can wear bright colored eyeshadows, one shouldn't be afraid to wear colors!
And now, as promised, here is the entire Shupette Collection! I am really drooling over these! (Cat not included)
Shupette’s drawing pencils are high performance drawing pencils in exclusive mystic cat-allure shades, namely midnight black with Shupette blue pearl and gala brown with pink and gold pearl. They are made with a long-wearing, smudge-proof formula that keeps the Shupette look fresh throughout the day.  
Eye-Need Shu Liner in Parissiene and Tokyo Kawaii
The Shupette Eye Charm Trio comes in two variations that allow for the creation of either the Parisienne chic cat eye or the Tokyo kawaii cat eye. Part of the Parisienne chic palette are shades of glitter black, pastel blue, and cool grey. The Tokyo kawaii palette, on the other hand, has shades of burgundy brown, bright pink, and ivory yellow.    
Eye-Need Shu Trio in Parisienne and Tokyo Kawaii

Shupette’s Fabulous Cat Enamel provides the perfect holiday nail color, coming in both Champagne Gold and Diamond Twinkles variants that add a purr-fectly festive charm to nails.
Fabulous Cat Enamel in Pink Champagne and Diamond Twinkle
Shupette’s premium false eyelashes give off a haute-couture feline vibe in a sleek metallic silver box. With elegant pink feathers and a hint of Shupette-blue crustal, this pair of premium false eyelashes give off a unique vibe of stardom.

Fury Fantasy Premium False Eyelashes
The Eye-Need-Shu False Eyelashes are partial accent lashes with metallic silver highlights and Shupette-blue crystals—the perfect tool to eyedolization.
Eye-Need-Shu False Eyelashes
Shupette’s Eye Glitter Set comes in three colors—pink, gold, and platinum. They were developed to add brilliant sparkles to accessorize the iconic Shupette cat eye, and come in loose powder glitter pots that are perfect for brightening up the holiday season.
My Precious Glitter Set
The Shupette line introduces a new face powder that makes use of pink and gold pearl tones to create an enchanting, colorless shimmer powder with a kitty-soft silky texture to create velvety, translucent skin.
Pampearl-Me Face Powder
Shupette’s Lip Bonbon formula is a new innovation that uses a fresh oil base lip colour made for vivid, candy-coloured luminous luster that allows the creation of a bright look. The formula makes use of the innovative Lumicolor Matrix Technology while providing a lightweight feel that comfortably fits on the lip to deliver non-sticky hydration and long-lasting wear.

It comes in two trios: Parisienne chic in shades of magenta, violet, and pink; and Tokyo kawaii in shades of salmon pink, deep red, and deep pink.
Rouge BonBon Fantasy Trio in Perisienne Chic and Tokyo Kawaii
SHUPETTE’S FLAIR EYELASH CURLER The holiday collection presents a special edition eyelash curler with an adorable Shupette stamp charm. Take this lovely charm along in your favorite bag to add some Shupette sass to your make-up kit.
Shupette Flair Eyelash Curler
The Shupette has-it-all eye & lip palette comes with eight eyeshadow and lipstick shades that allows for the creation of both the Parisienne chic and Tokyo kawaii looks.
Shupette Has-It-All Eye and Lip Palette
Shu Uemura’s signature make-up box dresses-up the holidays for Shupette in sleek silver to perfectly accessorize a Christmas collection.
Shupettes Makeup Trunk
Parisienne chi and Tokyo kawaii come alive in Shupette’s Cheek Blush Duo, featuring two combinations of either orange with light tangerine for the Parisienne chic palette, or salmon pink with mauve pink for the Tokyo kawaii palette.

These blush products are made with a marshmallow-like formula that achieves a smooth and creamy texture that fits and stays on the skin.
Silk Cushion Cheek in Perisienne Chic and Tokyo Kawaii

The Shupette collection is completed by new packaging featuring the iconic feline on two of the brand’s most iconic products—the signature UVUB Mouse Primer and Ultim8 Cleansing Oil—now looking extra glamorous for the holiday season.   
Shupette Tsuya Skin UV/UB Mousse
Shupette Ultime8 Sublime Beauty Cleansing Oil
A portable brush set in an envelope-shaped stylish brush case in metallic silver includes a new luxurious large face brush in natural hair.
With-Love-From-Paris Brush Set

Truly a collection to die for! I can never choose a favorite from this collaboration. Plus, the packaging is pink!

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  1. already saw the swatches from my singaporean blogger friend sara she transferred from onsugar to wordpress now (icyabstract) and glad that the collection is now in philippines!

  2. Shu Uemura, despite the minimalist approach to packaging and marketing has the cutest collaboration collections. I see it as a bit of a break from character, but a welcome one that keeps fans excited for those limited editions.


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