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Saturday, November 08, 2014


One of the best jobs I have ever done in my 10 year makeup artist career is those when I use professional tools. And that is what Nippon provides. A company that is dedicated in bringing you professional tools to be used for makeup artistry! Affordable prices too!

I received these from Nippon and I must say that I am loving them! Pro tools are always great to have whether for your own personal use or for work as a makeup artist. More after the break!

The latest product from Nippon is their Pro Blend Sponge Kit. I love that their kit contains two sponges and a cleaner.
Their Pro Blend Sponge is similar to that of Beauty Blender but this chic black color will make it look more professional and does not look dirty and icky. You can read about my first discovery of the Beauty Blender from my old blog HERE.
The Pro Blend Sponge has the same consistency as that of the Beauty Blender, same material and same texture. You can be sure that you will get the same result but way more affordable.
The Pro Blend Sponge comes with a travel size cleaner. Just a little is enough to clean the one sponge! It lathers real good and thoroughly removes oil, makeup, and dirt from your sponge!

Their cotton tips have one side that are rounded, with the other tip pointed. It's perfect for touch ups and for applying eye lash glue! Plus, it's also perfect for smudging liners.

If you need to know how to use the Pro Blend Sponge, you can watch my video below:

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  1. I'd like to try these sponge!!xoxo

  2. ang cute =) reminds me of the beauty blender sponge

  3. Do you think this is better than the Real Techniques sponge? I mean, they're the same price but this set includes 2 sponges and a cleaner (which is amazing) while you can only buy the RT sponge for 400php.


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