Eyebrow Week, Day 2: The perfect BeneBrow.

Monday, December 01, 2014


If you are a little bit more experienced with eyebrow products, then Benefit is a good brand to explore new brow products! All three of these brow products have been around for a while but it is only recently that I get to explore them.

I have been trying to influence a lot of people to start doing their eyebrows. It is the most important makeup step in makeup application. You can skip all the others but not the brows. The brows frame your face, and you will see later what big different it makes on your face even with minimal makeup on!

More on BeneBrows after the break!


This eyebrow product is one of those makeup tools that kind of just works its way into your daily makeup routine. Learning the price at first, I raised an eyebrow up on it at the thought of spending so much money on something you can achieve with just your run-of-the-mill brown eyeliner (which a lot of people opt for), plus a dab of vaseline on your brows to make them a little bit slicker- but after using this product for a while now, I can safely say that having the right tools is always a good investment.
Benefit Brow Zings, PhP 1,600
This is my first ever brow product from Benefit, I use all the tools that came with the product, including the tiny tweezers! The wax is great, it's very natural looking because of the slightly pigmented wax but not at all greasy (unlike when I used to use Vaseline petroleum jelly with my brown eyeliner pencil back in the day). No dark clumps and it keeps the hairs in place all day. I will show you in a little while.
With the box, comes a little instructional pamphlet on how to use the Brow Zings properly. It will show you how to make the most out of your Brow Zings kit. So this is what I did. I followed the instructions to a Tee.
Before I show you how I applied the brow product, allow me to show you the packaging. It is housed in this cute black little compact that you won't mistake for anything but your eyebrow kit. The size is just right, and can fit in most cosmetics pouches that women bring in their purses.

The Brow Zings kit comes in three different shades: Light (which is this one), Medium, and Dark. The powder is a little bit too light for my liking but it will give my uber dark brows a little bit of a lift when I fill in the spaces. I want my brows to be about a shade lighter than my hair color (since my roots have grown a good 5 inches). If you have blonde hair, I suggest this is the shade for you since it doesn't really apply blonde. It applies a nice shade of light brown (see swatches below). If you have hardly any brows, then I would either go for the medium or the dark shade.

The packaging is very neat, practical, and simple. Plus, the brushes have lasted a while so far with no hairs falling off in spite of me using it everyday.
You can see the swatches below. The thinner line is the swatch of the powder product, while the thicker line is the wax. I am actually loving the wax because it really does its job well. My brows usually behave and stay in place, but with the wax, my brows are even more behaved and very neat. No need for clear mascaras!
According to the instructional pamphlet, you apply the wax first. This will keep the hairs in place, plus this will also act as a primer for the powder making the powder more pigmented and will make it last longer. As you can see, it is slightly pigmented so you can also use this as a guide for when you apply the powder.
Next, you use the angled brush to apply the eyebrow powder. I always make the tail a little bit darker because this is usually the part that gets "erased" first during the day.
The third step according to the tutorial is to tweeze the stray hairs that is outside the brows that you have drawn/filled in. This technique is actually quite effective! No more over-plucking!

This eyebrow product is not only best for women who are experienced with brow products, it's also good for beginners because it's pretty easy to follow and to use! Plus, a small kit like this is pretty much complete already.

This is the one eyebrow product Benefit's Global Brow Expert Jared Bailey cannot live without. He told us that if he had one favorite Benefit product, it would be this -and I understand why.
Benefit Gimme Brow in Light/Medium, PhP 1,300
According to their website, this is why people love it:

Bring on the brows! This innovative brush-on fiber gel adheres to skin & hair…creating brows where before there were none. It builds easily for thick, lush arches, thanks to a tapered brush for blending & precision tip for shaping. Available in two shades.

• Long-wearing
• Natural-looking
• Buildable

Since I have really thick eyebrows and having sparse brows was never a problem of mine, I use this brow product as a tint to lighten my eyebrows a little bit. It comes in two shades: light/medium and medium/deep. For those of you who hardly have hairs on their brows and have dark hair, I recommend the medium/deep shade. This will give the illusion of you having fuller brows.
Again, it comes with a little pamphlet that will give you instructions on how to maximize the use of your Gimme Brow.
Just to give you a little bit of taste on what this product does, here's a photo from their website. This is exactly what it does. The brow mascara contains tiny microscopic hair fibres that latch on to your existing lashes that make your brows look fuller and less sparse.

So basically, I'm saying that this is like a little miracle for women who are having trouble filling in their brows.
Of course, I still recommend using other brow products with this though. This alone will make the hair look thicker and appear more than what you really have but it will not make it look fuller. If you want to stick to one brand, use Benefit's Brow Zings to match. It is a perfect combo!
The small brush at the end of the mascara wand is designed to be really small so that you can carefully coat the hairs. If the brush was bigger, it would be a big mess.
The shade is close to ash blonde/brown so if you using this when you have sparse eyebrows might not appear as full. So I do stand by my recommendation that you choose the medium/deep shade.
I told you my brows were thick. That's why I use this more as a tint than use it as a filler. It does the work too because apart from the brow wax that I applied, it kept the hairs in place.

This pencil is basically a highlighting pencil that you apply on your brow bones to create an illusion of a more arched brow. It also highlights the brow bone to give the illusion that your eyes are more deep set and more 3-dimensional than it really is, like me!

I don't exactly have a moonlid, but I don't have creases on my lids. So by applying this lifting pencil on my brow bones, my lids look deeper than the rest of my eye area.
Benefit HighBrow in Linen Pink, PhP 1,200
Here's why people love it:
This soft brow highlighting pencil is your instant brow lift! Perfect for all skintones, the linen-pink highlight hue adds a lifted look to the entire eye area. It's never been easier to raise a brow…or two! 
Apply pencil under your brow following the arch. Lightly blend. For more arch appeal, put two dots above the arch and blend.
There's nothing much more to say about this product because it pretty much straight forward on what its purpose it. Although if you have extremely dry skin, this pencil might flake a little bit, so I recommend using a moisturizing eye cream first if your eye area is dry. It won't look as natural if you apply it on flaky skin.
It's very easy to blend, and it goes very well with most Filipina skins. I won't recommend it on women who have really deep skin tones though because the pinkish hue will really show and won't look as natural. It will only look like you applied something there.
It glides on easily on the surface of the skin, and it's very blendable even if you only use your fingers. But if you feel icky about touching your face, you can use a blending brush if you wish or cotton swabs. I do recommend using your fingers though, it is after all the best tool for makeup!
So here's what I did, I just applied a thin line on my brow bones and blended it well until there were no more visible lines.
Here's a closer look on how I applied it! Oh by the way, if you are doing a really smokey eye using black eyeshadow, I won't recommend using this product though because it clashes with the black for some reason. It would look good on lighter shades of eyeshadow like earth tones or pastels.
Now here's a photo of my using all three products on my brows: Brow Zings, Gimme Brow, and HighBrow. Doesn't it look so put together and so neat? I had my brows shaped and groomed at the BeneBrow Bar at the Benefit event a few weeks ago and my brows are still in tact! I have to go back for a touch up though since my brows are already starting to get bushy!
So, what do you think of these brow products from Benefit? Don't you just love them? Notice how minimal my makeup is? But with perfectly shaped and groomed eyebrows, my face looks put together! That is what great eyebrows do to your face, they really do frame it and it highlights your best features.

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Check back tomorrow for another product feature for #EYEBROWWEEK!

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  1. no wonder why this lit (bene zing) is one of the beauty bloggers fave list, i love going out with beautiful brows.. and i learned the basic of brow grooming from the makeup workshop i attended two years ago and the instructress is no other than Ms Ana Victorino.. and i i became the model for defining brows that day.. why because of all the attendees i have the messiest brows!!! and after seeing the defined brow on me i became more curious on grooming them until now.. and i've been loving the k-palette 2way brow liner.. and after i ran out of it i search for a liner that would rather fit my budget.. and then i remember the pencil (brow definer) Ana used for my brows.. which is Nichido precise pencil in Chestnut and yes it fits my budget because it was only Php138

  2. I'll be waiting for more brow features tomorow ( #EYEBROWWEEK )! I just emptied my Gimme Brow since I'm using it everyday. I always want a defined brows without making it overdone. I agree that 'You can skip all the others but not the brows', It's just like a making face look slimmer without the contour!

  3. I think I just found my next hg browcara! That gimmebrow's brush is perfect! Most of my browcara have big and thick brushes kaya mahirap i-apply sa dulo ng eyebrow lol. I think Avon has something like the browzings. :)

  4. As a beginner, I actually started out with a brow mascara. Seems like a bad idea. It's really better to start learning via pencil and work from there. The mascara came out a little splotchy for me, because I kind of pressed it against the skin a little too much. It either looked too thick or left sparse areas gaping, so you're right about using it as a tint as opposed to a filler.

    Last week, I got to experience the Benefit Brow Bar and got my brows waxed for the first time. Definitely a different experience from the usual shave or threading I get, but I like that it's faster yet still precise. The SA put Browzings on me, and I liked the result. She didn't really demonstrate/explain the product itself though (just the process of mapping my brows and filling it in), so I thought the one on the left pan was a darker brown brow powder that I would need to "timpla" with the brow powder on the right like a concealer duo. I got intimidated and didn't give it a second look. Sayang pala. It looks like a great kit, and I'll check it out again next time I'm in Benefit.


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