Eyebrow Week, Day 3: Pixi by Petra Natural Brow Duo (Updated)

Tuesday, December 02, 2014


One of my favorite just-beautiful makeup is next on #eyebrowweek! One of the best things about Pixi by Petra cosmetics is their ability to provide makeup products that don't cover up your natural beauty but highlights them.

I received this eyebrow product from the brand a few months back and I have been saving it for exactly this reason. Looking for the right time to really review the product! Plus, it's #eyebrowweek too so it's perfect don't you think?

Pixi by Petra Natural Brow Duo in Medium Brown, PhP 890

Some people would say that the pencil is a little fragile but I totally disagree. It's actually quite sturdy and as long as you apply this product with a light hand (which is how you should put on your brows anyway), then you won't risk breaking the tip and wasting it.

More on Pixi by Petra Natural Brow Duo after the break!

Now, I am one of those lucky gals who was born to have naturally well-defined, thick and dark eyebrows, so they don’t need much maintenance, but then again, even with the thickest eyebrows, one should always use the right tools to define the shape and emphasize the brows more to make it look neat.
One of the best things about products like these is that it is very convenient to bring. You get a pencil and a gel in one! Great for women who travel a lot or who do their makeup on-the-go. This is the product for you because you get both the pencil and gel in one.
I am always on the look out for different brow products so that I may recommend to people when they ask me and they tell me what they are looking for in a brow product. Number one issue is always "something that stays on the whole day", although most brow products now are designed for long-wear, this pencil does STAY on.
The pencil part comes out in a wedge shape which is perfect for defining eyebrows because it mimics an angled eyebrow brush. I have thick brows in the inner most part and thins as it goes toward the ends, this pencil does an excellent job of filling in and also extending the brows.
The end of the pencil will always stay sharp because the opening for the pencil is wedged and you twist up the top to use. If it does get a little bit dull or out of shape, you can just use a cutter to taper off the tip by gliding it across the plastic tip with a little product exposed.
It's nice to have your brow gel and brush handy so you wouldn't have to carry two separate things, so you have everything in one pen. In my experience, I have not had any problems with the gel causing itching, flaking (as most clear mascaras do), etc. It is not as tinted as K-Palette 1Day Tattoo Eyebrow Mascara, Benefit Gimme Brow, or Maybelline EyeStudio Fashion Brow 24H Coloring Mascara, but it does keep the hairs in place which is the main purpose of the gel anyway, and not tint it I guess. It would have been cooler if it did that too right?
Swatching it on my hand, you can see that when I tried to create the lines I had to swipe the product on my skin several times to get it to be seen on camera. It's not that pigmented so it makes room for mistakes. It creates a perfect "shadow" effect on the brows that fills in where hairs are sparse on your brows, making it look natural and not drawn on. I know right? I hate that too.

The gel is slightly tinted but it's not enough to lighten the color of your brows if that is your wish. If that is the effect you are looking for, I would try any of the products I mentioned earlier. This one is made to keep the hairs in place all day.
This photo was taken a while back so my brows are not as groomed as my previous brow post. Ha! But you can see that my brows look naturally groomed without it looking drawn on. The brows look full without the nasty pencil marks that you get from eyeliner pencils. So gals, you might hear it a lot that using eyeliner pencils are just as good as brow pencils but tell you, you are in for a big surprise when you start using the right products.

The hair on my brows are kept in place without making it look shiny or greasy looking. The gel dries into matte clear that won't look flaky unlike clear mascara whack flakes in the middle of the day like hairspray. Some people would spray hair spray on a mascara brush and comb it through their brows but that always makes the brows look white.
This product only comes in one universal shade that suits most skin color and tone. So you won't have a problem choosing as well! This is one of the most convenient brow products yet!

I was just informed by the Glamourbox Team that this wonderful brow product now comes in two new shades! Deep Brunette and Soft Black! They brought in Deep Brunette last month for those who want a slightly darker brown. (-December 4, 2014)

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  1. I really love the idea of this! What a unique product. And your makeup looks stunning!

  2. This looks natural and enhances the eyebrows. Pixi is really a great brand.

  3. I really love the color! where did you buy that product anyway?


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