Eyebrow Week, Day 6: K-Palette Lasting 2Way Eyebrow

Friday, December 05, 2014


I can't believe that I have been using K-Palette Lasting 2Way Eyebrow for years and yet I have not yet put my thoughts and review on this wonderful product in my blog!

I know that you probably think that I am way too late for the K-Palette party but EyebrowWeek won't be complete without me including this awesome product! I was first introduced to this product a few years back (see I don't even know when exactly!) and I have been using it ever since and been recommending it to people who need a very easy eyebrow product to start with.

These shades are a new formulation from K-Palette, plus a limited edition shade which is Grayish Brown!

K-Palette Lasting 2Way Eyebrow, PhP 950 each

More about this awesomeness after the break!

If you have been following my posts about K-Palette, then you would know how much I love their packaging, plus the english instructions that is stuck to their every packaging so that you will understand and get to know the product better.

I love Japanese and Korean brands, and I appreciate them being brought here giving us more selection when it comes to makeup, but then again, I hope that they provide english instructions because sometimes not all beauty associates at cosmetics counters know what they're talking about (let's be honest).
I remember K-Palette having shades like Honey Brown, Chocolate Brown and maybe Medium Brown?, which is their old formulation.

With this newly re-formulated formula, it comes in four shades of brown: Light Brown, Natural Brown, and Grayish Brown which is a limited edition which I do not understand why because it's a perfectly good shade for most Pinays too!
The K-Palette Lasting 2Way Eyebrow comes in this very handy, travel-friendly pen-type packaging that is very easy to store in your travel kit or purse.

I must say that this is one of the easiest eyebrow product I have used on myself. I have always used pressed powder type brow products and I must say, once I started using K-Palette, life has been easier since then. LOL There are a lot of eyebrow products now a days that are just as good, but this sponge tip applicator makes it unique.
One tip is the liquid, while the other end is the powder. I love using the powder product alone but according to K-Pallete, you use them together to make your brows last all day long. It is recommended that you first use the liquid part and then top it off with the powder product and that should stay put for hours.

Since both products are very lightly pigmented, you have to be careful not to keep applying thinking it's not working or you'll end up with too much brow product. I learned that the hard way. Plus, that's why I like using them one product at a time. I usually start with the sponge tip and when I finish that one, I use the liquid.
The powder has a bounce sponge tip applicator which is very easy to use. The tip pushes back into the pen when you press down on it and it dispenses more product onto the sponge tip.
The liquid applicator is like your eyeliner brush that is a softer version of it. It's really pointed to you can really get in between your brows and very easy to apply tiny check marks on your brows mimicking brow hairs for a more natural looking brow. This applicator is a bit more trickier to apply than the powder.
The powder product is a little bit more pigmented than the liquid. The liquid also acts like a tint on the brows, but it does not give the same effect as eyebrow mascaras. This goes perfectly well with K-Palette 1Day Tattoo Eyebrow Mascara.
Eyebrow Powder
Eyebrow Liquid Tint
Since I have blonde hair, I used Light Brown on my brows. I applied first the liquid tint and then topped it off with the powder with just a light layer as to make my brows look natural. If you use the two products together, it's best to use them as lightly as possible so that your brows will look natural and not look too drawn. You know how much that creeps me out!
As you can see, my brows look naturally groomed and put together. I know you might think that if might not give you the same effect since I have thick eyebrows, but with K-Palette, these brows are achievable! I promise!

The sponge tip applicator makes it very easy to blend out the edges. You won't need a cotton bud to blend your brows (although it's still nice to keep handy), the product pretty much applies very lightly at first and is very buildable.

This particular product won my 2013 TMM Beauty Product Award for best eyebrow product. Still on the fence? Go to the nearest Beauty Bar boutique near you and try it out!

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  1. Amazing brows - and even more amazing makeup. You look BEAUTIFUL.

  2. I want to try this out, but, I can't find one :( It blends well with your brows


    1. K-Palette is easily and readily available in BeautyBar Boutiques and at the BeautyBar online store! They ship everywhere in the Philippines too! ♥

  3. I'm dying to try this brand.. I'l ask it as a Christmas gift :)


  4. Hi ms. Sabs which eyebrow makeup performs better. This k-palette of the Eye of Horus?:)

    1. Hi! Hmm... Well, they both perform real well it just depends on what tool you are comfortable in using :) Pencil? Powder? Liquid perhaps? Some people would swear by pencils while others would say powder is better :) So it's basically which formula are most comfortable in using :)

  5. Aww too bad about the grayish brown shade being a limited edition. It's perfect nga for most pinays.

  6. on all the products you reviewed for the eyebrow.. i could say that this is one of my HG product! im really no a pro when it comes to doing my brows but believe it or not.. this k-palette 2way eyebrow works wonder on my brows!!! i would surely hoard more of this if only i had the budget but good thing is that i heard they had 50% sale on all the beauty bars!!!! i will also include this on my christmas wishlist!!! (though i found some IG sellers of this..)

  7. Hi.i think brown colour eyebro is limited usage.

  8. If a person is already skilled at using brow products, would you recommend this or Benefit Browzings? Or which would you recommend to use on what occasion? (Since they're both 2-step ways to color/fill-in brows...)


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