Eyebrow Week, Day 7: Kryolan Eye-Brow Plastic

Saturday, December 06, 2014


It's the last day of #eyebrowweek and I am feeling a little bit sad because there are still so much to feature about eyebrows! But I would have to stop at seven because I have so much more beauty products to show you in the coming days!

So, now let's discuss about unruly eyebrows. Are you one of those people who suffer from brows that have minds of their own? Like the hairs seem to be going on a hundred different directions no matter what product you put? You are not alone! There are women (even men!) who have eyebrow hairs who stick out in different directions and clear mascara or even hair spray just won't cut it!

Kryolan Eye-Brow Plastic, $8.85 at website (bought for $10 for two at Ebay)

Curious? More after the break!

I first discovered this when I had a shoot for Good Housekeeping a while back. Maybe back in 2012 or 2011. I was doing the makeup of a Brazilian model and she had the most stubborn eyebrow hairs in the history of eyebrows. The shape was very good but the hairs just won't stay in one direction no matter what I did. That's when she asked me if I wanted to use her eyebrow wax that has always worked out for her.

She brought out her Kryolan Eye-Brow Plastic and showed me how to use it. And miraculously, her brows stayed groomed and in place in one direction until the end of our shoot which was about 5 hours later.

I have always used Kryolan every since I started doing makeup in 2004, but I never came across this brow wax before. I have seen brow waxes before and have tried them but never had this effect before.
I immediately bought myself two of these online at Ebay USA (they have it here in Manila but I live too far away from their stores). I got two for the price of one because the seller was having a major sale and I have never left home for a shoot without this product. On days that my brows are being stubborn, I just swipe this wax-y product on my brows and it stays on all day.
This product is a wax preparation to “block out” the eyebrows to allow creation of different eyebrow shapes or effects. It is really used for theatrical/prosthetics makeup when you want to erase the eyebrows and create a whole new look.

But I have been using this on myself and on my brides and clients for years now. Thank you to that model, whose name I forgot, for introducing me to this product!

This product should be applied after you have applied your brow products (even after your brow mascara if any), instead of applying it before. The texture is very waxy and a little bit sticky so best to use it after applying your brows.
You can use this product to erase eyebrows for period makeup if you wish but that would be a different lesson for another day!

Some women suffer from eyebrow hairs whose strands are tough and very thick. Some unruly brows can't be tamed because of how their brows were made to grow. Other brows are also so thick that they seem "lifted" from your face. This is the answer to your prayers!
It sets into a transparent substance on your brows (plus it's matte!) so you won't have to worry about having glossy, greasy looking brows, or with some brow setting products, a flaky residue. This is one of my favorite eyebrow setting products of all time! I never leave home to do a shoot or a client's makeup without this product in my kit!

You can purchase Kryolan products here in Manila in their main branch: 3/F IL Terrazzo, Tomas Morato Street, Quezon City or in their SM North Edsa branch at L2, SM City North EDSA, North Ave, Quezon City, Philippines.

Like Kryolan Philippines' Facebook page to know more about their latest products, promos, updates and product information:

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  1. I checked this blog post because I'm curious why its called EYE-BROW PLASTIC. So it worked somewhat like an eyebrow wax? not sure what's the difference between those since I'm not using it. All I know is that eyebrow wax keeps eye brow hair in place.

    1. This is more like eyebrow gum than wax :) It's has a lot stronger hold than eyebrow wax :) This product acts like a "glue" to keep the hairs tight together almost hugging the skin to make it easier to cover for prosthetics and special effects makeup :) eyebrow wax is a little bit more like petroleum jelly-ish than this eye-brow plastic. Cinema Secrets has a similar product called eyebrow gum which is also used for prosthetics and special effects makeup but comes in liquid form in a small bottle. :)

  2. i got really curious of this post ms sabs now i know why it was called eye-brow plastic.. i know this one isnt for me for i have thin brows and i just have to comb it and it was already set (just have to groom it every week to make it presentable.. good thing you find a great product that you really need ms sabs!


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