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Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Happy Skin is back with a few more products to add in their ever growing makeup line (plus one from their Holiday 2014 collection)! It always excites me when Happy Skin announces they have new stuff coming out from their brand because their makeup always deliver what is promised. Plus, packaging is so cute!

Still haven't found the perfect gift for your kikay ate? Mom? cousin? BFF? I think they will love these products from Happy Skin!

Happy Skin's newest products!

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Eye Candy Limited Edition 24H Gel Pencil Eyeliners (Set Of 4)
"Move over basic black. Here come the new eyeliner staples! This season, Happy Skin celebrates statement eyes in the sweetest hues! Each Happy Skin Eye Am Here To Stay 24h Gel Auto Eyeliner is a budge-proof intensely pigmented eyeliner that glides on smoothly, allowing you to make a big bold statement in a wink."
Eye Candy Limited Edition 24H Gel Pencil Eyeliners (Set Of 4), PhP 1299
If you would like to know how these Gel Pencil Eyeliners fair, check out my review on their Happy Skin Eye Am Here To Stay 24 Gel Eyeliner here.
I am loving these shades! All muted colors that accentuate the eyes in the most flattering way!
It's limited edition so the pencils are smaller than the regular Gel Eyeliner Pencils from their makeup line. It's perfect because you get to try all of them and you won't have that "sawa" factor. Perfect for limited edition sets!
The Cotton Candy shade can be used to line your waterlines to make  your eyes pop! It's pearlized so it will make your eyes look brighter and more wide awake. I love how they made it pearlized so it stands out from all the other white eyeliners out there in the market.

That's how Happy Skin is. They take a certain product and formulate them into something a little bit more. Ok, I'm glad we had this talk *wink*
I guess you can say that the purple one is my favorite  because it's not overly screaming PURPLE! It's very subtle and very wearable for the day or in the evening.
It looks great even on an almost-bare face.

Now, the following products are not part of the Holiday Collection but are new to the Happy Skin Cosmetics family! Meaning, they are there to stay! I am extremely happy because they are basic products one makeup addict would sure love to add to their collection. Perfect for makeup artists too!

First item that is new is their SHUT UP AND KISS ME LIP AND CHEEK MOUSE
"Pucker up with a power product that gives you double-duty beauty! The Happy Skin Shut Up & Kiss Me Lip & Cheek Mousse is a lightweight product that can be worn both as a lippie AND as a blush! Wear it on your lips, or dot it onto the apples of your cheeks and blend for the ultimate flirty finish! Long-lasting and easy to blend, this 2-in-1 makeup must-have gives firmer, smoother, and better defined lips & cheeks to kiss!"
Happy Skin Shut Up and Kiss Me Lip and Cheek Mousse, PhP 699/each
This lip and cheek product promises to hydrate, prime, repair and rejuvenate with Anti-Aging Peptides, plus protect with SPF 15.

It also features Shea Butter and Collagen - the same lip-lovin' ingredients from Happy Skin's best-selling Shut Up & Kiss Me moisturing lippies: You can find the reviews here: First Kiss and Girls Night Out here, Honeymoon Glow,  Just Say Yes, and Playing Footsie here, Summer Crush, Sunset Kiss, and The Morning After here, Valentine Kiss here, Just Married here, and from the Holiday Collection Lippies 2014 here.
Now this is not your typical lip and cheek tint, which is way off from that category. This product are mousse type that doesn't just provide tint but actual pigments to your cheek or your lips. The airbrushed effect actually reminds me of Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush which provides a gorgeous, healthy-looking, airbrushed effect on the cheeks. Although these ones from Happy Skin provide more pigments so it's best to use sparsely and carefully. You can end up with too much on your cheeks!
I use this more for my lips rather than for my cheeks. Although you can use both, I like it better as a lippie because of the pigment and the staying power! It actually reminds me of Lancome's L'Absolu Creme de Mat which is more affordable too! With Lancome's being priced at PhP 1,395, the Shut Up and Kiss Me Lip and Cheek Mousse is a freakin' steal at only PhP 699 per tube!

Available in three endearing shades with names like: My Guilty Pleasure (featured), Swept Off My Feet (pinkish nude), and Warm and Toasty (peachy nude). Me limey this heart-shaped applicator which makes is so easy to apply on your lips. If you would like to use this as a blush, you just dab a little on your finger and blend it on your skin. Oh! Did I mention that you can apply this blush ON TOP of your powder without having to cake it? Cool huh?
Swatching them on my hand you can see how it looks pinkish as a blush. You only need a tiny amount on your cheeks and you will have covered your apples! On my swatches you can see that I applied way too much! If used as a lippie, it's a very strong kind of red that sets into a creamy matte which really does remind me of a liquid matte lippie from Lancome.
I love how the lippie looks so bold on my lips! One of those perfect reds that I love wearing. This is definitely a keeper, and one for the books to be worn on days when you need a boost! I love how it has a soft velvety finish on the lips, not at all sticky unlike other liquid mattes! This Lip and Cheek Mousse is one of my faves from the lippie collection from Happy Skin. I hope they come out with more shades! It's too addicting!

The lip mousse looks a little bit shiny on in this photo but it's actually quite matte-ish. Just like mousse!

The other newbie to the Happy Skin family is their eyeshadow palette ALL EYES ON HUE.
"They say the eyes are the windows to the soul? Well, speak without batting an eyelash and seduce with eyes that smoulder! The Happy Skin All Eyes On Hue Eyeshadow Palette gives you the most wearable shades that allow you to be in the spotlight! The palette includes four must-have hues that give you the best make-up mileage: Biscuit, Oatmeal, Hazelnut, and Espresso. It's a delicious marriage of micro-fine shimmer hues and demi-matte finish shades. Easy to blend and long-lasting, these eyeshadow colors take you from day to night and are perfect for a quick subtle but sexy look."
Happy Skin All Eyes On Hue Eyeshadow Palette, PhP 1,299
I love how their packaging includes looks for you to try! I think DATE NIGHT is soooo me! I will try that look later!
It comes with a sleeve too, which reminds me of TheBalm's Rockstar Balm Jovi Palette and their Instain Long Wearing Staining Powder Blush, actually all of their packaging. It's so first class made from recyclable materials -Yay! Go Green!
According to the Happy Skin website, this eyeshadow palette is loaded with Argan Oil which helps color glide on smoothly, effortlessly, and evenly. Touted as "liquid gold," Argan Oil superbly nourishes the delicate eye area, too. Fade-resistant and crease-resistant, color doesn't settle into fine lines helping make mature or tired eyes look younger & brighter than they really are. Eyeshadows are so wonderfully pigmented, a little goes a long way and you achieve expert looking eyes in just one sweep. So far, their promise has been true to their word!
I love how their eyeshadows are not easily broken or shattered! I have dropped this palette so many times and have sat on it countless times in my bag when I bring it with me and the pressed eyeshadows have remained crack free! You definitely know that it has been formulated to perfection and not to be easily rattled in their little pans!
Aren't these shades beautiful? Definitely contains shades that can be worn during the day by using them as a wash of color on your lids, or create full on evening looks by using 2 or more shades (or all!) in one makeup look!

I love how smooth and silky they glide on skin with only just a single sweep. They're highly pigmented but very blendable. They're not at all chalky too! The finish is very sheen and silky which I am loving. Not too matte, and not to shimmery as well.
Please forgive my overly bushy eyebrows. When I took these photos I was on house arrest and haven't been able to have my brows groomed! LOL

On my eyes, I used Hazelnut from my lash lines up to the crease and defined my upper and lower lash lines with the Espresso shade. I also used the Espresso to define my creases a little bit and blended everything with the Biscuit. To finish, I highlighted my brow bones with Oatmeal shade!
Oh, and if you're curious, I am using Happy Skin Shut Up & Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippie (Holiday Collection) in UNDER THE SHEETS. Perfect don't you think?

So tell me, what is your favorite Happy Skin product so far?

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  1. soooo pretty ms sabs!!! from the gel liners my picks are: Butterscotch and Plum!

  2. Butterscotsch shade from Eye Candy looks perfect for an office look. It looks smooth and it could glide effortlessly. Was the tip pointed enough to make a wing?

    1. It was pointed though not enough to make a really sharp tip one ♥ But you can still definitely make a cat's eye with them :)

  3. Wow. I LOVE All Eyes on Hue's cheat sheet posted inside! It's very well-suited for make-up newbies (or should I say late bloomers) like me! :D I'm also glad you mentioned that it's not chalky because I was starting to wonder if it is. Thanks for the post! :D

  4. I got on the Happy Skin train a little late. By the time I discovered The Morning After, summer was well over and I had to go far and wide to find the last few stocks of TMA (that I hoarded, of course). I love All Eyes on Hue in terms of color and texture, and I would've gotten it had I not put a ban on eyeshadow palettes for the rest of the year. They're coming up with more and more exciting products, though.


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