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Tuesday, January 20, 2015


I have always opted for dewy skin vs. matte skin. Specially now that pregnancy is making my skin so dry (I am 7 months today!), I definitely need dewy looking skin because I don't want to emphasize my dry skin by making it look even more dry.

For a drugstore brand, this powder has worked so well on my skin. It set my foundation real well without making my skin look overly matte. I think this shade is a really great match for my skin tone. It's not overly yellow or too translucent that it makes the skin really white.

No ghostly cast on flash photography so that one is also a bonus.

Covergirl TruBlend Minerals Mineral Pressed Powder in Translucent Light, PhP 425

Looking for a new affordable pressed powder? More after the break!

In spite of the very humid weather we have here in Manila, I found this powder to be quite oil-controlling, as least for me. I noticed that I didn't have to do as much touch-ups with this pressed powder on my T-Zone -or just that I didn't have time to look in the mirror some time during the day. Or maybe it was also because it gave me a really nice dewy finish when I got home that I didn't think I needed touching up.
It's quite compact so it won't be taking up too much space in your cosmetic case. I don't like bulk because my bag is heavy as it is so adding extra weight is always a big no-no. I have always found this compact to be quite practical and straight forward. No extra features on the compact which have some pros and cons too.

Let me tell you about it later on.
I am loving the look of this compact because it's thin and it has a girly pearlized finished. I am happy that I was able to receive a translucent shade for review so that I will be able to use this powder a lot.
I have used and reviewed three mineral powders in the past, two of them are from MAC: Mineralize Skinfinish Natural, and Mineralize Skinfinish Perfect Topping. Then one from Physicians Formula: Mineral Glow Pearls. I really like how these mineral powders provide a beautiful sheen finish to the skin without making the skin look glittery. I have tried several powders in the past that have actual glitters which just looks silly! I mean, did you see the post I made about the fake L'Oreal powder I bought? LOL
Remember the cons I was talking about earlier with regards to the compact? So anyway, this pressed powder comes with a thin velour puff that you can use for touch ups. The only down side would be having to put the sponge on top of the powder which can transfer oils from your face to the powder eventually making it stiff and hard. So I keep the sponge separate from the compact.
Swatching it on my hand, you can see that it has a beautiful sheen finish that gives a dewy skin effect. Plus, my favorite trait? It doesn't have a weird fragrance.
Instead of using it on its own, I applied a thin layer of Clinique Even Better Makeup SPF 15 and used a powder brush to apply this powder to set it. I love using pressed powders for setting instead of using them alone. Unless they are pressed powder foundations which provide more coverage.
Since the powder is freshly applied on my face it still looks a little bit matte but after a few minutes it sets nicely on the skin which I really like. I have been using this pressed powder for a few days now to set my foundation.

I use it alone on my dry, pregnant skin, and find it to be just enough to disguise rough patches, and even out redness and imperfections which commonly appear on my cheeks. It's very light, glides on the skin smoothly, and is not prone to creasing. It also has never caused breakouts or other problems for me in the past few days that I have been using this.
In spite of the bad reviews this powder has received about it giving them breakouts, I didn't have that experience and would definitely continue to use it. It's very light weight so it's perfect for those hot humid days that are upon us -SUMMER!


  • Glides on silkily on the skin giving a soft velvet-y finish.
  • Does not emphasize dry skin.
  • Doesn't emphasize fine lines.
  • Versatile! Can be used to set liquid foundation or to be used a lone.
  • Affordable!
  • Conveniently available in SM Watson's.
  • Use with a sponge for more coverage, and a brush for a lighter finish.
  • Dewy finish on the skin!
  • Doesn't have a weird fragrance, safe for sensitive skin.
  • Safe for girls or teens.
  • Not too shiny like other mineral powders.
  • Complements all skin tones, color, and type!
  • Perfect for women who would want to wear something on their face but don't like the heavy feel of powder foundation.
  • Perfect for hot, humid days this summer.
  • Didn't cause my skin any breakouts.

  • N/A

  • Compact doesn't provide a separate compartment for the sponge so this could cause oil transfers to the product.

 I use this powder to set liquid foundation which works really well. I just use a big, flat, rounded-tip powder brush and use it to apply powder all over my face.

Retail Price: PhP 425.00
Purchased For: Gift from Covergirl Cosmetics (Thank You!)
Will I re-purchase? Yes. Definitely.
Will I recommend it? Yes.


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  1. This looks great! I've been trying to find a new drugstore powder to love and save me a bit so I definitely need to try this! xx

    Love and Marmalade

  2. It looks perfect for our climate here in Philippines. I think its a nice setting powder as well :)


  3. im thinking what to get ms sabs! this CG or the new released matte compact by L'oreal! they both passed my budget hihihi (compact powder = below 500php)

  4. Hi! I think you should also try the Bench Daily Spell Magic powder which I read on http://www.webbline.com/bench-daily-spell-magic-powder-review/ :) It is perfect for our climate here in PH and a plus is that it is very affordable too! You should try it hehe


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