Clinique Chubby Sticks, My New Best Friend!

Thursday, January 08, 2015


During my first trimester, I was still wearing makeup ever time I would step out of the house, but as my pregnancy entered the second trimester, I was all about dressing for comfort and that meant going out almost makeup-free.

It didn't have anything to do with concern for makeup ingredients, it was more on laziness. Seriously, I never thought that I would be attending parties last holiday season makeup-free, but I did. With only little makeup on. Thank goodness for makeup like these for preggy times! LOL

When I received these chubby sticks from Clinique, I thought I would only be able to use them under lipstick because they're so cheer, but it actually makes me look put-together even without full makeup on!

Cinique Chubby Stick Baby Tint, PhP 900/each

Something you think you need? More after the break!

I have always been a fan of crayon-type lippies. They're very convenient to use and portable too! Easy to use and it's just overloaded with cuteness. Every brand seem to be coming out with their own version of a crayon-type lippie now-a-days. Clinique being (if not the first) one of the first to come out with the crayon-type lip product.
I received two cute shades from Clinique and I love them both. It doesn't matter too that the other one is purple because it barely even gives a tint of purple. It has a hue of purple in it but it's very sheer that it's very wearable for whatever makeup look (or no makeup at all!).

For me at least, during my second trimester I was all about being comfortable, and that meant having as minimal makeup as possible because I didn't the feel of having anything heavy on my face. Of course except when I am attending events then I will make the extra effort to put full makeup. But when I just want to go around the mall or have lunch with my mom and my sister, I go almost makeup free! And because of this, Clinique Chubby Stick has become my new best friend.
Swatching them on my hand, you can see that they are extremely sheer but provides a little bit of tint on the lips when layered. Although you can layer them as much as you can and it still won't give you the same pigment as lipstick.

Aside from them being lightweight on the lips, they are fragrance-free! No sickening sweet fruity smell so you can be sure that they won't make your overly-sensitive pregnant nose go aahhh-chooooo, or make so turn green (you know what I'm talking about!)
On my lips, I love that they look very natural and puts my lips to life even with minimal makeup on. I would have to say that I end up reaching for these chubby sticks a lot lately because it is extremely hydrating on the lips!
Flowering Freesia
Coming Up Rosey

HERE ARE MY THOUGHTS:Length of usage before review: Everyday for the past 3 months.

  • Traps in moisture on your skin with each use.
  • Non-greasy.
  • Smells pleasant.
  • Non-irritating.
  • Non-drying. Keeps the skin flake-free and extremely moisturized.
  • Convenient packaging with the crayon-type tube!
  • Sheer shades so you can choose any shade you want.
  • Safe for pregnant women, or women with sensitive skin.
  • Can be layered on top of any lipstick or under lip products for prepping the lips.
  • Keeps the lips extremely hydrated for hours.
  • Glides on easily like balm (it is lip balm!)
  • Non-sticky feel!

  • Non-transfer proof.

    • A little bit pricey for lip balm.


    Retail Price: PhP 900/each
    Purchased For: Gift from Clinique (Thank you!)
    Will I re-purchase? Yes.
    Will I recommend it? Yes.

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    1. These look so pretty! I love love love that they are moisturizing.

    2. Didn't think Chubby Sticks could go more sheer, but apparently they can. Hahaha. In spite of how sheer they swatch, the color difference is actually more obvious on the lips. :)

    3. Looks nice on you! This is a really nice way to give to color to face when in rush..

    4. I've been a huge fan of lip balms lately since the cold weather started as the cool temperature dries out my lips. I didn't actually expect these to be as transparent as it is but I'm glad to hear that they are moisturizing. ☺

    5. I have never tried higher end lip balms before. Especially as sheer as these chubby sticks. For a 900 peso price tag I usually would reserve for a proper lipstick. But I guess being pregnant, its all about the comfort and non annoying fragrance. I do notice I get more sensitive to smell when its that time of the month.

    6. these sticks look amazing, although the pigment wasn't what I expected from the packaging.
      lets follow eachother! Im following you now I hope you will follow back :)


    7. These tinted lip balms are really nice especially if on the go. Shades was subtle but still wearable.

    8. i love balms! and i want to have the shade of Coming Up Rosey on you looks so natural =)


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