Colour Collection's NEW High Definition Lipsticks (Review+Swatches)

Monday, January 26, 2015


So, I received these lippies from my SampleRoom family a couple of months ago and I can't wait to show them to you. If you don't already know, I am a fan of Colour Collection's lipsticks. I have featured them several times in the past because their lippies are highly competitive with high end brands. Seriously. (You can view some of these lippie reviews HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE) and see for yourself.

Colour Collection lipsticks never disappoint. From their highly pigmented shades, moisturizing formulas and most importantly, their affordability, you will get the most out of your money. Let's see if their new high definition lipsticks will be as good as their other lippies in the past.

Colour Collection High Definition Lipsticks, PhP 399/tube

Click READ MORE to know more about the new high definition lipsticks from Colour Collection!

Their packaging is pretty simple: chic and simple. Their black packaging and hot pink detail is classic Colour Collection.
These tubes remind me of their Ultimate Wear Lipstick line but those are thinner though and has a flat angled edge. These on the other hand have a typical lipstick tip.

I received three berry shades from this collection: Pink Berry, which is a bright but a little subtle pink shade,  Raspberry Red which is a lighter version of a magenta lipstick, and Cinnamon Red which is a spicy pinkish red lipstick. I am curious about the other shades, but I don't have the catalogue with me. I'm sure they have more than just 3 shades. If and when I find out, I will update this post.
These lipsticks are of the classic twist-type dispenser tube. I love that it has a clear midsection for easy identifying the lipstick when inside your cosmetics case.
Although I must say, that these lippies are not as creamy as their other lipsticks from the past, these lippies look more stained than creamy. They look stained to me, which is also good because it lasts longer on the lips and makes them a bit transfer proof.

They have a semi-glossy finish that instantly sets on the lips when applied, sort-of like a matte feel on the lips but has a bit of gloss on them. Not as glossy as creamy lipsticks though!
I love the Pink Berry shade for daytime. I applied it on, and layered it and still it came out stained-like which makes it look very fresh for daytime look. I also love the name of this shade because it's called Pink Berry, reminds me of my favorite yogurt shop. Ha!
Raspberry Red is a shade that is similar to the Pink Berry but a bit bolder and deeper. I love this shade too! It's the sort of shade that I am used to wearing aside from red lipstick.
And upon mentioning that, I am a red lippie kinda gal, of course I am wearing the Cinnamon Red for my lunch date yesterday. On the swatch it looked a little bit orange-magenta-ish, but on my lips it's a gorgeous fuchsia kind of red. Ever since, the acidity on my lips really changes the color of my lippies slightly but I don't really mind because I love all lippies so no matter what shade I reach out for as long as it has the right formula that moisturizes my lips, I will wear and strut it!
On my face, I am wearing: Collection 2000 Colour Match Foundation, set with Covergirl TruBlend Minerals Mineral Pressed Powder, SNOE SABStance Blush in Courage, Canmake Nose Shadow Powder, and K-Palette Lasting 2Way Eyebrow in Light Brown, tight-lined with Maybelline Color Show Pencil Liner in Brown, and then I contoured my cheekbones and my temples with MAC Powder Blush in Worldly Wealth.


  • Highly pigmented!
  • Can last more than 8 hours without retouching.
  • Shades available will suit any skin tone and color.
  • Affordable!
  • Compact.
  • Transfer proof (when blotted)
  • Fragrance-free.
  • Mechanical tube clicks when twisted, locking the product in place as to not dispense too much product, avoiding breakage.
  • Good packaging! Clear mid-section allows you to identify the shades easily from one another.
  • Quality sturdy packaging.
  • Long-lasting color.
  • In spite of the matte-feel of this lipstick on the lips, it won't emphasize dryness or flakes on the lips.

  • Shades change every season so these shades may not be available for the next collection.
  • Available only via direct sellers/Tupperware sellers.
  • Not as moisturizing as the other lipsticks from Colour Collection.
  • Might emphasize dry flaky lips, so best to use a lip moisturizer (or exfoliate first before using)

  • Needs to be layered to get the full color on your lips.
  • For high-definition, it only gives a stained effect on the lips.
  • Does not glide on as easily as the other lipsticks from the brand.

Retail Price: PhP 399/tube
Purchased For: Gift from Colour Collection and SampleRoom (Thank you!)
Will I re-purchase? Yes. I would try the other shades!
Will I recommend it? Yes.


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  1. I like the Cinnamon Red shade, but when they're applied on your lips as seen on the pictures, the colors looks the same :D But I still am curious and would like to use the said color. Too bad they're not that accessible except to Tupperware direct sellers. I don't get to see Tupperware stores around our area.

    1. That is so true... I think it would be more fun if Colour Collection had a store, but deadly for us women! LOL ♥

  2. I also have these from Sample Room and it was my stain kind of lipstick. I think it's for people like me who doesn't like to reapply from time to time. :) I'm wearing Raspberry Red today. :D

    1. It's a lovely color! It's the kind of color that brightens up any skin tone and shade ♥


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