How I Tamed my Damaged Hair with Lucido-L

Thursday, January 22, 2015


Ever since I got pregnant, I haven't had the time to go to the salon and get hair treatments to my almost dead hair. Plus, the fact that a lot of people advise against having hair treatments, I just decided to wait until a few months after I give birth to go back to my favorite salon, HairShaft, and have a complete hair overhaul. I badly need Fred Penales right now to do magic on my hair.

For the meantime though, I have resulted to ever more, home treatments that would tame my very dry hair. The ends of my almost dead hair have already began to result in knots and feel very sticky, specially after I shower and air-dried.

My beautiful ash blonde hair has turned ombre (which I sort-of like, considering...), and the layers that Fred styled has turned fringes. After bath, I always applied DOVE Hair Vitamin which has worked out so well for my hair. But when I ran out, I wanted to try something else. Good thing this arrived for me a few months before I ran out of DOVE so I have a reserve! Yay!

Lucido-L Hair Makeup Supplements
There are so much at-home remedies I can do to revive my almost dead hair but I can't stand the smell of mayo, or most deep-conditioning hair masks out there recently. Yes, it's the hormones.

More about Lucido-L after the break!

I was too excited to try these products out (plus the packaging is way too cute!), that I decided to use them at the same time. I had an event the following day so I decided to wash my hair the night before instead of the day of the event which I am used to doing.

One thing you should know about me is that I do not shampoo my hair everyday. I find that it's very drying to the hair plus, constant washing can result to hair fall so I wash only every other day. I turn to dry shampoo in between washes. Believe me, you need those oils in your scalp to maintain a healthy one and stimulate hair growth.
Lucido-L Hair Make Supplement Repairing Oil for Straight Hair, PhP 295
To be honest, I didn't know how to use these products when I received them so I had to read the labels and the instructions on what it does. See? Thank goodness for brands that include english instructions! This is from and made in Japan, but english instructions are included.

This Repairing Oil contains CMC-like ingredient which provides moisture treatment. CMC stands for Cell Membrane Complex which exists among cuticles and cortez cells to help them bond with each other and also works as "path of water" to transport water to cells. When CMC is lost due to hair damage, cuticles and cortex cells break away, reducing the water-maintaining ability of hair, thus the combination with CMC-like ingredients helps to improve water retention to create manageable hair up to ends.
I know that this repairing oil says that you can style your hair as usual, but I found that this is more of a serum hair treatment rather than a styling product. This oil reminds me so much of DOVE Hair Vitamin which both do not feel so heavy on my head/hair and no sticky feeling at all! Which is always a plus for me.
I am totally so into the packaging too! PINK! Yay! It's quite handy so you can bring it with you when you travel.
It comes with a pump too which is important for products like these so you won't end up with too much on your hair.

So the night before, I washed my hair with a new shampoo and conditioner I am reviewing (this will be posted soon), and wrapped my hair in a towel for a few minutes to absorb excess water. I don't like rubbing my hair with the towel because this is damaging.
I divided my hair in two sections and applied one pump on each section concentrating on the ends of my hair. I also applied an extra pump of product for the top part of my hair trying to avoid the scalp area to avoid making my scalp heavier after a few days.

I then used a wide tooth comb and combed through my hair to distribute product equally on my hair and let my hair to dry naturally.

This serum has a very good consistency too. Some treatment oils feel so thick and heavy when you rub your palms together. It's not as thick as the one from Vitress or Ellips Hair Vitamin, nor is it as runny as L'Oreal Fall Repair 3X.
Now let's move on with the STRAIGHTENING MILK. Again, I am so loving the popsicle colored bottle. I think I may just keep the bottle after I have finished this one!
Lucido-L Hair Make Supplement Straightening Milk, PhP 295
Just like the repairing oil, this straightening milk also contains CMC-like ingredient that is very beneficial to the hair!  
I have never heard of Lucido-L before but I am told that this is a drugstore line of hair care products in Japan.

Lucido-L Smooth and Sleek Straigthening Milk (photographed above) is loaded with Hyaluronic Acid that traps and seals-in moisture (which I hope can penetrate dead hair too), and coats the hair strands for effortlessly silky straight hair.
I know the packaging says that this is a styling milk so I am not sure if this product is considered as a hair care product or just mainly a styling product like mousse or hair spray. I do would like to think that this has a lot of benefits as well just like a hair mask.
This product comes in an easy pump bottle as well that dispenses just the right amount of product each time. Who doesn't love Japanese packaging, right?
This straightening milk has a consistency of a leave-on conditioner, but it won't weigh down the hair. You can still style your hair as you normally would without making the hair look lifeless!

During the lunch with my friends, I decided to not tie my hair which I always opted for during pregnancy, but I wanted to make the most out of my effort using these products! LOL

The size of product on my palm is one pump. I rubbed my hands together and applied it on the ends of my hair where it's most frizzy, sticky, and so dry! I then applied two extra pumps to be applied on all my hair from the bottom to the roots! I avoid applying too much product on my scalp because this always makes my scalp feel heavy just after a few hours.
I then blew dried my hair dry a little bit (this straightening milk acts as a heat protectant as well) because it dampened after the milk, and then used a straightening iron to make my hair straight.

Back in April 2014, I shot an OOTD (Spanish Times) in Intramuros and I had just washed my hair then and didn't put any styling products or any leave-on conditioner in my hair and my hair just looked really soft! My hair is naturally wavy so my hair looks styled. It was a lot shorter then and I had just had it done at Hairshaft (the first time) then. I miss my old hair...
Now THE PRESENT: I must say that I am quite impressed with the results of these hair products. Firstly, the oil didn't weigh my hair down. I woke up with light bouncy hair without it feeling greasy like other treatment oils. I also noticed my hair restored its shine! It may not be TV commercial worthy shiny, but it did restore the color of my hair. Let's just say it was revived.
With regards to the straightening milk, I noticed that it didn't leave a sticky, heavy feel on my hair as well. It's very lightweight! Although I think I ended up with too much on my hair that after I got home from our lunch my hair started to feel a little bit greasy. I am still trying to make out how much product I should use on my hair but nonetheless, I think these products did so well with my hair!

Considering that I have really wavy hair, I didn't put too much effort with the straightening iron to make my hair look like this.

My hair looks tamed and it feels a little rough to me when I run my hands over it. It doesn't look as big, frizzy and dry. But it doesn't feel as silky smooth as after I just ironed my hair the day before.
The ends still managed to tangle when I put my hair in a bun or when I lie down. But it's easier to comb through with a comb versus when I don't put anything at all. Since I over used the straightening cream, I felt that my scalp felt a little bit heavy. Next time I will concentrate on applying on the ends and the middle part of my hair and avoid my scalp.

Looking at my photos, I really do need a complete hair overhaul soon.


  • Both are non-oily!
  • It wont leave the scalp feeling heavy or greasy.
  • It's moisturizing to really dry damaged hair -like mine!
  • Lightweight if you don't overuse.
  • Repairs damaged brittle hair over time.
  • Affordable.
  • You can style your hair as you normally would after using.
  • It won't weigh the hair down.
  • I love the fruity-floral fragrance!
  • Great packaging -so cute!
  • When applied to sticky tips because hair is so damaged, it won't will remove the sticky feeling to it.
  • Hair feels bouncy after using.
  • Tames damaged, dry hair!
  • Hair doesn't look greasy at all like some moisturizing milks and oils.
  • Your hair can easily be combed after use.
  • Leaves hair feeling smooth and silky.
  • Includes english instructions in packaging.

  • Available only in Watson's nationwide.

  • When you over use the product (both) you will end up with greasy, heavy hair the next day. It takes time to get the feel of how much product you need for the length of you hair.

Retail Price: Both at PhP 295 each
Purchased For: Gift (Thank you!)
Will I re-purchase? Yes.
Will I recommend it? Yes.


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  1. Okay......can I have your hair please? It is gorgeous! And it is great that you take such good care of it.

    1. Oh believe me, you don't want my hair right now! LOL It's so damaged and dead! Hahaha! Thank you for dropping by! ♥

  2. im on my third bottle of this (the last featured - ligh pink) i love how it leaves scent on my hair and makes my hair more manageable!

  3. I have the green one to achieve that beach curls (natural wavy hair). I love how it leaves my hair bouncy ..lurv it!

  4. Will the hairs supplement help with split ends? I dont have color treated hair but I do deal with split ends when my hair gets to a certain length. Been using a hair serum but it dont like the silicone ingredients in it. I did love the Dove hair vitamin except for the funky smell.


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