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Saturday, January 24, 2015

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I love nail polish! I mean, who doesn't? Aside from lipstick, it's the fastest way to dress up your outfit for whatever occasion: casual? formal?

I think that having one's nails done is very relaxing and totally the best way to spend lazy Sunday afternoons. Recently though, I have been more cautious with the nail polishes that I choose to put on my nails because there have been so much articles about harmful chemicals in nail polish. And not just because I am pregnant. Women should avoid the harmful 5s at all cost specially when they love putting on nail polish!

But thank goodness for brands that are now coming out with '5-FREE' polishes (Formaldehyde, Toluene, Dibutyl-phtalate, Formaldehdye-resin and camphor). And because it is 5-Free, it is safe not only for kids and pregnant women, but for all actually!

Girl Stuff Nail Lacquers

Are you addicted to polish too? Then you will love these! More about Girl Stuff after the break.

I have been seeing Girl Stuff nail polishes in children's sections of department stores and as it turns out, they're not just for kids! Girl Stuff is made in France and the bottle is made in Italy (how is that for world class?) -and the best part? They're so affordable!

This line of nail polish are at par with high end nail polish brands such as Essie, Orly etc (for real!), plus, it's one of the few polishes that never turn my nails yellow even after weeks and weeks of leaving the polish on your toe nails which we all tend to do (let's be honest!)
I have always thought that Girl Stuff nail polishes are for kids because they're found in the children's section. I never thought that I would get addicted to them because it is of such great quality. Really comparable to other high end imported brands that we usually buy in department stores.
I received these three shades from Girl Stuff and they're shades that I wouldn't normally choose for myself. Which is also a good thing because chances of me having these shades already in my collection are very slim, plus I get to try something new instead of the usual brights and neons during summer, and the usual red on normal days.

I am specially loving that powder blue!
Girl Stuff Nail Polish in Marilyn, Sophia, and Diana, PhP140/each
The other gift box I received is from their holiday and confetti collection!
Girl Stuff 2014 Holiday Collection features three quick dry and highly-glittered textured polish in three bold colors! PEACE is a bright blue overloaded with glitters and diamond-like sparkles. LOVE is a sparkling bright fuchsia pink, while HOPE is a unique glittered lime green – goldish color that shifts colors depending on the light! However hard they are to remove with nail polish remover makes up in prettiness (if that's even a word!)
Holiday and Confetti Collection, PhP 150/bottle
Now we can make our own nail art in minutes! Just top off your fave nail polish shade with Girl Stuff's Confetti Collection, and tadah…. Insta-nailart! Girl Stuff introduces three toppers that will surely brighten our manis all year round! Oopsie Daisies is a dainty mix of yellow, light blue, light green and white round matte glitters and white daisies. I♥U is a mix a medley of white and red matte glitters of different sizes and heart matte glitters! Disco Fever is a black yogurt base overloaded with matte glitters of different sizes and colors: light blue, yellow, and red! It may be used on its own or over Girl Stuff Twilight which is a black shade.

The orange one on the top row is a shade called Tangerine Burst. I can't wait to try them all!

But for the meantime, in the spirit of me having a Baby Boy, I will be using the powder blue shade called Diana. It took me only 2 coats to get the perfect coverage.
Girl Stuff Nail Polish in Diana, PhP 140
I then topped that with Oopsie Daisies from the Confetti Collection, which is the perfect nails for a baby shower, don't you think? Although my baby shower is not in two months, it's always good to plan ahead, don't you think?
Girl Stuff Confetti Collection in Oopsie Daisies, PhP 150
And because I am too impatient to sit still and wait for my nails to dry, I used Girl Stuff's break through formulation... Fast Dry Top Coat! I just swept a single layer on top of the glitter coat to seal in everything and add gloss and shine. It took a longer than a minute for it to totally dry because I already had on several layers of nail polish on my fingernails.

The Fast Dry Top Coat dries within a minute after application forming a hard thin crystal-clear film over nail polish, locking in nail color, protecting nails from chipping and extending wear of nail polish. The formula is fluid, making application easy, smooth and even.

Girl Stuff Fast Dry Top Coat is also made in France and is also 5-free (free from harmful chemicals found in most nail polish: Formaldheyde, Toluene, Dibutyl-phtalate, Formaldehdye-resin and camphor). I have personally tried this amazing top coat and true to their promise, it does make waiting time shorter!
Girl Stuff Fast Dry Top Coat, PhP 150

So, if you want quality nail polishes for your next mani pedi sesh and some polishes to add to your collection, try looking at Girl Stuff. They have a lot of great shades and colors to choose from! Great quality polishes with an affordable price tag!

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  1. Lovely post ! :) Lovely colors

    xoxo ♥

  2. I seldom put colors in my fingernails since I don't have much time to go out for mani/pedi especially when you have one tots in toll. But the confetti collection looks very promising though, colors at your fingertips!

  3. Oopsie Dasie looks really great! That would work on any color underneath.


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