Jimmy Choo's EDP definitely makes it to my list of good gifts to give for Valentine's Day!

Saturday, January 24, 2015


"The most popular brand of luxury shoes and fashion accessories, Jimmy Choo, launches its first fragrance, simply named Jimmy Choo. 
Jimmy Choo fragrance, described as "feminine yet empowering, with a lot of sensuality to it", was developed in cooperation with Inter Parfums and the famous perfumer from IFF Olivier Polge. The seductive composition is a modern chypre fruity, with green top notes, tiger orchid, sweet toffee caramel and Indonesian patchouli. 
The packaging and the textured glass bottle is designed by Mellon herself. She was inspired by Murano glass and devoted so much attention to the appearance, so that it would be desirable and appropriate for your nightstand."
So I finally threw some cash around and bought myself a big 100ml bottle of this beauty after smelling it originally in 2011 when it was first launched in Manila. I bought this bottle a few months before getting pregnant but it's only now I got to post a review of it! I have been using it constantly, and not only in the evening! Sometimes I use it during the day when I have events to attend.

My first impression? It was so strong, definitely. For that reason and that reason alone I was somewhat wary of this fragrance, but there really was something about this perfume that kept haunting me. Whenever I passed by the Rustan's cosmetics department, my eyes would be drawn to this perfume. It was one of those situations were you want to pull away from something, and yet simultaneously there is that something that is drawing you in.
Jimmy Choo Eau de Parfum 100ml, PhP 6,400

Still looking for a gift for HER for Valentine's Day? Do check out more about this fragrance after the break!

Meanwhile, 3 years later, after occasionally having the perfume guy spray it on my wrists in Rustan's now and again, I finally drank the cool-aid and bought this scent for myself and I appreciate it now more than ever.
The Jimmy Choo EDP has a beautifully balanced patchouli with sweet pear, and mandarin orange with a liquidized toffee topping (toffee!). It is absolutely divine, and at the same time, very sensual. For some reason, this fragrance doesn't follow the notes that they are listed. When I spray this on, I can definitely smell the patchouli first along with a spicy toffee.

Mandarin Orange, Pear


Toffee, Patchouli

It is a spicy fragrance but the sillage is not that strong, it only radiates within intimate proximity which is the best kind of sillage for these spicy warm perfumes. I do not really like fragrances that have a long distance sillage, I want people to only smell it when they come talk to me and peak a curiosity. You know, as the scent intrigues and people want to lean in and become more intimate just to smell it. Yes, it is a very romantic fragrance. My hubby loves smelling this on me. (Kilig)
I don't know why some people say this smells cheap and generic. It certainly, and absolutely does not. There is no fragrance like it out there according to my knowledge, and I think that the only reason it smells generic is that everyone appreciates it and it suits the majority who wear it.
For me, a little goes a long way. I prefer it being an intimate proximity scent. I don't want to be reeking of perfume when I enter a room. I want to be smelled when I go near someone. I find myself spraying this only twice on my chest before dressing up. I know some perfume experts would disagree but this is how I love wearing my perfume.
I believe that this is one clever and outstanding scent. Nothing is overdone with this perfume, everything is blended well together in perfect harmony. The soft chypre lends this EDP a very classic feel while the sweet pear and warm toffee kick it into modernity, and in a way, a semi-sweet blend. The patchouli ties the composition together, you can definitely smell that the strongest (at least for me). I just absolutely love the yumminess it projects with all that going on in one tiny spray!

Jimmy Choo EDP is available in all leading department stores in the Philippines: 100ml for PhP 6,400, 60ml for PhP 4,900, and 40ml for PhP 3,000.

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  1. The toffee note is definitely intriguing. I haven't tried Jimmy Choo's perfume line,but by the way you describe it Miss Sabs, my imagination is filled and I want to have one now. haha.

    1. I know right? It was the toffee that intrigued me as well, it's sweet and spicy too! Try it out in department stores, it really is very sensual, I love it ♥


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