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Saturday, January 31, 2015


Weekends are the best because Raul and I can spend time together and eat out! He used to have work on Saturdays, but ever since his company cancelled it, we get to go out on weekends for lunch and try restaurants together. Big YAY! I'd jump for joy if I could.

I have to thank my sister for introducing me to this restaurant. She first took me here a couple of months ago and I just fell in love with their grilled cheese and bacon sandwich, and the smoked salmon grilled cheese!

Refinery, G/F Joya Building, Joya Drive, Rockwell Center, Makati

I have been craving for their grilled cheese sandwich for a while now and finally I get to go again today with the hubby.

Curious? More about Refinery after the break!
The place is a little bit hard to get to but if you are from the area, it's a walk away from everywhere. But if you have a car, you can park in front of the restaurant if there is parking available. If not, you will have to park in Power Plant mall and walk to Joya Building on Joya Drive.
They're almost always full so it's best to call for a reservation specially if you will be a big party. But for me and hubster, we just tried our luck to get a table at 11:30 AM.
True enough, the place was already packed with diners for lunch! We sat outside where their huge umbrella is... If you are on a date, I suggest sitting inside though, the wind is always crazy strong at this corner so your hair will definitely get messed up! LOL

If you really want a place inside, just ask them to transfer you to a table inside once one is available. I didn't care much for sitting inside because it was really windy outside, I just needed a lower chair because the bar stools were really uncomfortable for a pregnant woman.
The interior has a Draft kind of feel, except the chairs are all different. It's a really comfortable place to just hangout with friends! I like that they don't have loud music so you can enjoy chika time with your friends.
I am not a coffee drinker but my friends who have tried the coffee here all tell me that they make good coffee!
So, as I have been dreaming, I ordered the grilled cheese and bacon sandwich! It's has maple smoked bacon, gruyere and mozarella cheese inside this amazing croissant-like bread. It comes with a side of slow-cooked tomato soup and a small portion of garden salad with sweet vinaigrette. Nom nom nom!
Grilled Cheese with Bacon, PhP 320
Here's a closer look at my sandwich. I swear. That's all I can say. Hahaha!
The hubby ordered the Refinery Burger. I was hoping he would order the Smoked Salmon Grilled Cheese but he went with the burger instead. The burger is a premium kitayama beef pattie with melted cheddar cheese, with a side of tiger slaw and crispy fries! Hubby ordered bacon so you just add PhP 55. You can add egg too for an additional PhP 35. The Refinery Burger costs PhP 320 too!
Refinery Burger, PhP 320
In spite of this sandwich being my favorite, and have been dreaming of this for months, I gave half of my sandwich to Raul! See? I can play nice. Hahaha! But I did get half of his burger! Having gained only 13 lbs during this pregnancy even now I'm on my 7th month, I still have to keep my blood sugar in check because of the gestational diabetes. The secret is really quantity, hence, the sharing. Hahaha!
Raul enjoyed his burger, but to me, our homemade wagyu burger tastes way better. Maybe I'm just biased but that's really how I feel. Besides, I can't really make a proper assessment of burger since I had my half cooked well-done since I couldn't have anything raw.

The meat became really tough and hard to chew so I didn't really like it. Plus, it took them 15 minutes to cook a 1/4 pc of meat from medium rare to well done.
I did however enjoy the tiny portion of tiger slaw. I wish they gave bigger portions of this stuff though!
This is a great hangout place for friends who want to enjoy cocktails all day! They also have a couple of great chow to accompany alcoholic drinks in the menu like the Sausage Platter, which has house choice of deep-fried sausages and side of toast (this is good for 2-3 persons), PhP 298. And the Cold Cuts and Cheese Platter which has manchego semi curado, chorizo blanco and prosciutto with a side of toast costs PhP 520.

I definitely want to go back so I can try the Double Truffle Fries and the Chorizo Pasta! I love how reasonably priced their food is. Plus, a single order per person is really filling! People might think they won't get full with just a sandwich, but it really is very satisfying!


G/F Joya Bldg, Joya Drive, Rockwell CenterMakati

Phone Number(02) 781-0344

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