Manicure Service at Studio Fix by Alex Carbonell Greenbelt 5

Friday, January 30, 2015

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Friday was spent on a date with my sister at Alex Carbonell's Studio Fix salon at Greenbelt 5. I have gone to this salon for a hair color a year and a half ago (check out my post HERE), but I wouldn't say that it was a good experience. Don't get me wrong though! A lot of people are happy with Studio Fix, I just found that Hairshaft and I were a better match when it comes to coloring.

So today, I came back to Studio Fix for a mani pedi while my sister gets her hair cut with Alex. I haven't been back to this salon since that day I had my hair colored, and this is the first time I'm going to try their mani pedi service.

Check out my awesome #notd after the break!

I really wanted something different for my nails this weekend, but I didn't have the patience to sit around in the salon just waiting for nails to dry. I planned to go to Posh Nails in Magallanes but I know that would take a long time and sitting around is not my cup of tea right now.
So here I am in my little corner waiting for my nail technician! While I was waiting I was trying to decide what color I should get next! I love red nails, always, but I wanted something different for a change.
I love that their selection of nail polishes are mostly OPI. I love OPI! Although I had something in mind before I asked my sister to set me up with an appointment.
The day before, I went to Landmark and got myself a new set of Nail Foils. I have reviewed these nail foils before (you can view that post HERE), I actually like these because they work so well and they only cost PhP 19.75 per pack. Although the right most Nail Foil is PhP 29.75 per pack. They have so much designs to choose from (but not all are nice) and as long as you take care of your nails, they last about 3 days, 5 tops.

I mean, even though they did just last about 3 days, it's very cheap! That's about 2 pesos per nail, so really, not bad. If you want the really nice nail wraps, I would go for NCLA. They have top notch designs and they last so long too! More than a month, I was told.
If you do end up in Greenbelt 5 to have your nails done at Studio Fix, I would ask for Febby. She is the one who did my nail cleaning and applied my Nail Foils.
So I chose these! I am going to save my other ones for another day. I specially love that playing cards design. Hehehe... I can't wait to use those! Anyway, these have a glittery gold detail and colorful zigzag pattern.
Febby is very OC when applying my nail foils. Hehehe... That's why I recommend her if you do want to have some foils applied. They don't have them at the salon so you would have to bring your own. They're pretty easy to attach too! I didn't even have to explain it to Febby on how to use them, she says she uses them herself too so she knew how to put them on. Yay!

If you want to know how to put them on though you can visit my other post on Nail Foils.
I had to cancel my pedi appointment because my back hurt already from sitting down. They overcharged me though, I paid PhP 400 for a manicure (no nail polish) which is just a cleaning. I just realized this when I got home and as it turned out they did charge me for the pedi I didn't get. Thank goodness their staff was nice so they will refund me the PhP 200 when I go back to the salon.

I love their work, very clean and my cuticles no longer existed without having to injure me with too much pushing or digging!
I just love how these came out! Oh yah, I found that if you don't apply clear nail polish on top of them, they can slip right off if you press down on the nail foil, and slide them off they will! So best to secure it with  clear nail polish.
I used NCLA Gloss It! Top and Base Coat to keep the foils in place and it did. I just have to take care of my nails so that they will last longer than 3 days.
I am loving my nails for the weekend. They're fun and they have personality. No waiting and drying time, just really fuss free!

I can't wait to try the nail cover stickers from Glossy Blossom which was sent to me by Sprint Asia! I think I may just use them for next weekend! I would love to try NCLA's too though but I still have to travel quite a bit to get my hands on them.

I guess you can say that I had a good experience at Studio Fix with my nail cleaning service. They didn't charge me extra for having my nail foils attached so that's a plus for me. I guess it's safe to say that I would be going back to there if I want to have my nails done.

Hope you ladies have a fantastic weekend!

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  1. I haven't gone back to this particular branch because they kept me waiting 30-45 minutes for my appointment that I booked at least 2 days prior :( I complained that it wasn't fair and that having a lot of clients wasn't an excuse because that's the point of booking, The girl did a good job at bleaching my brows though, in fairness.

    1. I know what you mean, they do have a tendency to be snooty like that. That day I had my nail appointment they kept me waiting for 20 minutes, I asked if hindi ko pa ba turn and the snooty receptionist replied "madami kasing nag book in advance eh!" I'm like "Pero nag book din ako in advance right?!" So yah, I know what you mean. That's also one of the reasons why Studio Fix and I aren't a good match... I love Hairshaft's customer service better!


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