Maybelline White SuperFresh Arrives in Manila! (Event Photos and Product Review)

Friday, January 23, 2015

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Last Thursday I attended the launch of Maybelline's White SuperFresh Long Lasting UV Cake Powder. Ever since I received my invite a week before the event, I was so giddy about this new product that Maybelline is bringing in because I am crazy about face powders. Sometimes a good powder is all you need to make your life easier in putting on your makeup in the morning, specially if you're in a rush!

So let me tell you all about this amazing new product from Maybelline, and I will be reviewing the powder after my post on the event.

Before anything else, let me tell you something about this new product. So what exactly is White SuperFresh Powder? It's a face powder that promises that super fresh and matte beauty that lasts up to 12 hours! Amazing, I know right? Now, are you curious too? Find out more after the break!

Upon registering, you can already view the product that Maybelline was launching. By this point, I was really excited to start swatching!
In a study conducted with Filipino women using regular foundations for their everyday use, most said it takes three to five times a day of retouching to avoid skin feeling oily and dirty. I so know how this feels. I always end up with a greasy feel in the afternoon unless I constantly retouch with oil blotting papers and a pat on the nose with my face powder.
Unlock the secret of up to 12 hours of no touch-ups for that super fresh and matte look with the latest breakthrough in makeup foundation, Maybelline New York's White Super Fresh. Innovated with the powerful Clean-touch Powder Technology, girls can now be confident all day from morning to evening with a powder foundation that promises zero cakeyness, zero dullness, and zero meltdowns. 

Now doesn't that just sound absolutely wonderful?
At the event, we were treated to prettify our nails and have our hair and makeup done. The makeup artist will be putting on the White SuperFresh on our skin and then we will be photographed so that we can check out the effect of 12 hour fresh looking skin.
Here we are having our nails done!
Since I know I am a clumsy girl when it comes to nail art that I need at least a couple of hours to let them dry, I opted to have my nails painted in one color only! LOL I know that if I opted for nail art, I will just end up with extremely messy nails.
Aren't these cupcakes cute? After the event we got to take them home too!
We first had lunch that is catered by the venue of course which was Cafe 1771 in El Pueblo. It was my first time to eat there so I was thrilled that I enjoyed the food! Simple and yet delicious food.
Here's a little activity for us to do at the event! It was really a fun activity because we got the full pampering experience Maybelline-style.
“Women feel best about themselves right after they’ve had a morning shower and freshly-applied makeup. However, as the day goes, their skin is under attack by heat, humidity, and pollution that leads to sweat build-up which eventually pounds down their confidence!” shared Cary Noreen Co, Maybelline New York Product Manager. “This is where Maybelline New York comes in by offering the must-have powder foundation to make sure she always has that fresh feel confidence with White Super Fresh,” added Cary.
Cary Noreen Co, Maybelline New York Product Manger
Compared to other two-way cake foundations which traps in sweat and sebum, leaving the skin oily, plus the troublesome cakes and cracks that makes the skin look darker, White Super Fresh's Clean-touch Technology battles all these, enabling its absorption power five times better than regular talc.

So at the event, we did the spray test on the SuperFresh vs. Brand X. We were asked to open up the test kit and grab our water-filled atomizer.
We sprayed a couple of pumps of water on each of the powders and see what happens on the next photo!
With Brand X, the water was just sitting on top of the powder and left drip marks all over the place making the powder streak and left an ugly mess on the powder. It cannot withstand sweat and it will eventually turn out very cakey.

As for the SuperFresh powder, you can see that water dissipates almost immediately upon spraying it! And when you run your fingers on the powder, it's as if it wasn't sprayed with water.
We were all amazed with how the powder just repelled the water! That makes it really exciting to use specially for the coming hot summer months to come!


So the following day, I just had to use this powder on myself and see how it will fair on my very oily T-Zone. I usually oil on my nose just after an hour so I can't wait to see for myself what will happen.
The compact comes with a sleeve that explains pretty much everything you need to know about this breakthrough powder for Filipina women! I am not sure if their packaging would include the sleeve forever but I guess when they launch it, it will include this sleeve. If not, you can look for the normal packaging (photo posted below).
I was wondering at first what Cake Powder meant, I thought that it can be applied wet as well as you would other cake foundations. But according to their packaging that it need not be applied wet as the coverage is already perfect for dry usage. But I am still tempted to try though.

I am not sure as to why it's called WHITE SuperFresh when it's not a whitening product. I guess it makes your skin look bright? Yes, I guess that's it. It's a brightening powder that will give you a BRIGHT matte look all day. So don't get intimidated by the word WHITE. It won't make your face look white.
This is the real packaging without the sleeve.
Contains no harmful ingredients, and is also paraben-free.
Everything you need to know about the product is printed on the box. So if you are anything like me who loves to read stuff on packaging, you will love to learn all about SuperFresh from their box!
I am loving this compact because it's white and it just looks really clean. It actually reminds me of Lancome's compact powder but of course not on that level though. I grew up wearing Maybelline so it's always a happy day when I review Maybelline products.

I know that the Maybelline White SuperFresh powder in Malaysia has a different packaging. I attached a photo below too so you can see:
Photo courtesy of
This is how ours look like here in the Philippines:
I love that the sponge has a separate area where you can store it. You don't have to worry about transferring oil, dirt and sweat on the product! Pressed powders that have this kind of packaging is always a plus for me.
I was able to receive the shade NATURAL from the event, and I just hope that it would suit me well. I actually asked for their lightest shade but they gave me the Natural shade instead. I just hope it would suit my skin tone and color well.
I had to swipe the powder several times so that the product can be seen on camera, but it really has a good, soft, velvet-y texture. Not chalky nor is it thick to the touch. At first glance on the swatch, I thought the shade was way too orange for me. I was actually worried that I may have chosen the wrong shade!
Applied on my face, you can compare it with my bare face which is located on the left side of the photo below. My bare face looks reddish specially on the nose area and I have explained it to you guys in my post when I was reviewing the SNOE Prime Phenomenon.

Applying the powder only without liquid foundation, the coverage is very good! It has a medium to full coverage, and the powder is not at all drying considering that I have dry skin right now -well, except on the nose area which gets really oily sometime during the day. Click image to view larger.
You will see that the enlarged pores on my nose was covered by the powder as well! It may still be a little obvious but at least it's not as obvious anymore. It gives a really smooth and velvet finish on the skin, and this powder has no weird smell as well!
I wore the makeup all day, trying to resist the temptation of retouching. I didn't powder my nose the whole day but I did use oil blotting paper about twice by patting it over my nose not wiping it. I still oiled a lot during the day but the other areas of my face with powder remained intact.

I would have to say that in my personal opinion, this powder is perfect for women who do not oil as much but sweat a lot. Sweat is different from oil so I guess this powder would be best for use on women who constantly sweat on their brows, lids, and upper lip area. You know who you are, and that includes me!
Although the coverage really is good and it felt so light on the skin, I don't think that this powder will last 12 hours on me. It would last on the other areas of my face that is not my nose, so I would have to keep retouching and powdering my nose when I do use this powder.

Maybelline White SuperFresh will be available in Asia only because it is specially formulated for Asian skin! It will be available in stores nationwide in all Maybelline counters starting February 28, 2015!


  • Gives good medium to full coverage even when used dry or on it's own.
  • Good to use to set liquid foundation as well.
  • No cheap, strong fragrance!
  • Smoothing velvet finish lasts all day (except for my nose area where it's super oily)
  • No need for retouching on other parts of my face.
  • Sweat resistant!
  • Powder doesn't break easily, I dropped it once and the powder stayed intact!
  • Covers minimal dark under eyes well.
  • Non-drying.
  • Does not make you look scaly in spite of it being a mattifying product.
  • Does not emphasize already dry skin by highlighting dry spots.
  • Lightweight feel all day! Skin doesn't look cakey nor too heavily made up.
  • Looks very natural.
  • Sleek packaging. Extra compartment for the sponge.
  • Contains a big mirror inside.
  • Hides red patches and other discolorations on the face well.
  • Skin looks brighter!
  • Refillable! You can just buy the refill when you run out and you can replace the refill easily.
  • Skin really feels fresh after applying. Does not make the skin feel tight.
  • Applies on the skin smoothly with the sponge.

  • When freshly applied, it may look white but it will eventually adjust to the skin tone/shade.

  • It didn't do too well with my oily nose. Will check again after I give birth.
  • Hopefully they will come up with more dark shades for women with morena skin.


Retail Price: PhP 299
Purchased For: Gift from Maybelline (Thank you!)
Will I re-purchase? Yes! Definitely.
Will I recommend it? Yes!

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  1. Without paraben is an added bonus but not by much to me at least. I really like the Malaysian packaging better though :(

  2. Shet another powder!! I can wait til this releases and it very affordable :) excited na! haha

    1. It's coming real soon! Plus, they're so affordable! ♥

  3. Its been a long long time since I've used a Maybelline powder. This will be good for beach days. Will definitely try this!

  4. Is it better that L'oreal's Mat Magique? :)

    1. Oh, I can't say yet since I haven't tried L'Oreal's yet :) But once I do, I will definitely feature it here! ;)

  5. Hi! Is it okay for people who don't wear makeup but want oil-free skin throughout the day? I'm worried that it might be too thick as it's a powder foundation. I bought Maybelline's Clear Smooth Original Pressed Powder, but I'm thinking of trying this product in the future.

  6. Hi, which powder gives best coverage? Pixy Coverlast (with sponge) or this one? :D Thank you

  7. Hi, which is better in terms of coverage? This or Pixy Coverlast (with sponge)? Thanks :)


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