Never Sleep with Makeup On Again with Nivea Cleansing Wipes!

Sunday, January 04, 2015

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First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! Well, it's been a crazy holiday break and so I have been hiatus also for the past few days! Not only was I crazy busy, I got sick too! Booo!

But anyway, I'm back, and for my first post of the year, I am posting about Nivea's Cleansing Wipes! Definitely a new good habit to form for the new year: NEVER SLEEP WITH MAKEUP!

I don't know how much of a secret this is, but it is a fact: women has a dark secret-- they've slept with their makeup on -or have been sleeping with their makeup on. Yes, it is something to be ashamed about because some women would think "how much damage could it do for just a night or two?" and the next thing you know, you have formed a habit out of not removing your makeup before going to bed.

Nivea Gentle Facial Cleansing Wipes 25 sheets, PhP 140
Nivea Pure Effect 3-in-1 Daily Deep Cleansing Exfoliating Wipes 25 sheets, PhP 140
I used to think that Baby Wipes will do the same job as any facial cleansing wipes out there but I have learned that it is not. First of all, baby wipes were made to cater to wiping dirt off babies' skin and not for removing makeup which can get skin deep. These makeup residues, dirt, and oil goes skin deep that no amount of baby wipes can cleanse.

So forget that myth. It's like using shampoo as a facial wash, or hand soap to clean your dishes. They will not do the same good job they were meant to do.

Sounds like something you desperately need? More after the break!

Nivea's Gentle Facial Cleansing Wipes come in typical wet wipes packaging which can easily be mistaken with just an ordinary baby wipes bag. So if you are not in the habit of reading labels, best if you start doing now. I can't tell you how many times I went home discovering that I have bought the wrong product!

The NIVEA Gentle Cleansing Wipes softly cleanses the face as it removes makeup and waterproof mascara, hydrates using the Hydra IQ moisture effect, and nourishes with Almond Oil extract. This is ideal for users with dry and sensitive skin.
Instructions, labels, ingredients, etc are printed on the packaging straight up and quite clearly so it's very easy to understand.

Formulated for people with dry and sensitive skin (which is very much me!), these wipes are also safe for pregnant women! Extra points for that one!
It comes with an easy resealable sticky that keeps the wipes fresh and moist. Just keep it away from direct sunlight! I love keeping a bag on my night stand and another pack in my bathroom!
I am loving the material that was used in these facial wipes. It's very soft and has a cottony feel, unlike those cheap wet naps you can buy in grocery stores. These cloths were made to be gentle on your skin and not to damage it! It's pretty lightweight too so the entire pack doesn't feel so heavy for you to bring around in your purse if you wish.
Nivea's Facial Cleansing Wipes comes in two variants, one is the first one I introduced, and the second is their 3-in-1 Daily Deep Cleansing Exfoliating Wipes:

It's made to do the same purpose: remove makeup, but this variant gently exfoliates the skin that is safe to be used everyday. Formulated to cater to women (or men!) with oily and impure skin.
It has a slightly different color scheme as the first variant, so again, don't forget to read the labels so that you won't end up with the wrong one. Although there is no damage or harm will come to you when you use the wrong facial wipes on your skin, you will just benefit more with the right one.

The NIVEA 3-in-1 Deep Cleansing Exfoliating Wipes combines three effects to make face pure and smooth. First step is to deeply cleanse the skin by using the soft side of the wipes to remove makeup. Next is to exfoliate dead cells using the textured side to reveal a more refined look. Third is to secure the face with a special anti-bacterial formula with active Magnolia extract that prevents impurities without irritating the skin.
It also comes with a sticky that can be reused over and over again, so don't worry about it losing it's effectiveness after a few uses. It's quite sticky so you can sleep better at night.
These Exfoliating Wipes have a textured surface which is very safe to use for everyday exfoliation. Don't worry about damaging your skin with too much exfoliating!
It's bumpy on one side, and smooth on the other side. So you actually get best of both worlds. I love using these too on some days when I really want to deep clean my face and remove the impurities that have gone beyond skin deep. You know, when you have been wearing your makeup for more than 8 hours and you have been outside walking under the sun for too long.
So basically, this is my game face on:
  1. Full coverage liquid makeup set with powder foundation with a brush.
  2. Brow pencil and gel topped with eyebrow tint mascara.
  3. Waterproof eye pencil for tight lining, plus 3 coats of volumizing and lengthening waterproof mascara.
  4. Contouring powder and blush retouched all throughout the day.
  5. Long-lasting lipstick, retouched all throughout the day. 
  6. A bit of concealer on days I do not sleep very well.
  7. Not numbered: Contouring powder for the nose.
  8. BONUS: top all of that with oil, dirt, and sweat from the whole day.
This is the first time I will be using Nivea's Gentle Facial Cleansing Wipes, and I tell you that I have been looking forward to it since I am always on the look out for the perfect wipes for lazy days! I know there are a few brands out there that offer these, but they're not as affordable.
So, using just a single sheet of Nivea Facial Cleansing Wipes, I started with one side of my face using only one side of the sheet. And it surprised me that it really did its job well including the waterproof mascara!

When I first touched the wipes, I thought they actually dried out because it didn't feel as moist as regular baby wipes. It has a very pleasant smell (like skin care), the cloth is thicker and smoother than Burt's Bees Facial Cleansing Towelettes (plus a much more pleasant smell), and is definitely more powerful than H2O Cleansing Face Wipes. I was so surprised that Nivea's Cleansing Wipes are better in a lot of ways than bigger brands which really impressed me.
I love that the material is very soft. And the product that moisten the wipes are "activated" when applied to the face. It's not dripping wet when you squeeze it against your skin unlike regular baby wipes. Yes, some people would say that they work just the same but most of these baby wipes are not designed to remove and deeply clean your skin from makeup, dirt, and oil that get really deep into your skin.
What's even more surprising is that in spite of the not-so-moist wipes, it removed all of my makeup including the tight liner and waterproof mascara with one single cleansing wipe! Even the matte long-lasting, transfer-proof lippie that I had on!
It takes a bit of patience when you are removing your waterproof mascara, but it does take it off! What I would like to do is wrap the wipes around my pointer finger and use the side of my finger to press and wipe down the mascara from my lashes. Do not rub! Rubbing will only make your lashes fall off and we don't want that!

Length of usage before review: Everyday for the past weeks.

  • Non-drying! Moisturizing while being used.
  • Non-greasy, no sticky after-feel!
  • Smells pleasant.
  • Non-irritating. Non-comedogenic.
  • No need to use a cleanser after using!
  • Completely removes makeup efficiently.
  • Convenient packaging. Easy to bring and lightweight.
  • No need to follow up with a foaming cleanser after.
  • Wipes are not overly moistened that drips everywhere when being used.
  • Removes waterproof makeup, including mascara!
  • Safe to be used everyday.
  • Affordable!
  • Easily available in all Watsons branches, nationwide. 
  • Safe for pregnant women, or women with sensitive skin.
  • No breakouts after use.
  • Non-itchy or tight feeling after use.
  • Economical! Just a single sheet can remove your makeup.
  • Skin feels clean and smooth after each use.

  • It doesn't remove mascara as quickly as oil-based makeup removers, but it does the job well with patience!

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    Retail Price: PhP 140
    Purchased For: Gift from Nivea (Thank you!)
    Will I re-purchase? Absolutely.
    Will I recommend it? Yes.

    Are you a NIVEA Cleansing Wipes user already? Join the #comeclean campaign with NIVEA! Just post photos of yourself using the Nivea Cleansing Wipes and tag #comeclean and #withorwithoutmakeup.

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    1. Hi Ms. Sabs, I noticed that your eyes look red. Hope you're feeling fine :) I have tried Nivea's Deep Cleansing Exfoliating Wipes and I agree about your review. Oh and I need to buy a new one - I'm interested to join #comeclean campaign with NIVEA.

      1. Hahaha! Yah, I have red eyes because it was a long day. I was pretty tired but I wanted to take photos. LOL ♥

    2. I am soooo guilty of this post. I never thought cleansing and baby wipes are different. I have these baby wipes from a subscription beauty box and never thought of using until now.

      As always, great post Miss Sabs. Happy New Year!

    3. my farlin and nursy wipes can remove mascara =)

    4. Happy 2015 Ms Sabs!!! May this year shower you with more blessings!!! Please continue to blog even after giving birth hihi im excited!

    5. I still prefer cleansing oils and bi-phase waterproof eye makeup removers for home use as I tend to have so many layers on (plus waterproof!) that I feel cleaner with the cleansing oil, but nothing beats a makeup remover wipe for travels and lazy days. Soo convenient! This has been on my to-buy list since late last year.

    6. I received a pack of the exfoliating wipes from a BDJ box last year. I also prefer my usual double cleansing method (Muji cleansing oil + face wash). But I did get to use the wipes a lot over the holidays when traveling because I don't want to lug around a bottle of cleansing oil that might spill in my bag. It's handy and does the job but I think it exfoliates too harshly if used every night, maybe 3-4 times a week might be safer for most people.

    7. I wonder how this compares to the Celeteque makeup remover wipes? that one is Php160 while this is only Php140. I've gotta try this. I got sold with your review Sabs. Happy New Year! Random Beauty by Hollie

    8. This wipe will be good for travel. But my New Year resolution this year would be to incorporate more natural beauty products. So will be using my virgin coconut oil or olive oil to remove makeup. Happy New year!


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