Pixi by Petra Fall/Winter Collection 2014

Sunday, January 11, 2015


Being pregnant is tough! Aside from the fact that I have so much to prepare before the baby is born, which I only have less than 3 months away, I have so much orders for my business that I haven't had enough time to blog! So much new products that are coming in my doorstep that I have been dying to show you guys but so little time!

Well anyway, I am here to feature Pixi by Petra's Fall/Winter collection which is still available at Glamourbox for purchase. I must tell you that I am so in-love with this set! Too much looks to do with this kit!

More about this awesome new collection after the break!

My favorite is the eye palette. I love eye palettes because the shades all go together. You can use each one as a single wash of color on your lids or if you are an expert eyeshadow applicator, you can use all of them at the same time! I haven't tried that yet but it sounds like a good idea though!
It's quite handy too! It comes in a sturdy plastic case with a protective acrylic cover. It also comes with an applicator that you can use but I prefer using eyeshadow brushes. But the sponge applicator can be used for travel if you wish. It's long handled too!
From this collection, the eyeshadow palette is names Rich Gold which is perfect for the holidays. I know the holidays are over but it's very much useable all year round. Believe me, I still use this whenever I do wear makeup to go out!
I am so loving the shades. I have always loved earth-toned eyeshadows because they look the most natural and the most versatile. You can use any lipstick shade and you get an updated look! My favorite shade? I would have to say 3 and 4!
The eyeshadow glides on smoothly, like silk on skin. I would have loved it even more if the palette came with more matte shades but since it didn't, it would still look pretty good on because it's not hyper pearlized. It's sheen and has a soft shimmer and not glittery.
Now the black eyeliner is pencil is a little bit more trickier to apply. I will show you later why this is so. I have never really been much of a fan of glitter eye pencils because I don't really know how to wear them., and two, the formula seems to be a little bit more brittle than the regular eyeliner pencil.
It does however go so well with the collection that's why I had to use it too! I don't recommend using it on your waterlines because the tiny glitter particles could get in your eye. So if you would like a more dramatic look for the evening, I would recommend using Pixi's Endless Silky Eye Pen in Black/Noir. It's the same thing but without the glitter, but it is very very black and glides on easily on the surface of the skin as well.
It's quite handy too! I love the transparent cover because it protects the tip of the pencil.
You can see the tiny glitter particles on the swatch on my hand. I am not really a fan of it but it is fun to wear once in a while. Sometimes glitter pencils like these can get a little boring too. So maybe just use them at night.

And because it contains glitter particles, the tip of the pencil is brittle. I had to sharpen it twice to complete my look.
As I have mentioned in my previous post, I have been so in love with balms lately. I haven't been able to take hyper pigmented lippies lately so I always turn to trusty tinted balms. This one from Pixi takes the cake too! It really glides on smoothly on the lips and it keeps the lips moisturized for a really long time. No flaking too! (yay!)
I have other tinted brilliance balm shades but I must say that this Soft Sienna shade takes the cake so far. It may look like it's on the orange side but when applied on the lips it actually looks very nude and natural. Probably because it's not too red.
It's very convenient to bring around in your purse because the cover is transparent so you can see which one you are getting. Some crayons have a plastic cover so you will have to open the tube and see.
You can see that it's very sheer but it definitely has more pigment than Clinique's Chubby Sticks. Although I like those too.
Here's my look wearing the collection. The lip balm definitely looks a bit more pinkish on me than it is nude because I mixed it with a little bit of lip cream lipstick. I wanted to see how it would go on top of a mate lipstick and this was the result. I like it too!

I applied the #3 shade from the eyeshadow palette on my lids, just a tiny wash of color and tight-lined my upper lash lines with the endless silky eye pen. You can hardly see the glitter on the eyeliner but it's there.
What do you think of this new collection from Pixi? Do you like it as much as I do? Do let me know! You can see the prices of this collection at Glamourbox.ph!

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  1. The Pixi products I have tried have been really wonderful! I absolutely love this makeup look. You are so gorgeous!

  2. The eyeshadow looks perfect for smokey eye looks. Ms. Sabs, are you wearing falsies? :D

    1. Hiyee! Yes I am! I try to wear falsies every time I shoot for a product because it brings the whole look come to life, don't you think? :) Hehehe... Thanks for dropping by! ♥

  3. the e/s palette reminds me of my lost revlon one *huhu*

  4. I have not tried any Pixi products yet. But if I was, I will probably get the crayon balm. Crayon format lip products are my favourite. They are just so convenient to use.

  5. Another nice collection from Pixi. I would love to try the tinted brilliance balm..

    P. S.
    Congratulations! I am also giving birth around last week of April 🎉👊


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