Pixy Blush On in Passion Roses

Saturday, January 17, 2015

I am a sucker for blush. I love blush specially ones that are pigmented just right. I absolutely adore my Clinique Cheek Pop in Ginger Pop, but lately I have been feeling a little bit bashful and wanting a blush that is more on the pink side. Most of the blushes I have for some reason are more on the orange-coral side and now I want something more pinkish.

I reviewed Pixy Blush on before in Carnation Bloom, which is also on the orange side. I looked at my un-opened makeup stash and found this blush on from Pixy. I didn't even know I had this blush! It's a shade called Passion Roses, which is on the nude side with blue undertones.

Pixy Blush On Blush in Passion Roses, PhP 285

Sounds like something you're looking for? More information after the break!

As I have mentioned before, I love imported products to have English instructions which this brand has. It is printed on their box after the instructions printed in Malaysian. So that is always a plus for me.
Very much un-paraben free, this might not be the best blush of choice for those of you who are paraben-phobes.

A lot of people have been telling me to avoid products that have parabens during pregnancy but then, I am not using them superfluously. So I still feel that these parabens are added as preservatives in safe amounts. At least in my opinion.
The not-so unique thing about the packaging Pixy Blush On is that everything about it reminds me of Shu Uemura's Glow On blush. It may not be exactly the same in terms of the whole look, but maybe it's the size of the blush pan. Although this brand doesn't have refills.

Not to worry though, with this blush costing only PhP 285 per blush, you don’t have to pay a whole lot for a new shade if you want a new one.
The size of the blusher is bag friendly and it does come with a brush that is, sad to say, unusable for me.
The hairs are of synthetic, un-natural hairs so blushing with this blush may look too streaked an unnatural. So I still recommend using a blush brush with a long handle for easier control when applying your blush.
I actually like this blush more than the other Pixy Blush On which is in Carnation Bloom because this is much more wearable for me. I guess you can blend the two shades together to make it a little bit more customized and warmer for women with warmer skin tones, but this shade actually made me wear it a lot lately.
This blush also sort-of reminds me of Happy Skin's Get Cheeky with Me Blush in The Morning After which is a soft-pink nude blush that looks very natural. I just find Happy Skin's to be a bit more silky and fine than this blush.
Forgive my skin, it's been looking so dry lately because of the hormones but I am still basing my review as if my skin is in its normal state.

Length of usage before review: Everyday for the past month

  • Suitable for all skin types.
  • Affordable!
  • Good packaging.
  • Not overly shimmery. Soft sheen and sheer.
  • Buildable color.
  • Wearable shade for everyday!
  • Easily blended. No mad skills required.
  • Non-chalky formula.
  • Suitable for any age above 14 years! Or depends how young you allow your daughter to start wearing makeup. Ha! I started when I was 14!
  • Hypoallergenic.

  • Available in limited stores around the Metro only. For now, at least. Hopefully it will be available in more stores soon!
  • Colors are sheer. Not highly pigmented, and this makes it very easy to blend.
  • Will suit mostly women with cool skin tones.

  • Would need retouching after about 4 hours of wear. Best if mixed with other highly pigmented cosmetics or cream blushes to make it last longer.
  • Can have a patchy finish if skin is dry.
  • Not paraben-free.


Retail Price: Pixy Blush On, PhP 285.00 | Eyeshadow price to be updated
Purchased For: Gift from Pixy Cosmetics (Thank You!)
Will I re-purchase? Yes.
Will I recommend it? Yes.

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  1. Interesting post! ^^

    Have a nice day!

  2. I love this shade as well. And really lasts long ganda pa ng coverage also the packaging so girly..

  3. Love that you managed to find it! Funny how that happens sometimes. I love the colour though :)

  4. Very reasonably priced and I love the color, too. Thanks for posting!

  5. i love this shade on you ms sabs! parang nag blush lang sa kilig hihi =) and for the price it was definitely worth it because it was quality + packaging wise!


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