Some of the most Awesome Gifts I received last Christmas!

Saturday, January 17, 2015


I can't wait to get started in reviewing the awesome products I received from my favorite brands last Christmas. A lot of them sent me their latest products while some sent me products they have had for a while but I have never tried before.

Allow me to show you some of these awesome gifts I received this Christmas!

In no particular order... Let's start with:

Trust The Body Shop to come up with the best gift sets for Christmas! You can either build your own Christmas set to give your friends or just buy their customized, carefully selected gift set.

Know more about this uber cute Christmas gift set from The Body Shop after the break!

I haven't used them yet but I am very excited to! I am so loving the smell of the green apply soap and body butter! I can't wait to show you the eye palette too! Will review them soon.

If you haven't heard of DERMAL Face Masks yet then you are missing out! These are one of the best facial masks out in the market today and they really aim to please. No false claims, they just deliver as promised!

I have reviewed several of their masks in the past (you can read it HERE), and I love keeping them in the fridge. Not only are they uber affordable, they are available in Beauty Bar stores Nationwide too! They only cost PhP 399 for this limited edition Christmas Gift set, or PhP 70 per mask on the regular ones.
Keeping them cold in the fridge makes for a cold face mask and that reduces puffiness. You can use these masks hot too! Just dip them in hot water for a few minutes and open the pack for a very relaxing face mask.

Although the hot version is nice too, I still prefer them cold. I keep all my DERMAL face masks in the fridge.

Snoe never fails to send me their latest and their most innovative products every time. I love their packaging and their cheeky product names! This gift pack is definitely a Christmas WOW-er for kikay friends and family!

They have several gift sets for sale every year so it's really an easy way to shop because all the products in each set are carefully chosen to be sure that all products will be of great use!

The gift set for the Chemical-phobe. Burt's Bees is one of the brands I am religiously using during my pregnancy! I love that their sets come in a in lunch box that you can reuse. I am a sucker for good containers like tin cans, boxes or sinamay packaging. I keep em all!
I definitely loved the balm ornaments from Burt's Bees. I didn't display it on my tree though because I know my friends well, they will think it's a freebie and will take them home! LOL

I can't wait to use and review these!

One of my favorite blog sponsors never fails to give me stuff that I can make the most use out of, specially this pregnancy times. All-natural products that work, definitely a great gift for every man woman and child. Thank you Zenutrients for these!

I still can't believe that I received a new Beauty Blender sponge! It is one of my favorite sponges of all time. Tricky to use but it is definitely worth the patience and the practice. If you are curious how I use this sponge, you can click here: The quest for the perfect foundation tool.

Aside from the Beauty Blender, I received all the other brands that Purebeauty carries. I am just delighted to receive all these! I can't wait to swatch and review these! Specially those nail stickies!!

Is there anyone who hasn't heard of Happy Skin yet? This brand is rapidly becoming one of my go-to brands because they have such beautiful makeup available for every one. They cover all the basic makeup needs and have gorgeous lippie collections. And foundations too!
This gift set is also a great gift to give to your friends and family. It's a set containing the basic needs of every kikay girl (I am loving that green liner by the way! You can see my review here.) You can read about Honeymoon Glow HERE, and the SS Cream HERE.

Makeup studio Glambox now has pro tools for every pro or aspiring makeup artists! They gifted me with their top new tools for Christmas and it's just very exciting!
My favorites would definitely be the falsies.. And of course...
This blush palette! Costs a little over a thousand pesos, you can own this very versatile 10 shade blush palette!

I haven't been able to feature Revlon in a while so I am thrilled that they sent me their latest products this Christmas for me to explore! I am always eager to receive new products to play around with not only on myself but on my clients as well. I am definitely excited about that CC Cream! Oooh! And that Colorstay Moisture Stain too! You definitely have to come back for my review on these!

Thank you so much Revlon!

And of  course, what is Christmas without Nippon? I love how their products are definitely for the pro makeup artist. They have disposable lipgloss wands, mascara wands, pointed Q-tips, etc to make every makeup artist's life easier!

I am specially loving their sponges and I can never live without Parian Spirit which they exclusively carry.
 They have new stuff in their long list of pro tools. My current fave? The Nippon Pro Blend Sponge!
Here are some exciting new products from Nippon too! Thank you so much for this awesome gift, Nippon!

Etude's Korean skin care hasn't failed me yet! I love their skin care and their ability to moisturize the skin. That's why I am so thankful for their Christmas gifts this year! Something new to try! I definitely have my eyes on that mask to review first!

Tony Moly too is one of my favorite Korean brands. I have never tried their foundations yet so I am thrilled to have received one for Christmas this year! (Thank you!)

Since their packaging doesn't include English instructions, I would have to wait until I open the Cotton Pact Delight product to see what that is all about. Hehehe... Kind of like a second unwrapping of Christmas gifts when I am about to review the product!

This Christmas, Flawless is all about achieving natural looking fair skin, and what better to achieve that with their new whitening line?

I can't use whitening just yet but I can't wait to get into these when I give birth! I definitely have new dark spots on my face that I want to get rid of so these came just in time too! Yay Flawless! Thank you for the awesome gift as usual!

I was elated when I received this new travel brush set from CHARM! Charm being one of my favorite brush brands has been my travel buddy for a while now and it still is one of the best for me. My favorite in particular is the SONIA travel set which is the best travel set in my book.
I am loving the new bronze leather travel case this brush set has. It's very easy to clean (surprisingly) and it's really chic!
Brushes are made from real hair too which do not fall apart after one wash. I have had my SONIA travel set for more than a year and they are still in mint condition.
This has go to be one of the best yet from Charm! Thanks Charm for the wonderful Christmas gift!

Ellana is also rapidly becoming one of my favorite mineral makeup brands. Still a bit of a baby in the cosmetic world, they are really starting to make a mark in the cosmetic industry. I love their packaging too!
This Christmas, Ellana gave me 2 new blushes and they are just so cute! I can't wait to use them!
They sent me two shades one on the red side while one on the pink side. I can't wait to review these too! Thank you Ellana for this wonderful gift!

Thank you so much to these brands for sending me awesome new products to try! I can't wait to get started!

So, did you receive any beauty products this Christmas? Tell me about them!

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  1. Christmas extravaganza! Equally thrilled to read your reviews. :)

  2. wow! so many gifts to open! and now so many product reviews to read!!! =)


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