Win an Instax Camera and 3 months supply of FreshLook Contact Lenses by simply taking a selfie!

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

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Us Filipinos love taking selfies, I mean, don't you? I know I do! I may not post them all the time, but believe me, I do!

Now you  get a chance to win your very own Instax Camera and 3 months supply of FreshLook Contact Lenses by simply doing something you already do everyday! A selfie!

Want to get your hands on those colored contact lenses and Instax Camera? Details after the break!

I am in love with Freshlook Contact Lenses. They have been my selfie secret for a while and it has worked really good for me! FreshLook lenses are very comfortable to wear and fits the irises like a glove. They don't make my eyes water and they really look very natural!
 I couldn't be happier that I received the color HONEY! It's a pair I don't have yet! I have the gray ones and a pair of blue ones but not HONEY. I am in-love with them!
 I love that they are perfectly blended so they look as natural as they come. Can anyone say "tisay"? LOL

To join, just follow these steps! I took these details from my friend/beauty blogger Liz of Project Vanity because I was too lazy to re-type everything! LOL Thanks Liz!
  1. Like the Freshlook Philippines Facebook Page.
  2. Follow @FreshlookPH and @TeamInstaxPH on Twitter and Instagram.
  3. Post a selfie wearing Freshlook contact lens via FB, Twitter, or Instagram.
  4. Caption your photo indicating the reason why Freshlook is your "selfie secret". Don't forget to use the hashtags #FreshlookSelfie and #FreshlookPH.
  5. Photos will be judged depending on your creativity and originality. Plus the number of likes!
  6. Each person may submit up to 5 entries.
  7. Deadline for entries is January 15, 2015.

Good luck girls!

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  1. i havent tried freshlook! i got my lenses from EO =)

  2. i'm too scared to put contacts on... >.< but my sis does it all the time for cosplay...

  3. I haven't tried any contact lenses since birth haha!


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