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Thursday, February 05, 2015


Beautybox Corp., the company who brought us K-Palette and The Cure, has brought us a new brand to kill for! Beautybox Corp. sent me Kracie products to try and I just fell in love with it! This shampoo, conditioner and treatment are formulated for dry, frizzy hair which is just perfect for me!

I haven't gone to the salon in about 7 months (check out my last salon visit here), and my hair is just dying for attention right now! But since I can't go to the salon to have treatments and a good dye right now, I have to result to good hair products until I am able to go.
Dear Beaute Himawari Oil in Shampoo and Conditioner 500ml, PhP 695/each

More about these products after the break!

Dear Beauté Himawari Oil In Shampoo is enriched with sunflower extract essence and sunflower seed oil. Its rich foam cleanses hair thoroughly while keeping it smooth and healthy. Perfect for women with treated hair because it's silicone-free & Sulfate-free!
The shampoo has a thick and silky consistency. A little goes a long way because it lathers real well! If you look closely, the shampoo has a pearlized appearance which reminds me of Dove's Intense Repair Shampoo.

The thing I love most about this shampoo? The moisturizing power of it and the fragrance. I am very particular with fragrance specially when it comes to hair products because you get to smell it all day long. If my hair products are ill-smelling, I get irritated with the smell all-day wishing I can go home and wash my hair again!
Dear Beauté Himawari Oil In Conditioner provides deep nourishment to hair. With its rich texture, it restores the perfect oil-water balance. Enriched with sunflower extract essence and sunflower seed oil. Again, perfect for women with treated hair because the conditioner is also silicone-free & Sulfate-free.
The conditioner has a very thick, and creamy consistency that can easily be spread through the hair. I apply it mainly on the ends of my hair because that's where I need nourishing the most.
Here is a photo of my hair after air drying. I used just the shampoo and the conditioner (leaving the conditioner on my hair for about 3 minutes), and air-dried. Check out my before and after photo. You can see my lifeless hair using ordinary shampoo and conditioner. Of course I won't name what shampoo and conditioner I was using before I tried out these products!

Yes, my hair was managed but the color was lifeless and my hair lost its bounce. I think that's what other hair products do for naturally wavy hair. They weigh the hair down.
Here's a closer look of my hair after using Himawari Dear Beaute Oil in Shampoo and Conditioner. My hair's color has been revived and my wavy hair has more body and bounce.
They have a more intense conditioning product which is the Oil in Treatment product which is a deep conditioning treatment. I badly need this too. My hair is just screaming for hydration! LOL
Dear Beaute Himawari Oil In Treatment, PhP 695
So basically what you do it (as all in-shower deep conditioning treatments go), you shampoo and condition your hair and rinse, then squeeze out excess water from the hair and apply your deep conditioning conditioner as you would normal conditioner. Then I put up my hair with an alligator clip and soap my body and wash my face taking my sweet time so that I get to leave the conditioner on for 3 or more minutes. Rinse with lukewarm or cold water if you can so that it traps in the moisture in your hair.
It has an even creamier consistency than the conditioner. It has a hair-mask type of consistency that is thick, but still, very easy to apply all over the hair. I also concentrated on the ends of my hair so that it gets the most treatment.
I like washing my hair in the evening because I don't like leaving the house with wet hair. It just goes against my grain to leave the house with wet hair. So I shampoo in the evening and leave it to air-dry while I do my blogging and other stuff.

I took all my photos same time in the morning after each wash. Here is the before and after photos of my hair, you can see the difference with the texture. With the Oil in Treatment, my hair is more wavy and has more volume compared to using just shampoo and conditioner. Hair is definitely shinier too!
Don't mind the color, I think it's maybe the way my camera was angled (thanks to my hubster by the way for taking these photos for me before leaving for work). My hair has a lighter feel and it's silkier to the touch too!

Hair is definitely more shiny. I only use this treatment every other wash though because even with the shampoo and conditioner alone, my hair is very well treated. I am just in love with the fragrance of these products!
I love how my hair doesn't look so dry in spite of my blonde hair. The blonde color really emphasizes dryness but with these hair nourishing products, you can see that my hair doesn't look as wild and frizzy!

Boy, I can't wait to have my hair makeover once I give birth! But for now, these hair saving products will keep me from going insane with my hair.
Some people would say that these products can make your hair feel oily or greasy after using because of the oil-in technology it has. But for me, it really worked well for me leaving my hair only softness and silky even after 2 days of no washing! The smell of freshness of the products also lasted about 2 days before it wore of.

For women who have oily or limp hair, these products may not be for you though because it may cause more oiliness on your scalp. These products are best for women with dry, frizzy, and damaged hair because it's really nourishing!

Kracie is having a giveaway! Check this out and you can win other Kracie products. I will post this in Instagram so you can just repost it for your followers too!


  • It's nourishing to really dry, frizzy damaged hair!
  • Lightweight.
  • Non-oily or non-greasy after-feel.
  • You can style your hair as you normally would after using.
  • It won't weigh the hair down, instead, it will give your hair volume.
  • I am in love with the fragrance!
  • Hair feels bouncy after using.
  • Hair is manageable after washing.
  • Your hair can easily be combed after use.
  • Leaves hair feeling smooth and silky. Plus it leaves the hair so shiny!
  • Revives the color of color treated hair!
  • Safe to use for color treated hair, it won't fade your hair dye.
  • Sulfate and silicone free.
  • Safe to use everyday, won't make your hair limp.
  • Restores back the hair's texture!
  • My wavy hair has gained back its natural waves! It doesn't unnaturally weigh the hair down to synthesize straight hair.
  • Scalp feels light after use.
  • Rinses off from hair easily!
  • No need to use leave-in conditioners and hair oils after washing to tame the hair!
  • You need just a little product to wash the hair (even long hair)

  • Yes, products are a bit pricey but can really help nourish hopeless, dry, damaged hair!

  • N/A

Purchased For: Gift from Beautybox Corp. (Thank you!)
Will I re-purchase? Yes.
Will I recommend it? Yes.


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  1. Long hair! :) I've got a long hair before and I just got a hair cut lately. It's really hard to maintain the hair like the length that you have right now. It seems to be matipid gamitin. :D
    Thanks for this review.

  2. There are a lot of great benefits to using oil on the hair. However, it could have a drying effect on my hair if I use too much of it. And I try to avoid using it during the summer. The summer heat will bake the coconut oil into my hair. If I do use it, I dilute it with another oil. I do use it on my skin everyday. It makes my skin look amazing.

    Oil Conditioner


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