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Tuesday, February 10, 2015


If you are one of those women who love all-in-one products that has the functionality of a BB and CC Cream in foundation form, then this would be it! I didn't expect such great coverage and texture from this foundation because of its advertised "lightweight formula", so I guess lightweight refers to how it feels on the skin. To be quite honest? I thought it would just be one of those run of the mill foundations that brands randomly come out with. But this? This I didn't expect.

Yes, it does have its cons too but the overall experience I have with this foundation is great! I have been using this foundation for two weeks straight! I have neglected rotating my foundations for a while since this was introduced to me. (Thank you Tony Moly!)

Tony Moly BCDation All Master Air Light Base, PhP 1,198

So, what does BCDation mean? BB + CC + Foundation = BCDation. That's what it stands for. Curious? More after the break!

Ok, the title of the foundation kinda over explains what it is. It sounds a little defensive to me (hahaha!) just kidding! It's like, "hey I'm air light but I give perfect coverage!" But kidding aside, it does give a some-what perfect coverage to me. Plus, it does feel amazing on the skin.
Summer is fast approaching and we definitely need something like this, specially to all makeup wearers out there. TONYMOLY has just recently (September 2014) released this new foundation -well actually, it's not new -this is an updated and improved version of the BCDation, which is now called BCDation All Master.
This improved BCDation All Master foundation offers anti-wrinkle, whitening, and UV protection (SPF30++), which is a standard benefit of BB creams. So imagine getting the effects of a foundation, but the benefits of BB Cream -in lightweight form!

In addition, BCDation All Master promises to brighten up you skin, and even-out uneven skin tone with a lightweight coverage that’s long-lasting -lasting up to 24 hours! Well, who would wear makeup for 24 hours, but then again, that in itself is amazing enough. It also claims to lift and to plump up sagging skin as well as provide lasting 48-hour moisturizing effect. All this with no harmful ingredients that’s safe and effective for all skin types and tones!
The BCDation All Master comes in only 2 shades. I’m not really a big fan of "fits most skin color" types of foundations because I really like variety. I want range where I can choose from. Maybe this concept would go well with Koreans because they're all fair, but not for Filipinas. But aside from the irrational simple concept of "one color fits all, I have found that this foundation worked quite well for me. Either because I was lucky enough to be fair-skinned, or this foundation really does adapt to the skin. If you have morena skin, you will have to wait for a review coming from a morena's point of view.
This is a lightweight formula compared to typical BB creams (in spite of it being a foundation), but not as light in texture as most CC creams -so imagine a texture somewhere in between. The coverage is similar to that of medium coverage foundations and only comes in 2 shades. I don't think this will work out too well with morena skin who have an olive, or a tanned skin undertone.
Weirdly enough, with my fair skin, my MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation shade is NC30-35, but that was before when I would shoot outdoors for work so I though that this foundation might be too light for me. But since I have been pregnant and concentrated on blogging recently my natural fair skin color may have switched back to normal being fair.

My initial reaction when I applied this foundation with my SOFFIA Opulence Perfect Skin Foundation Brush, was I was very impressed with the texture and the smoothness on how it spread on my skin. It melted into the skin and adapted well on my skin tone. Shade wise, I thought it looked too white and a little ghostly, but after wearing it for a while, it started to adjust to my skin shade.
In spite of the foundation highlighting the white heads and the pores on my nose (that's my fault, I haven't gone to the derma for a good cleaning}, I did notice that the foundation complemented my skin tone well and gave my skin a naturally brightened up look.

Even though I didn't use a moisturizer prior to application, it glided on really well on my skin and moisturized it well. The moisturizing effect lasted for a few hours for me, but my skin didn't feel tight or dry after though, it kept my skin's dryness at bay which is always a good sign.
In my opinion, I think this foundation would be awesome for women who have evenly balanced skin types (normal skin), because it gives a very good coverage with a lightweight finish. The 24-hour lasting promise didn't really go well with my oily nose because just after a couple of hours wear, it sort of disappeared on my nose leaving me to retouch and powder my nose all day to give an even finish on my skin.
It's a good foundation to use for everyday because it works really well with our humid country. It's very lightweight on the skin with great coverage. It sits well on the skin and it did soothe my dry spots which is always a good sign of a good hydrating foundation. I love how smoothly it went on my skin and it adapted to my skin too after a while.

I found a good way to make this foundation work well on me too. I noticed that if I exfoliate regularly, the foundation glides on even more smoothly and lasts longer on my skin.

HERE ARE MY THOUGHTS:Length of usage before review: 3 uses

  • This packaging finally comes with english instructions and ingredients list!
  • All in one product with lots of benefits on the skin.
  • Moisturizing to the skin even without applying moisturizer prior to application.
  • Affordable.
  • Glides on smoothly on the skin.
  • Foundation "melts" into the skin making it look like second skin.
  • Great medium coverage.
  • Lightweight formula! Let'e the skin breathe.
  • Adjusts to the skin tone quite well if you have cool skin tone and fair skin.
  • I love the packaging.
  • Perfect foundation for humid countries!
  • Covers up dark spots and imperfections really well.
  • Contains enough SPF to protect the skin from harmful rays.
  • Can be applied with any foundation tool, including your fingers.

  • N/A

  • Foundation didn't last on my oily nose. It disappeared after only a couple of hours.
  • Available in 2 shades only, will not suit morena skin or women with warm skin tones and shades.
  • Doesn't cover up enlarged pores well.


Retail Price: PhP 1,198
Purchased For: Gift from Tony Moly (Thank you!)
Will I re-purchase? Yes.
Will I recommend it? Yes.

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  1. I have never heard of this brand before! But wow it sounds incredible. I love that it is so moisturizing. That sounds like a major plus for dry skinned girls like me!

  2. Name is new for me (BB + CC + Foundation = BCDation).
    Thanks for this review, I think if ever I'll be using this one, I should be using a pore minimize first.


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