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Wednesday, March 25, 2015


So, I have been M.I.A. the past month because I have been so busy preparing for the coming of our little baby boy!

Just last month, I had two baby showers. One thrown by my sister with my family and close friends, and one was thrown by Rustan's for me and my blogger friends. I was ecstatic when I learned that they were going to throw me a shower to welcome our boy, so of course, the only answer was yes!

So this is what kept us busy the past month, preparing for the shower. Although I didn't lift a finger with preps, I had so much other things going on with the pregnancy and attending to other different things. I was asked to register for the two showers I was going to have but I kept postponing it because to be quiet honest, I was really lazy to move. Before I knew it, it was only 4 days before the big shower at Raffles!

View more photos from the #RustansWelcomesBabyHenri Baby Shower after the break!

So I rushed to Rustan's without my sister (who is my baby guru) because she was busy that day, I couldn't afford to postpone registering for another day. I was told to just go to the baby registry counter and they will take care of everything from there. And that they did.
Writers Bar at Raffle's Makati
Registering for a baby shower is such a breeze. I had no idea what to get for the baby, what I needed and what I wouldn't have any use of. The sales associate at the baby section was knowledgeable of her stuff and she knew what I should and shouldn't get.
#StyleYourBaby Activity Table
She didn't over sell stuff just for the sake of selling something, she actually told me "ma'am wag yan kasi hindi niyo magagamit talaga", some stores are just there to push sell, but not Rustan's. That is what I loved most about their service. They do not hover and they do not over sell their items, they actually tell you what you will be able to use and will be helpful when the baby comes.

I ended up registering a lot of great stuff, which according to my sister will be very helpful when the baby comes! So thank you to the wonderful staff at Weddings and Beyond, Bridal and Baby Registry for the big big help!

So arriving at the shower on March 16, at the Writers Bar in Raffle's Makati, I was the first to arrive at 3:00PM (of course!) I was so anxious to greet my blogger barkada to come celebrate with me. I so loved the displays and the decor that Rustan's has set up for the shower!

They also has a #StyleYourBaby table where you get to style my baby Henri, post it on Instagram and I get to choose which style I love the most. That was my favorite activity at the shower!

Thank you to Ms. Malu for organizing such a wonderful shower, and for arranging such a convenient registry for me! In spite of me not knowing a thing about what to get for the baby, she made sure that there was someone at the Rustan's Makati store to help me out!
Ms. Malu Liu, from Rustan's Marketing

The #RustansWelcomesBabyHenri baby shower was in collaboration with T. Le Clerc and Palmer's! My guests went home with T. Le Clerc goodies!
My good friend, mommy and blogger Shen of Shen's Addiciton was my host for the event too! I was so happy she agreed to host our event. It was a pretty intimate event too so it was a very comfortable get together too.
With Shen Cala-or of Shen's Addiction
With writer and mommy-to-be Ronna Bonifacio
With blogger Jackie Go of Go Jackie Go
Shen with Dior Co of Dior Co Makeup and Valerie Tan of Miss Valerie Tan
Val, Shen, Jackie, Me, Kira and Dior
Ronna and Kira busy styling my baby Henri! Hehehe... Such cute nautically themed baby clothes from Rustan's!
Raffles also created a special welcome drink for my guests! One is flavored apple and another is lemon! I loved that it was colored blue too!
 Go, Jackie go!! LOL Mommy Jackie shows 'em how it's done!
Sophie finally arrives!
With my good friend Sophie Uy
 Before the event really started, we chit chatted about my pregnancy adventures and what has went on in the past 8 and a half months! Such an adventure! Even though I am so happy that I am about to give birth soon, I am really going to miss being pregnant!
Lifestyle and Foodie blogger, my sort-of sister-in-law (my sister's SIL actually) Rica de Jesus finally joins us too! I am so happy that she came! You will love her blog Heart-2-Heart!
With Rica de Jesus of Heart-2-Heart
I have such lovely friends, don't you think so?
With my beautiful early bird blogger friends (L-R) Dior Co, Kira Ramirez, Shen Cala-Or, Sophie Uy, Rica de Jesus, writer and editor Rona Bonifacio, Valerie Tan, and Jackie Go
I loved the high tea food that was prepared and served to us by Raffles. All of it were very good! It was over flowing too so we were so stuffed, and had so much to take home too! Yes, they wrapped the left over for us to take home!
Our high-tea desserts are in collaboration with the FURLA spring collection as well, they were in theme with the spring collection from FURLA which were served to us too! It will be available at Raffles too for a month!

Just in time for tea, Phoebe arrives to celebrate with us!
With Phoebe Ann Ramos of PhoebeAnn.Me
It's Rica's turn to style my baby!

 And of course, Ari came too!
Writer Arian Yupangco arrives with her boyfriend, Simon
Val getting creative with the FURLA chocolates! 
And so the games begin! Here are Ari, Tara and Shen for the first game! They have to down a bottle of juice from a baby bottle!
And you know who wins? ARI! Hahaha!
Just in time for the games too and for high-tea, my media friends Ira Nopuente and Trixie Reyna arrives!
I was so happy Shari made it to the baby shower too!
With ShariMacainag of The Misty Mom
 With Rustan's, no one goes home empty handed!
We closed the event with me opening their gifts from my registry! Yay! Although I more or less knew what I would received, it was exciting who gave what!
With Tara of Chronicles of Vanity
With Julia of Bless My Bag
With Kira Ramirez of Elegantly Wasted
One of my very very good and close friends from the blogosphere Martha Sta Barbara came to celebrate with us too! I loved that she was able to make it in spite of her very busy schedule! P.S. I am so jealous of her golden skin!!
With Martha Sta. Barbara of The Beauty Junkee
... And Mikki too! Thank you for coming sis!!
With Mikki Galang of
Yes!! What is an event without Miss Project Vanity? Love it!
With Liz Lanuzo of Project Vanity
Thank you so much to T. Le Clerc and Palmer's for the very thoughtful gift! I am sure to use all of these! Everyone at the event loved their giveaways!
Raffle's and Fairmont Hotel gave me a gift too! A GC for 4 to have high tea at the Writers Bar!
I have such lovely friends, don't you think so? I am so touched an moved that they all came to celebrate with me even though they all had such busy schedules! Truly, I was so happy they all came! When I was saying my closing speech, I wanted to cry but I tried not to get emotional because it was such a lovely celebration! I wanted to say goodbye to my friends with a happy note, and without mascara running down our faces. LOL

Thank you to Rustan's Weddings and Beyond Bridal and Baby Registry for making my registery experience such a lovely and relaxed experience. I had no idea there were so much choices when it came to "lampins" and baby bottles! LOL But the sales associates at the Baby floor were so helpful I didn't get stressed at all!

To Raffles and Fairmont, thank you so much for the delicious food and the lovely staff for making everyone feel so welcome!

So, where do you plan on registering for your baby shower?

For a luxurious experience with registering service, go to Rustan’s Weddings & Beyond can be reached at the following stores: Rustan’s Makati – 817-8007, Rustan’s Shangri-La – 633-4659, Rustan’s Alabang – 850-5532, Rustan’s Gateway Mall – 911-2410, and Rustan’s Cebu – 231-5642.

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