K-Palette Lasting 2Way Eyebrow Pencil

Sunday, July 19, 2015


K-Palette has "dunnit" again and remains superior in eyebrow shaping products! When I received these new Lasting 2Way Eyebrow Pencils, I didn't doubt for a minute how these would fair. I have always used K-Palette when doing my brows and on clients because they make the most natural looking brow, and it's nearly impossible to screw up when using this brand!

K-Palette's new Lasting 2Way Eyebrow Pencil comes in three shades that caters to a lot of the choice of hair color Filipinos usually go for. I myself go from red, to blonde, to black hair in a year, and I am glad that K-Palette has products that would allow me to choose the right eyebrow product shade that would match my hair color.

K-Palette Lasting 2Way Eyebrow Pencil, PhP 750

Obsessed with eyebrows? Find out more about K-Palette's Pencil after the jump!

The last K-Palette eyebrow product that I reviewed was the original K-Palette Lasting 2Way Eyebrow which has the liquid pen at the end, this one though has the pencil type. I guess you can say that this would be a great product to start with if you are a newbie in doing your brows. There's plenty of room for mistakes because these pencils are really blendable before the product sets.

The K-Palette Lasting 2Way Eyebrow Pencil comes in 3 shades: 101 (which is the lightest shade, 102 which is the medium shade, and  103 is the darkest shade). All 3 shades have a golden undertone which is not at all reddish.
Similar to the original Lasting 2Way Eyebrow, this one is double sided as well. One side holds the pencil, and the other side holds the powder with a sponge applicator.
As soon as it gets in contact with your skin, you have 1 minutes to blend it to blend it to the shape that you want. It has a silicon-wax kind of base that makes it really easy to use because it draws the perfect brow even without putting too much pressure!

The pen is supposed to act as a guide in creating the perfect eyebrow shape. Once you have created the perfect shape and have filled in your brows, use the sponge tip applicator on the other side.
If you apply this product with a light touch, it creates the most natural looking brow. Even if you sweat excessively, the product will remain in tact on your skin! It even works well on oily skin. This other end is a sponge applicator that dispenses eyebrow powder. You apply this on top of the pencil you have drawn on making the eyebrow look very natural.

In fine powder, with a smooth and soft natural finish on the brows, this product will keep your brows in tact which acts as an absorption powder that adheres well onto the skin making your brows last until the evening.
So what I did was that I used the pencil to fill in my brows and created the perfect shape of brows that would frame my face.
And then, with the sponge tip applicator with powder, I then filled my brows sealing the pencil in and letting it adhere on my skin to make it waterproof.
I really love K-Palette because they create the most natural looking brow and it's very portable and easy to use.

The reason why I call it easy to use it's because even if you apply a little too much pressure, you won't end up with a ridiculous amount of artificial looking eyebrow that looks so drawn. It's blendable too! And becomes waterproof as soon as you set it with the powder.

I noticed too that if it mixes with sweat and oil in time during the course of the day, it looks even more natural making it more water resistant!
This eyebrow product would look so good with K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo Eyebrow Mascara!

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